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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 141: I Think So (たぶん…な "Tabun ... na")
  • Chapter 142: That Comes Next, Right? (今からだろ? "Ima nara Daro?")
  • Chapter 143: They Were Spectacular? (見事でした? "Migoto de Shita?")
  • Chapter 144: I Already Have (あきらめてるよ "Akirameteru yo")
  • Chapter 145: In The Blink Of An Eye (あっという間だよ "Atto Iu Ma Da yo")
  • Chapter 146: Oh, He's Right ... (あ、本当だ… "Ah, Honto Da ...")
  • Chapter 147: This Is Your Chance To Shine (見せ場だぞ "Miseba Da zo")
  • Chapter 148: He Made A Promise (約束したんです "Yakusoku Shitanda Desu")
  • Chapter 149: Now I Remember (思い出したぞ "Omoidashita zo")
  • Chapter 150: I Can't Recall (記憶にないな "Kioku ni Nai na")







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