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Brief History

A congressman that had Nick Fury and George Hatherly brought to French Indochina as special CIA operatives. While McCuskey was more of a politician, which caused some difficulties between him and Nick, he was also a man with a vision. He had a secretary named Shirley DeFabio on whom he had a crush, not knowing she was a romantic love interest of Nick Fury at the time. The mission in French Indochina was of no success. Some years later in the 1960's, Pug hired Fury and Hatherly again to have them infiltrate Cuba and assassinate their leader, Fidel Castro. During this time, Pug had proposed to Shirley and she had accepted, wanting more out of life then just a sexual partner who was not always around. Shirley assisted her soon-to-be husband during the Bay of Pigs Invasion in Cuba. It was, however, when the mission went wrong that Pug left her alone with a few angry Cubans who wanted to take out Fidel Castro. Shirley managed to get away from the Cubans, but had a great feeling of betrayal against McCuskey now. Although Pug tried to tell her he knew she would make it out alright, a break in trust was made.

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