Crime Syndicate of Amerika and the DCnU

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Hello everyone, first and foremost let me say thank you if you've taken the time to read this it's my first blog post on Comicvine so forgive me if it's not totally dynamic. When you're finished reading please feel free to comment and share your thoughts... Now to the discussion!

As the title implies this is a post regarding the Crime Syndicate of Amerika (the evil counterparts to the JLA) and where their place might be in the DCnU, and by "place" I'm referring to several things the first is location. Prior to Crisis on Infinite Earths the CSA hailed from Earth 3, post Crisis on Infinite Earths (but before Infinite Crisis) they were from the Anti-Matter universe a mirrored reflection of Earth 0, the creation of the DCnU meant the merging of a couple of the DC Mulitverse earths namely Earth 0 (the previous mainstream DC earth) and Earth 50 (the Wildstorm earth) and the Anti-matter universe hasn't even been mentioned at all (at least not yet) so with all that in mind one of the biggest questions I and I'm sure many of you have is "Where is the Crime Syndicate?" Though I'm sure we'll get an answer eventually the fact is as of this April the The New 52 is only 8 months in and we're still waiting to see what DC has in store for us with their Earth-2 title so anything regarding a group from a completely different earth is probably on the back burner, but there lays the essence of first major question...

Will the New 52 incarnation of the CSA be from a newly formed Earth 3 or will they still be Anti-matter versions of the heroes of Earth 1? At first I thought they should totally have their own Earth in the multiverse not just be evil mirror images of the heroes of Earth 1. I thought them having their own Earth would mean their own book (possibly) and it would also mean that writers could feel free to do as they liked with the CSA and their fate need not be tied to what happens with the characters in the JLA of Earth 1, but then I thought about the changes that have been made to certain characters in the New 52 and I figure you can't go wrong either way. If the CSA are to remain Anti-matter universe versions (or evil mirrored version) of the JLA then changes to characters on Earth 1 automatically means changes to the CSA regardless, for example Cyborg is now a founding member of the Justice League, could the new 52 version of the CSA have an evil version of Cyborg on it's roster? If so, what would his name be? Thoughts like this bring me to my second big question regarding the CSA...

Where are the CSA's supporting characters and what are their names? Now by supporting characters I'm reffering to those characters that on Earth 1 are heroes in their own right (some in their own books) but we as readers still have yet to read about their potential CSA earth counterparts, for example Owlman (the CSA counterpart to Batman) has a sidekick named Talon who is the counterpart to Robin (the Tim Drake version) so what I'm asking is where are the rest of the CSA earth's equivilents to the Teen Titans? I already know that the CSA world has a group of teenage villains known as the Teen Tyrants but who are they and what are their names? Who is their equivalent to Superboy and Supergirl, are their names Ultraboy and Ultragirl, and what is their relation to Ultraman? What about Wonder girl, Kid Flash, and so on? It doesn't stop there either, I know most previous tales of the CSA have them eliminating most of their worlds heroes, a exploration into the world of the CSA in the new 52 could see these heroes (the equivilant to Earth 1's villains) brought back in a never ending (and never wininng) battle against the tyranny of the CSA. What would their names be? We know the CSA equivilent to the Joker is a heroe named the Jester and Lex Luthor is still Lex Luthor, but who are the CSA world's counterparts to Flash's Rogues or Wonder Woman's enemies, or Green Lantern's enemies? You get what I'm saying, the possibilities are endless!

My overall point to all this is the Crime Syndicate, wether they be from the Anit-matter universe or from a potential Earth 3 in the new DC multiverse are characters ripe for exploration in light of the creation of the New 52. All they need is a great writer that's going to finally go in depth with these character and do more than make them occassional other-worldly enemies/counterparts to the JLA and give each of them fully fleshed out backstories with supporting characters too. If you're a CSA fan like me keep your fingers crossed and hopefully we'll hear something about DC's plans for these characters sooner rather than later.

In the mean time tell me what you think?

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Hi, Mister Sensational and congrats on your first blog!

I always loved the Crime Syndicate and hope they are re-introduced at some point. I love the idea of alternative support cast members as well. Personally, i can't wait to see the bastard, alternative version of Jimmy Olsen. I'd buy his series if they ever did one!

I think in the meantime the best chance to see what they might be doing with the Crime Syndicate is to check out the Earth 2 new series coming out from DC. I know that their versions of the big characters are going to be different to the main universes one, including killing off Lois to send Superman mad. Perhaps they might make these versions might be closer to the Crime Syndicate..

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YES. I love you. Although with the departure of Grant Morrison, my hope of an early appearance of Ultraman has faded. :(

On the subject of the Crime Syndicate having their own series, I have to say, even though I am a huge fan of them, what makes them so special is their exclusiveness. They're not weekly villains. They come every five years at most. I like seeing glimpses of their world, not a focus on it. That does not mean, however, I wouldn't read a series featuring them, but I think it would deprive them of their esoteric status as villains.

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I think DC should get rid of antimatter universe (not sure if has shown up yet in DCnU) or at least the earth. Since Owlman is now on earth, and Volthoom has appeared in the main universe why not have them on earth?

Lucy could be Super Woman, get some guy to ally with Zoom to become Johnny, and make Ultraman a failed experiment where they try to make their own Superman. Then use guys like MMH's brother or Black Adam, Ocean Master, Hawkman rogues, etc to fill in for the extended teams.

Rather than fighting inverted bad-guys, the could also face rogues of their counterparts. That could be interesting.

And we can still have Earth 3, when DC wants to, for the classic settings and battles.

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I prefer dc just retire the anti-matter universe. Can just let the anti-monitor and crime syndicate be on earth 3. As for qward, just put qward in the main universe. It is ok for main earth to also have its own version of the crime syndicate. For main earth, better to reserve Superwoman as the name of a Superman supporting character. Easy to form a main earth Crime Syndicate with ultraman, owlman, Devastation, zoom and Power Ring.

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