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Shared Pasts
Shared Pasts

Lady Katherine de Winter, Countess of St. Germains became Commander and Bearer of the Seventh Key of the Inner Collective, although it has yet to be revealed the how this came to be. Despite having a past in which she and Lady Mechanika were close, something yet to be revealed severed their relationship resulting in the two women become adversaries. Winter is a mercenary presently working for Lord Blackpool and commands his Blackpool Armaments. She is a ruthless leader who will kills those who fail while under her commander with ease.


Commander Winter first appeared in Lady Mechanika #1. She is the creation of artist Joe Benitez and colorist Peter Steigerwald.

Character Evolution

Not very much is known about Commander Winter outside of her past with Lady Mechanika. The women were very close after Winter rescued Lady Mechanika until an incident happened causing their relationship to severe permanently. Winter's previous life as Lady Katherine de Winter is one she appears to not want to remember, insisting on the name Commander Winter when Lady Mechanika addressed her by her first name. It can be inferred Commander Winter was at one time well-intentioned and has become evilly intentioned due to mysterious events.

Major Story Arcs

Commander Winter and Blackpool Armaments
Commander Winter and Blackpool Armaments

Commander Winter first appeared as the commanding officer of a group of troops that were chasing after a runaway girl who had mechanical arms just like Lady Mechanika. The girl was able to escape and Winter killed her subordinate officer for failure. The hunt for this girl led Commander Winter and her troops to the city of Mechanika and the inevitable run-in with Lady Mechanika.

Commander Winter shares a history with Lady Mechanika. Many years ago, the pair of them met each other for the first time at the Ministry of Health. Winter was the one who freed Lady Mechanika from her cell and taught her the ways of the world. Lady Mechanika said that Winter was her only friend, her sister, and the closest thing to family she has ever known. Something happened between the two of them which soured their relationship that has not been fully revealed thus far. Lady Mechanika mentioned that it had something to do with the person that Commander Winter truly was and that Mechanika was blind to. Although not explicitly revealed, it was hinted through dialogue that Lady Mechanika is responsible for Winter having lost an eye. Commander Winter is both surprised and impressed by the name that Lady Mechanika has made for herself.

The paths of Commander Winter and Lady Mechanika converged once more at the Ministry of Health where the body of the deceased girl was being held. After an exchange of words, Lady Mechanika disposed of all the troops that were with Winter. When Commander Winter went to grab her weapon from her hip, Lady Mechanika shot it out of her hand which took out a couple of Winter's fingers as well. Just as Winter assumed Lady Mechanika would kill her, Mechanika did just the opposite. She showed mercy for Commander Winter and let her live.

Commander Winter returned to Blackpool Manor following her unsuccessful retrieval of the Mechanika Girl (Seraphina) and her brief fight with Lady Mechanika. Lord Blackpool was furious with how the situation played out and took out his anger on Commander Winter. Winter was quick to retort that Lord Blackpool did not fair so well in the past against Lady Mechanika as well. Lord Blackpool replied by telling Commander Winter that she needed to remember her place. Commander Winter replied by telling Lord Blackpool that their arrangement was mutual for both parties and that he was not the boss of her. She also explained that Lord Blackpool was a replaceable pawn in the grand scheme. Commander Winter also mentioned that she is the Bearer of the Seventh Key of the Collective.

Powers and Abilities


Commander Winter has demonstrated an above average ability in hand to hand combat, agility and swordsmanship.

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