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As a padawan Codi Ty and his Jedi master, B'dard Tone, joined fellow Jedi Flynn Kybo to find and destroy the commander of the CIS droid forces, General Grievous. He was eventually found by them, after searching and tracking him, in the Anoat system on the moon of Belsus, where he was holding several Jedi younglings captive.

While Codi Ty was rescuing the young children from the clutches of General Grievous, both B'dard Tone and Flynn Kybo were killed by Grievous. After wishing to take vengeful actions against Grievous, Codi Ty was expelled by them as no Jedi should ever wish for cold-blooded vengeance. Due to his expulsion from the Jedi Order, there is a possibility that he may have survived the event known as The Great Jedi Purge.

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