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Ganymede of the Spinsterhood may be the key to defeating Tyrant. But will Terrax and Thanos be able to strike an alliance? Jack of Hearts finds himself falling for Ganymede, but her vows prevent love from taking hold. Will the two say no to Thanos…and live?

Ganymede and Jack of Hearts have traveled to the homeworld of the Spinsterhood in search of any of Ganymede's remaining sisters. After a scuffle with a advanced robot protector they enter the city. They find only ruins but continue on to the stasis chambers in the hope that they find some survivors.

Thanos and Terrax have followed them to their location. On the surface, Thanos destroys their ship so they cannot escape. They continue to follow thier trail.

Upon finding the stasis chambers, Ganymede opens them all only to find all of her sisters dead. She is saddened but there is no time for mourning when Thanos and Terrax arrive. Thanos defeats Jack of Hearts whil Ganymede proves to be a little more than Terrax expected. Thanos is able to subdue her.

The villains take Ganymede to their ship and leave Jack behind.







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