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The most recent heroine to go by the codename Cinnamon had a life closely resembling that of the first Cinnamon. When her policeman father was shot down by seven bank robbers, the young girl could only watch. She grew up by herself, and practiced shooting until she became a dead shot. Soon, she went looking for her father's killers. One by one they were found dead. Cinnamon then became a gun-for-hire doing jobs for everyone who had the money, mostly property protection or bodyguard work. One day Cinnamon discovered that a girl named Macy Samuels was looking for her. Macy turned out to be the daughter of one of the killers and wanted revenge, as Cinnamon had. But in the end Cinnamon and Macy defeated a gang of kidnappers together, and Macy apologized to Cinnamon.

Cinnamon recently resurfaced as a Rook for UN sanctioned Checkmate Agency. She, along with Gravedigger, GI Robot and Sebastian Faust fought against the forces of Kobra.

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