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In the world known as Earth-01011010 machine life evolved first than organics, this machines called themselves Mechclans and were for many years the dominant force until recent times. As part natural evolution organic did eventually show up in this world in the form of the Cyber-Sidhe known to the Mechclans as Tuatha De Turing were this. The Mechclans at first taught them to be gods and give regular tributes. However a renegade Cyber-Sidhe by the name of Phinn Mac Mram sought to conquer the Mechclans. In totally unsuspected turn of events the Mechclans fought back and transported Phinn and his army using a Henge-Node (a portal that exist in that Earth) to Earth-616 where they appeared West Nebraska. Instantly A.R.M.O.R. was informed of the alien arrival and they send their newest agent Lyra to deal with the threat. At once Phinn order his Chromedruids to infect the machines in Earth, however do to the lack of machine organism in this Earth his conquest was slow down. Lyra confronted Phinn in combat and was able to dealt with him even with Boudicca, her wrist-watch-computer was infected. At last Phinn was killed and the Cyber-Sidhe left leaderless.


The Cyber-Sidhe are 'natural cyborgs' born with both organic and inorganic material in their bodies. They were very different in size and power and it possible there existed a cast system. They wielded primitive weapons of Vibranium made steel. The Chromedruids were shown to possess the ability to speak the universal machine language the Ogham Code allowing them to infect and control any technology they were shown to be very dependent on their leaders. The Cyber-Sidhe possess inorganic hearts but true soul as with any organic creature that were free once they die.

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