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After the Weird merged with Synnar, Deacon Dark began a ritual in order to summon one of the chosen Aberrant Six, Synnar's reluctant playthings that would enable Synnar to manipulate the universe. Unfortunately, Dark's retrieval spell to summon Hawkman failed because of Deacon Coriolis' clumsy nature. Instead, the spell summons Bizarro to an unknown dimension and Dark instructs Coriolis to bring the supposed Hawkman back to him. Coriolis first meeting with Bizarro did not start off well. Bizarro would constantly get into trouble and Coriolis would have to act as Bizarro's voice of reason.

Fortunately, Coriolis brings Bizarro to Deacon Dark and Dark was not surprised that Coriolis had failed once again. As punishment for Coriolis' failure, Deacon Dark threatens Coriolis by showing him an empty entity energy cell which will drain the essence from Coriolis to brink of non-existence. However, Dark's frustration toward Coriolis is stemmed when Synnar expresses how pleased he is that Bizarro will serve as Hawkman's replacement as the Warrior of the Aberrant Six.    

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