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Crusade initially appeared to be simply incredibly strong, fast, and capable of flight. His strength and durability were impressive enough for him to shrug off Maul's blows (when one of his biceps was the size of a car) and turn around and drop him and go on to fight evenly with Majestic, but he later demonstrated impressive intellect as well. Not only could he quickly analyze his opponents' abilities and adapt his combat strategy, but he also displayed an intuitive grasp of language that allowed him to almost instantly understand and reproduce the languages that he heard (even if it was only a sentence or two), even to the extent of extracting significant cultural information from single words. There was still more to his power though. After being attacked by every member of the Wildcats (plus Union) at the same time, he simply stood there grinning and revealed that he takes the strength from his foes, and that the more he fights, the more he can. It's unclear exactly how powerful he was when he first appeared, but over the course of his fight his physical abilities were sufficient to allow him to simultaneously engage Mr. Majestic, Union, Maul and Spartan (as well as the other Wildcats) without significant effort.

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