What if the accident never happened ?

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So, what if the parachute that carried Scott and Alex never caught fire ? What if it was Alex who took the worst of the fall and Scott was left unhurt by the whole incident ?

What kind of development in Scott's powers would have taken place ? Would he have become an Omega-level mutant like Gabriel ? And would Alex have been the one to get tortured by Sinister, spend his childhood in the orphanage and then become the first X-Man ? I'm sure he would not be able to lead as well as Scott, but would still do a good job nonetheless.

It would have been interesting had there been a 'What-If' story that looked at this possibility. Gonna be cool to see wether Scott has potential to be an Omega-level mutant like Vulkan...

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i feel that if scott never got injured he would have been more self confident from that start, he always viewed his lack of control as a hindrance. he would have greater control of his power and without it might have never really went to emma, or atleast alot of things that happened wouldnt have (no need to have to prove she was better than jean in the sack by turning diamond to not be effected by his blasts in endsong). scott still would have wound up with sinister because his powers manifested first because he was older. alex already has semi-limited control of his powers as he has to wear the suit to filter and absorb his power if his powers were more out of control, he'd be on the same level as nitro and prolly could have done a stamford on the x-mansion and that wouldnt be good.

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