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So Damian Wayne is Batman's son, we're pretty sure on that. Yet something was interesting to me. Damian is a name frequently associated with the spawn of the Devil. Dr. Hurt has made claims that he is in fact the devil, and has his minions named after demons as well. What i find interesting is that what if Damian is in fact the son of Dr. Hurt. It would make sense as it would be the ultimate way to get at Batman, creating an emotional tie that he could one day sever, as well as illustrated in Batman #666 that Damian made a deal with the devil. It is my belief that Damian Wayne is not infact the child of Bruce Wayne, but the child of Dr. Hurt.

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it would be a good jab at bruce
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Ra's al Ghul is sometimes referred to as The Demon, and Damian originally appeared in "Son of the Demon."

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...He could also be Jason's son.

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Only if Jason had sex with Talia when he was 11  years old.
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your 100% correct. Damian is suppose to a fusion of his dad and granddad
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Well it is Morrison so unless you have reason to believe otherwise, assume it's relevant. I personally thought he was named Damian because he was Ra's grandson. But you may have something. I could see it going either way but I'm leaning more on my side because your theory would require Talia to be pawn of Hurt and that seems unlikely to me.

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yep. I think he was named Damian because his grandfather is the Demon Head.
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Damian Wayne son of Jason Todd written by Judd

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