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Cy-Phyrr 4 is a robot who is programmed to protect Tenebrae by the Mergence. He is armed with many weapons. He was subsequently programmed by Tenebrae to keep Alicia Masters safe, so that she may be used against the Silver Surfer.
He keeps Alicia in the Microverse until they are attacked by some technological organisms that are resident to the area. He saves Alicia by pushing her into an escape pod. He is unable to fight them off and comes crash landing onto the planets surface, severely damaged. He is able to repair himself and provides Alicia with a weapon to help fight off the invaders. 
The attackers seem to be afraid of Alicia since she is a biological organism and retreat. Cy-Phyrr 4 senses that Tenebrae is in danger so he creates a flight suit of Alicia which makes her able to 'see' and follow him. He follows Tenebrae aboard Psycho-Man's ship through a portal to the real world, leaving Alicia behind.
Tenebrae is no longer a part of the Mergence, but his programming still makes him follow her orders. When Alicia makes it out of the Microverse, Cy-Phyrr 4 is ordered to attack her. Alicia thinks that there is some good in the robot but she soon learns she is mistaken and he attacks her. 
After Tenebrae and the Mergence are defeated, Cy-Phyrr 4 is left without purpose. Instead of staying with Alicia, he takes his suit he made for her back and flies off.

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