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 Cover art of the team vs Red Robin
 Cover art of the team vs Red Robin
The group was banded together by the wanderer out of the express reason that the members were all well versed in killing arts and were growing bored with the profession. She offered them a chance to hunt down the League Of Assassins  in hopes of killing the worlds most dangerous man, Ra's al Ghul.


The league came to the attention of  The Wanderer  after she had killed one of its members and his partner offered  her entrance. She declined and found killing him to be very good sport. Knowing that she would need assistance if she was ever to be successful she traveled the world looking for like minded people.


The Wanderer first approached Wolf then  Recluse. Together they approached Funnel later came  Goliath, Sac and Tangle the finale member was Widower.

Group History

 Council vs red robin
 Council vs red robin

As  a team they split up and dispatched about eleven League members to get their attention and even planted a spy in their midst with  The Expediter. They then attempted to kill Red Robin,  Owens Z and  Pru yet only manged to kill two of them. They then set a plan in motion to take down the leagues base of operations. Sac and  Goliath killed the ninja while recluse kept the away team distracted and once Ras came out of hiding the rest of the team made their presence known. 
Unfortunately for them, the Ra's they killed was a dupe and Red Robin defeated them in battle. The members were buried alive in the rubble of the leagues
 They have a new target
 They have a new target
base but eventually dug themselves out, Now they have a new target  Tim Drake, the Red Robin!
It has recently been revealed that the Council of Spiders is made up of different sects worldwide and use assassinations as a form of competition between the different groups.

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