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 The Cyborg attacks with its eye-beams.
 The Cyborg attacks with its eye-beams.
Assassin-12 of AIM failed to eliminate Captain America and agreed to participate in the Cyborg experiment instead of facing death at the hands of MODOK. A-12 was given artificial powers and became a cyborg through the use of bio-chemistry. Cyborg's power came from a microwave energizer hidden beneath his skin and controlled only by MODOK. Cyborg's only mission was to destroy Captain America.  Nick Fury, Sharon Carter and Captain America witnessed the awesome abilities of Cyborg as it broke into a bank and fled up a wall with handfuls of cash. A trap was placed and Captain America was lured into a building where the Cyborg had Sharon Carter captive. The building was laced with booby traps but Captain America was able to elude certain death. Captain America broke a water pipe with his shield during a fight with the Cyborg and the room started to flood. Captain America grabbed a live wire and short circuited the artificial powers of the Cyborg.


The Cyborg was created by Stan Lee and Gene Colan in 1970 and first appeared in Captain America # 124. 

Powers & Abilities

The Cyborg possessed enhanced strength, super-hearing and had the ability to walk up walls. The Cyborg also had eye-beams for range attacks.

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