So is Damian RedBird

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@BlackPookie said:

@entropy_aegis said:

@fodigg said:

I hated JPV. He's not worth bringing back IMO. Also, this panel:

He has to be talking about salvaging the Wingman reputation, right? Because his true identity is a mystery "no matter what", so it wouldn't make sense if he was, say, Jason Todd that being Wingman would salvage Jason Todd's rep, because nobody would know.

I'm guessing it's Miles Morales.

From what I've seen of Wingman he looks like a big dude.I went with Dick because he's the only one I can see Damian working with but yeah neither Dick nor Jason are that big.JPV is a possibility,it could even be Bane.

Where is this pic from? I know ive read it but i dont reme,ber...

Batman Incorporated, before the reboot. It was in Batman Inc. #6 I believe.

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#52 Posted by DarkBird (168 posts) - - Show Bio

wingman is future Damian

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@entropy_aegis said:


@fodigg said:

@entropy_aegis: His big, but not Bane big. However, the idea of a villain filling in for Batman reminds me of when the cured Harvey Dent watched over Gotham during the "one year later" gap. Then there was the time Joker posed as "the gravedigger."

Yeah Joker as Oberon Sexton comes to mind.As for size,Bane's size may be exaggerated often but it's possible.

Wish it can be that way or it is that way

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#54 Posted by MatchesxMalone (34 posts) - - Show Bio

@DarkBird said:

wingman is future Damian

Where did you get that from?

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#55 Posted by StarKiller809 (1727 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't think that it will last forever. I'm sure that this is just for awhile while he is suppose to be dead and that he'll become Robin again, because I don't see DC renamed Batman and Robin to Batman and Red Bird. It just doesn't sound a good as Robin because of how long there has been Batman and Robin. I suppose there could be a new Robin that could be joining the Batfamily but the seems a little too soon. 

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I think Heretic is definitely an adult Damian,he shares some similarities with Bane(size,kill methods) but evidence points towards Damian.


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