James Marsden Returning as Cyclops?

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It looks like another iconic X-Men character may be making an appearance in Bryan Singer's "X-Men: Days of Future Past". A NewsWeek journalist apparently scored a sighting of Halle Berry on his plane, sitting next to none other than Cyclops himself, James Marsden.

The plane was heading to Montreal, where coincidentally enough, "X-Men: Days of Future Past" is shooting. While nothing has been confirmed yet by Singer or the production, all signs point to yes on the inclusion of Cyclops in the film.

Cyclops allegedly died in "X-Men: The Last Stand", but that hardly seems like an issue for a project that deals with time-travel, the past and the future.


I personally believe that Bryan Singer can redeem Cyclops. If he's in, I want Havok to return. IfNightcrawler's in, I want Azazel to return.They can interact with Mystique. Bryan Singer has to realize that if he is using characters from First Class and the trilogy he may as well show characters that it would be interesting to see interact. I want Magneto'sBrotherhood from the end of First Class to return. I hear Warpath, Bishop and Blink will be in it. If Quicksilver is in it, I want him to interact with Magneto (past and present versions). Joss Whedon has plenty more cooler Avengers to choose from for Avengers 2. I would also love Banshee to return. Along with the trilogy cast and the First Class cast, hopefully Singer can treat us to an army of mutants fighting against loads of Sentinels!


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