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Alesandra Taracon, the daughter of Miguel Taracon, famed Spanish Olympic fencer, was an agent for the the Department of Extranormal Operations. On an undercover mission in Slabside Penitentiary, posing as a costumed villain named La Cucilla, expert in and obsessed by knives and blades, Alesandra learned that her father had died and was then, along with the entire prison population, infected by the Joker with chemicals that made her like him; Alesandra became a white-faced, green-haired, grinning, deluded psychopath. Making her escape, she came to Gotham City, where she encountered Sasha Bordeaux and the Huntress, who she fought off with a sword. The two vigilantes managed to capture her, and Sasha found out who Alesandra was. Before she was taken back into 'custody', Alesandra was allowed to pay her final respects to her father.

Later, Alesandra is seens imprisoned at Blackgate Penitentiary when Sasha Bordeaux was awaiting trial. It is unclear whether this was part of another DEO operation or not. It was Alesandra who summoned help when Sasha collapsed, as this was the last time Sasha was seen before joining up with Checkmate, it is possible that Taracon was working with/for them.

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