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Contents: A trio of diabolical diatribes in the saga of a Hell born of the imagination of Clive Barker.

1 (One) out of order key to a doorway of hell, perfectly altered for use as a perfect killing machine for a deadly game of Roulette LeMarchand!

2 (Two) terrified generations, seperated by centuries, doomed by a legacy of evil and betrayal, and pitted against Cenobite Hunger on the high sea, where In These Blue Depths Lie Hell!

1,000 (One Thousand) victims of a damned lineage stretching back to the days of the Pilgrims---whose last hope for rescue is the Harrower Vera Wyshak, and an all or nothing that will change them forever.

Shake well, after opening.

  • Roulette LeMarchand
  • In These Blue Depths Lie Hell
  • Death, Where Is Thy Sting?

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