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Dale Keown was born in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.While in Canada he started working for Aircel Comics in 1986.

The Pitt
Hulk: The End

His credits there included: Samurai, Elford, Dragonforce, and Warlock 5. But his big break came in 1989 when he got into Marvel comics. There his first project was called Nth Man: the Ultimate Ninja. After that he was put permanently on the Incredible Hulk series. There he worked until 1993 with Peter David, the writer, before moving on to Image and more specifically Top Cow. Top Cow gave him his chance to publish his first self created character, The Pitt. At that time he was scraping together his own studio called Full Bleed Studios. It was not until 1995 that he opened the studios and fully control all aspects of “The Pitt.”

He then moved on to develop the widely successful comic The Darkness, for Image and Top Cow comic and eventually combining efforts with Peter David once more on the Hulk for Marvel Comics. Peter and himself created the run entitled “ Hulk: The End."

It was also at that point where he created a crossover with the Hulk and the Darkness.

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