The fate of Cyclops

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I have some thoughts I would like to share about the direction Marvel has chosen to take Cyclops in recently. Cyclops was once one of my favorite X-men. To my younger self, Cyclops was the epitome of leadership. He was someone that I aspired to be like. Unfortunately, ever since Messiah Complex, Marvel has been progressively turning Cyclops into more and more of a complete and utter douche bag He was supposed to be the heir to Professor Xavier's legacy, but now it seems as though he has become more of Magneto's protege, and it disappoints me. I find it deplorable that Cyclops isn't still in prison. Possessed by the Phoenix Force or not, he did some messed up stuff during AvX. He murdered Professor Xavier, one of the foremost leaders of the mutant race, in cold blood. What kind of message does it send that he's already out of prison? Yes, I know comic book readers are mostly adults, but younger kids do read these books and they do look to superheroes as a moral compass and I think it sends the complete wrong message to them that Cyclops isn't being punished for his actions. Most of you probably know this, but during the original Phoenix/Dark Phoenix saga, the original ending of the story involved Jean being permanently depowered and going home with the X-Men. Upon seeing this, and upon learning that Jean destroys an inhabited star system, Jim Shooter, who was on the editorial staff, found the ending unacceptable from a storytelling standpoint and from a moral standpoint. He and X-Men writer Chris Claremont had a heated debate over the story and the repercussions of Jean's actions, which lead to them agreeing to break an in-house rule at Marvel that said main characters were not to be killed off permanently. So the ending to the story was changed so that Jean committed suicide due to her actions, and she was supposed to be dead permanently. Obviously this did not stick, only because up and coming writer Kurt Busiek thought of a way to bring Jean back while also absolving her of the atrocities she committed as the Phoenix. Should we not hold Cyclops to the same standard? Clearly he shouldn't have to commit suicide, as he only killed one man, not an entire galaxy. But why is it acceptable now for him to not be imprisoned, when thirty years ago, when the Phoenix was first introduced, it was not acceptable for Jean to even be alive after what she had done? Does it have to do more with the characters involved, the circumstances, or maybe even the gender of the "villain"? Or is it simply an unfortunate result of the desensitizing of the American people? It doesn't really even make sense from a storytelling standpoint. With the five original X-men coming to the present day in New X-Men, there will be an active Cyclops out there anyway, so is it really so unreasonable to expect Cyclops to suffer the consequences of his actions?

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yea buddy your "30 years ago story" is all fine and good but again it was "30 years ago" and comics have changed SOOOO much, not saying rather it's wrong or right but you got to look at the body as a whole. I am not saying your wrong on rather Cyclops should or shouldn't be punished so please read what i'm writing and not make assumptions on what i am saying. because what i am saying is this, Comics have changed and if Cyclops needs to be punished then so does Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, Captain America, Punisher, Wolverine, and ALOT of other marvel heroes. I totally am glad to have cyclops free and i agree with alot of the things he did as it's such a totally different circumstance then most things. However if you just want to hold the comic book heroes to Jim Shooters standards then let's not start here lets go back and fix the problems that came before. All of X force need to be in prison or even dead, Punisher needs the boot, Cap and Iron Man's little debacle during the civil war needs to land them some jail time.

And the new Face's of Marvel Deadpool & Wolverine both need the Chair or some sort of Capital punishment (yes i know they are both in X force but they have do so much on their own as well) and i am sure i am leaving some out, and i am very sure I am leaving a ton of people out. Point being Comics (especially marvel) has bent this rule for decades now (or at least the last decade) so you can't start enforcing it now and call it fair. If you want a Jim Shooter Story their is one about Wolverine too and how he made Clairmont go back and state that Wolverine has never killed anyone during his time with the X men, how he just knocked them out and blah blah, and that if he didn't go back and make it clear he would force him to turn wolverine bad or some shit (found it on the same website i read the one you mentioned on 'uncanny you prolly found it there too) but that has been tossed out the window ten fold, Wolverine is the Face of marvel comics and has tons of blood on his hands. I think most of the problem with this whole story is the double standards found for it. Sure punish cyclops to some extent he deserves it, but if you plan to do that punish everyone else too.

Also try to space something as long as what you typed out a bit more, makes it easier to read and seem like less of a rant ;D

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Something something paragraphs

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your comparing the destruction of an inhabited star system to the events that occurred in AVX? What happened on earth is not even a fraction as bad as the destruction of a star system.

- Wanda wasnt punished so why should cyclops be punished for this?

- Under the power of the Phoenix, cyclops did a lot of good. It was only in retaliation to the Avengers that any lives were lost.

if you hit me, am i wrong for hitting back?

Not only was cyclops under the influence of the Phoenix, but was under the assumption that the Avengers were there to kill him.

The most powerful telepath in the world trying to shut your brain down and the Avengers are trying to "kill" you, all while under the influence of the Phoenix, and things are bound to get out of control.

if cyclops is to be further punished, then we would need to see everyone being punished for all the wrongs they committed that led to putting cyclops in to the circumstances he found himself under. Many of which were beyond his control.

we would need to see tony stark jailed (putting the earth in danger by recklessly splitting the phoenix)....captain america (invading a country; and putting to action a plan that endangered the planet)...and especially Wanda (mutant genocide)....till then...leave him (cyclops) be

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Cyclops got completely screwed by AvX. He was entirely benevolent in solving the world's problems but the Avengers deemed he needed to be taken out, seemingly just because 'you need to earn the power to do such good' and they were unhappy that the Avengers had done nothing to solve any problems in the world. All of Cyclops' violence was in self-defense from the random Avenger attacks.

So no I disagree, I'm glad he's free. He shouldn't even have been jailed in the first place.

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Cry me a river.

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He did not murder Xavier in cold blood. It was in the middle of a fight of cyke vs about 30 others. Whether he meant to kill him or not at the time does not define killing in cold blood. Cold blooded murder is planned IN ADVANCE of the act, e.g. a serial killer choosing targets, a soldier killing an enemy in the middle of a firefight is not even classed as murder.

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@JohnnyGat said:

Something something paragraphs


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