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Corregidora and Knife
Corregidora and Knife
Like the other Children of the Vault, Corregidora (Spanish for 'magistrate') was neither a Homo superior (mutant) nor Homo sapiens sapiens (regular human being) but the member of a completely different human species that has evolved biologically, culturally, and technologically over the course of six thousand years. Her people's advanced technology allowed him to have superhuman abilities in the form of a special suit she wore, once the battery ran out, however, she'd be powerless. She seems to fulfill a security or punitive role within the Quitado, which is referenced by her code name, meaning 'wife of the chief magistrate'. 
Higher in authority than most of the other Children of the Vault, Corregidora appeared to only have to answer to Cadena, and she was also in charge of the Anglefire project. So when Luz escaped it was Corregidora that sent both a squad of defunct Sentinels after her as well as a Children of the Vault squad to retrieve her. Corregidora is also the head of the Children's House of Corrections. 


Corregidora was created by writer Mike Carey, and artist Clay Mann and first appeared in the X-Men Legacy (#238) book. 

Powers and Abilities

Corregidora has super strength and the ability to perceive all of the visual spectrum, she carries a small knife and can also manipulate people via the planting of suggestions and prompts within people's minds with small verbal spells. She is also fluent in both English and Spanish. 

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