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General Information

Birthday: January 19
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 169 lbs
Eyes: blue-gray.
Hair: Brown
Race: Arrancar. 
Starrk, the lazy Primera
Starrk, the lazy Primera
Starrk is the Primera Espada and the most powerful of all Hollows. Stark ironically comes off as somewhat lazy. He spends most his time asleep or being assaulted by his only Fraccion Lilinette. He was supposedly friends with the 9th Espada Aaroniero but gave little reaction to his comrade's reported demise. He can be compared to Soul Society's Shunsui who shares Starrk's mannerisms towards fighting as a last resort. He keeps his number hidden underneath the glove on his left hand.


Starrk is a tall male with blue-grey eyes and shoulder-length brown hair. The remains of his hollow mask appear as a fanged bottom jaw positioned around his neck. His hollow hole is located on his sternum, right beneath the jawbone around his neck. His Espada number is tattooed on the back of his left hand, which he conceals with his glove. He wears a white Espada uniform with a black sash around his waist, similar to a matador.


Starrk is very unenthusiastic and aloof. He is lazy and is often found sleeping. He is the Primera Espada, but he shows reluctance to take a leadership role. He allows the 2nd Espada, Barragan, handle the leadership of the Espada. Despite being very powerful, he dislikes violence and will try to talk his way out of a fight. He is not interested in the events going on around him, but he is very observant and analytical. He is fairly similar to Shunsui Kyoraku in personality.

Hueco Mundo/Karakura Showdown

Learning about a companions death
Learning about a companions death
The first real appearance of Starrk is during the meeting between the Espada, Ichimaru Gin, Kaname Tosen and their leader Aizen who had summoned them all. This meeting deals with the sudden appearance of Ichigo, Chad and Uryu who have come to save Orihime. It is in this meeting that we first get a understanding of Starrks personality as he asks everyone to be quiet as he is tired. Starrk is next shown sleeping after the death of the 9th Espada. His fraccion proceeds to attack him...Showing us their brother and sister like relationship. Starrk though seeming bothered by the death of Aaroniero tells Lillynette want she wants him to do...A reaction that his Fraccion is not to happy with. After the defeat of Grimmjow and Nnoitra Staark was given orders to recapture Orihime.

Starrk retaking orihime
Starrk retaking orihime
Starrk makes fools of Kenpachi and Ichigo by instantly recapturing Orihime after just rescuing her from the clutches of Nnorita and his Fraccion Tesla. He proceeded to join others to attempt to sacrifice Karakura Town. Stark ends up going into combat with Shunsui of all captains with Lilinette on the sidelines. None aware that Stark wants to put on a facade while others battle to the death. During a nonchalant skirmish Stark calls Shunsui on his holding back after claiming wanting to engage in actual combat. 
He reveals keen observation in pointing out Shunsui can fight with both hands but only using one of two swords. Stark truly wanted to little to no fighting at all. He changes his mind in realizing the Shinigami have talented enough captains to make Halibel get serious.
Starrk and Lillynette
Starrk and Lillynette
During the start of the battle, Starrks's opponent is able to determine that Harribel is the 3rd Espada and that he hopes Staark is number two and Barragan the primera. Starrk removes his glove and reveals himself to be the primera. Something that does not surprise the 8th division captain in the slightest. The two procede to fight in which Starrk is surprised and also annoyed on how Shunsui is able to dodge all but one of his attacks. Starrk bares witness to the bankais of Hitsugaya and Soifon.....Suprised by their power and wonders if all captains have a bankai of such strength. Wanting to see his opponents bankai.....Starrk reveals that him and Lillynette are one in the same and the two combine to reveal their Ressurection. Now armed with two guns Starrk attacks Shunsui with cero's. Though the captain refuses to release his bankai. Not happy Starrk fires a barrage of cero's at Shunsui. Luckily for the captain his best friend Ukitake negates the attack and returns it to Staark. In just a few more moves he is able to determine how Ukitake's shikai works. Right before Starrk is able to fire 1000 shots Wonderweiss turns up with a large hollow, which surprises Starrk.

Starrk finishing off Shunsui
Starrk finishing off Shunsui
During the suprise visit of Wonderweiss, the young arrancar quicks deals a fatal blow to captain Ukitake by impaling him from behind with his hand. Suddenly before Wonderweiss can do any more damage Shunsui appears behind Wonderweiss and prepares for attack. Just before Shunsui can attack Starrk appears behind him and shoots the captain with a cero from point blank range. Sending him pluumeting with his frind towards the buildings below. Starrk comments that the arrival of Wonderweiss means Aizen has grown tired. Recently Wonderweiss has fredd Harribel, Barragan and the three former captains. Just as all hope seems lost the vizards arrive.

Starrk Vs Two Superheroes
Starrk Vs Two Superheroes
After the vizards deal with the gillians that the large hollow releases from its mouth. Starrk is confronted by the duo of Love and ose, who comment that Starrk is strong. Upon removing their masks, Starrk comments that should they really be removing their masks. Love says that they are superheroes and that their masks only last for a maximum of 3 minutes. 
After the fall of barragan at the hands of Hachi, Starrk comments that he finds it horrible that Aizen did not utter a single word, for Barragan, but turning towards Rose and Love, he goes on to say that it is not within their nature to avenge each other. After his comrades death, Starrk seems to be unaffected by his fallen comrades demise. Love states, that after someone dies, it becomes a battle of revenge, but Rose seems to think Starrk is not the type to look for revenge. Love then states, that what makes Starrk so scary, as noone can be that detatched. With his back turned to his opponents, Starrk is attacked by Love, who reveals his shikai. Starrk quickly retaliates by shooting at Love, only to have his cer's blocked. Being attacked he manages to dodge Love's attack, and appear right behind him. Though he is not so lucky with the second attack, and is knocked to the ground. Lying on the ground, Lilynette asks why he is just lying there, that isn't he going to get revenge. She then calls him pathetic. 
Starrk then again says he is not the type to seek revenge, and that he believes Aizen wont save them. Starrk goes on to say that his opponents are strong, and that he just doesen't care anymore. That if they keep fighting someone else will die. He then says he wants to go home and sleep, which Liylnette resonds to in anger. She says that he is number one and that he should start acting like it. Lilynette goes on to say that Starrk has just been acting cool and not even trying, and the reason Aizen made him number one is because he believes in his strength. She says that if he doesen't want to see his friends die, he should fight. Stark says she is right. He gets back up, and is again attacked by Love, but blocks the attack. Love asks if Starrk was grieving, and Starrk resonds by saying something like that. Love goes on to say he thought holows have no hearts, which Starrk resonds by saying, Look who's talking you look like a hollw yourself with that mask. Love then dons his hollow mask, and attacks Starrk with shikai's special ability.
Love then takes off his hollow mask, and states that Starrk has once again dissapeared. And he wonders were his opponent has went. Rose shocked and looking to the sky, says he is above you. Love to looks up, with shock, and says what the hell is that. It then shows Starrk, standing in front, of what looks like a large pack of wolves. 
Starrk used the wolves to attack Love and Rose. Both of them don their masks. Rose release his Zanpakuto. They try to attack but nothing happen. Two wolves bite down on Love and Rose. The wolves explosion both love and rose can't fight back. Starrk tell them " If you make a run for it I won't chase you." Then Love tell him "Don't make me laugh." Starrk is abount to kill both of them only to be attacked from behind by Shunsui. After realazing he got stabbed by Shunsui, he retreats quickly and tells Shunsui how he held such a ridiculous power when they fought (hiding in the shadows and being able to attack from them), Shunsui states that his sword wasn't in the mood of playing that game (Kageoni), then he reveals to Starrk that his shinkai ability is to make childrens game real, after hearing this Starrk quickly dodges another shadow based attack from shunsui, and heads for the sky, shunsui pursues him and starts attacking him with another game (Irooni), the rules are you say a color, and that color is the one you cut, Starrk dons Spiritual dual Blades to battle Shunsui, Starrk gets cut in his arm, but notices it not a deep cut like he felt. Starrk instantly realizes the rule of the game. Shunsui said Grey and slashed Starrk wrist, which is gray, but it wasn't that deep, so he concluded that becuase Shunsui did not had grey in his clothes, the cut was not that deep. When Shunsui told Starrk that it was his turn, Starrk said White and attacked Shunsui and severely injured him with a deep blow to his back (Starrk main color is White and Shunsui has a White Shinigami robe so the attack is more fatal). Shunsui quickly acknowledges Starrk's analitical mastermind and says to him that he is a real strong opponent, the two continue to fight, during this Starrk starts to remember how weak he wanted to be all the time, he wanted to be with other hollows but they all died when he was near him, he then says to himself that he divided himself into 2 being so couldn't be alone, and he says how he always envied the weak, he wanted to be weak, or to fight someone as strong as him, he still continues battling Shunsui but  Shunsui removes his cape and says Black (shinigami robe is complete Black, making the attack more powerful) and cuts Starrk from waist to chest (like and uppercut). Starrk starts to fall from that last slash, and starts to remember the first time he met Aizen. A deep wound which reaches to his hollow hole makes his chest explode in blood, now falling he apologizes to Aizen for not paying his debt, he recalls his Espada Comrades (except Yammy), then recalls when he divided into two beings and asking Lilynette's name, later stating that they would stick together forever, after that last memory he falls to the battleground of the Fake Karakura Town imploding into it.  

Powers and abilities

A lazy Cero
A lazy Cero
As he is the primera Espada in Aizen's army. Starrk has powers and skills above that of any other Espada shown thus far....With the possible exception of Yammy. Being the number one Starrk has an incredible high spirit power...So high that he forbidden to release it in los noches..As such power could lay waste to it. When he was first shown....His only ability shown was that of Sonido...Which like flash steps is a high speed movement. In Starrks case this movement is incredibly fast. He was able to capture Orihime without Ichigo and Kenpachi noticing him..And take her away before either could hit with their attacks. He can keep up with Ukitake and Shunsui...Two of the strongest captains in the series. Starrk is also a great swordsman and a tactical fighter. This is shown when after only seeing Ukitake's special ability 3 times..He was able to figure out its nature of attack. He can also use the other typical Arrancar abilities such as Cero which he can fire from his body...Without taking a battle stance....And garganata which allows him to travel across dimenions.


Los Lobos
Los Lobos
To get a clearer understanding of Starrk's release form.....We must first look at his Zanpakuto. Which appears as a regular katana much like most zanpakuto's that have appeared in the series. Both the sheath and the guard of zanpakuto appears as a pewtrid yellow. So far all the other Espada...And the Arrancar have their ressurection forms....Sealed in their zanpakuto. Starrk is unique though. As his own release form is instead sealed inside his fraccion...Lillynette..Though she is in fact his other half. As they split once they became Arrancar. This resurrection is known as Los Lobos....Or The Wolves. Its command of release being Kick About. In this form Stark wields two decorative guns...Which is in fact Lillynette who is still able to communicate. His outfit also changes drastically and he increases in over all strength. Starrk's guns are capable of firing Cero's.....Even able to unleash a barrage and claiming he can shoot 1000 shots at once.  
In this form Starrk's hierro also increases granting him a vast increase in durability. He took a direct hit from Love's shikai and only mustered a half hearted ow. Even being stabbed from behind by Shunsui did not derail his battle prowess. His greatest power is the ability to split his and Lillynette's soul and summon a pack of wolves. The wolves take on a flaming appearance that can instantly regenerate. These wolves are able to explode when coming in contact with their enemies. The explosive force is great enough to make Love nd Rose notably exhausted and worn out. 
Finally Starrk has shown he can create two blades formed out of spiritual energy. These blades are just as strong as any normal blade, perhaps even stronger due to Starrk's amazing spiritual power. He used these blades to combat Shunsui's dual shikai.



Starrk is one of those characters, who does not interact with the other charaters as much as some, especially in his own ranks. Though he does not seem to care about his fellow hollows, appearing laid back, and detached when they are killed. However Starrk does care for his fellow hollows, but the same cant be said for Aizen. Though he likely respects Aizen, he does not care to much for him. Starrk also has a better relationship, with the shinigami than the other hollows do, in particular Shunsui. Their personality, and way of doing things make them a lot alike. 
The most notable relationship that Starrk has in the series is between him, and his fraccion, later revealed other half Lilynette. The two share a deep bond, clear as the two were once one hollow. There relationship, can be viewed as a typical, brother younger sister one. Starrk who is often sleeping, and relaxing, would often get surprise attacks from Lilynette, hitting him, and trying to motivate him, in particular doing something about his comrades deaths. Though she often attacks Starrk, it is clear she cares for him, and respects him and his power greatly. She is willing to do what she is told, if she knows its the right thing to do. Out of all the people Lilynette is perhaps the only person to motivate Starrk, into showing his true power, and to avenge the fallen. 

Aspect of Death

Each Espada represents and aspect of death, which are the 10 reasons human die, Starrk's aspect of death is Loneliness, this represents his battle style, which refers on how strong he becomes when he fuses with his other (Lilynette), when he becomes one he extremely powerful, but as stated by him he hates ''this pain in the ass release'', maybe because he is alone. It also corresponds with his ability to turn pieces of his soul into a pack of wolves.

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