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Clark's Bar & Grill is a bar for super heroes, crime fighters, super powered beings and pretty much any person with a dual/secret identity. The bar has appeared in WildC.A.T.S: Covert Action Teams and Mr. Majestic. Some patrons of Clark's include: John Lynch, members of Stormwatch (the original team), Condition Red, Ladytron, Deathblow, Grifter, Tao, Mr. Majestic, Spawn, Beast, Killer Croc,Wolverine, Spider-Man, Joker, Savage Dragon, Colossus, Juggernaut, Nightcrawler, Batman, Nick Fury, Jackson Dane, Darkseid, Thor, Captain America, Thing, Sasquatch, Super Skrull and others. The owner of Clark's is a surprisingly familiar-looking man named (big surprise) Clark. He is (or was) a superhero, or at the very least, an SPB (Super-Powered Being) whose powers include laser vision.

In the background during a number of issues, especially during Warren Ellis' run on Stormwatch, familiar faces could be seen throughout the bar. Characters that look similar to Spider-man, Juggernaut, Wolverine, and Spawn are among the notable doppelgangers.

In Gang War, Max Cash and Ladytron went to the bar for drinks after a battle. Ladytron thought it was a date even though Max kept on telling her otherwise. While they were there, Tao had a criminal deliver a bomb to the building and blew it up, destroying the bar and injuring several people, including Max. The bomb left him in the hospital and eventually caused him to leave the team. The WildC.A.T.s figured out that Tao was behind the bombing (among other crimes) and tried to take him down for it, but he escaped. In the Mr. Majestic solo series, Ladytron and Mr. Majestic go on a date and meet up at Mars bar. It's never explicitly stated, but Mars is the same bar as Clark's, just with a new name and owner. Superheroes don't get there as much, but sidekicks do.

Fighting in the bar is ok since, to get into Clark's, patron's must present secret ID and the owner can make them pay for any damage. Other than that, there are only 6 rules.

Bar Rules

  1. No Gorillas
  2. No Bizarros
  3. No Evil Duplicates
  4. No Wing Tip Haircuts
  5. No Amalgaming
  6. No Exceptions

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