Chloe Sullivan

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considering that she won't be exactly the same character as in smallville....not so much

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Didn't they cancel her appearance?

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aztek_the_lost says:

"zero edge says:
"Didn't they cancel her appearance?"
I don't actually know, my source is the page on Comicvine..."

I know a while back she was said to be made to comics, then it got cancelled, then a couple months ago it came up again that she would appear. But if I remember right Methos(or someone) posted something on the Smaillville page saying the idea got canned again.

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I wish they made her the same Chloe on Smallville!

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Normally, I dislike fanfictions but I just had this idea pop into my head:

Smallville 2000

Chloe Sullivan is the reporter for the Smallville High News paper. She is the editor of the paper and works with Clark Kent and Pete Ross. The three are best friends and get along well. But one night Clark discovers he has super speed when he accidentally runs to the other side of town when he was trying to avoid an oncoming truck. Clark becomes increasingly paranoid when he discovers he has invulnerability and heat vision. One day, he , Chloe and Pete Ross was going for ice cream at a bar called the 'Hawk'. He sees an old lady about to be hit by a car and superspeeds to save her. Pete didn't see Clark instantly disappear and suddenly appear on the other side of the road but Chloe did. She begins to get curious about Clark and checks his adoption files. She begins to notice he never gets called on winter nights and grows curious. She checks on Martha and Johnathan Kent and finds that they never put out Lost and Found signs on Clark. One night, she sneaks into Kent's barn ad finds an alien spaceship and a journal by Martha Kent. Meanwhile, Clark is at the School Newspaper, he wants some photographs Chloe took for his article. When he enters her folder he finds a file labeled 'CK'. He checks it out and finds notes about him and he realizes that Chloe's been spying on him. Meanwhile Chloe reads the journal. Martha Kent wrote it to express her fear and troubles. The journal also tells about Clark's alien origins. Chloe hears the rush of wind behind her and sees Clark. He tells her that he came to the farm to warn his parents but found her. The two have a falling out and Clark pushes her and she hits the supporting structure on the barn. Chloe gets injured and Clark tries to apologize her and take her to the hospital. Chloe hurt runs away instead. She runs away crying and Clark is feeling hurt himself. Later, she runs out into the meadow. She trips and falls down. She gets up and thinks about what she had done and stares at the night sky. Suddenly, a meteor rock flies into the atmosphere. The Kryptonite meteor crashes inches away from Chloe and it releases a powerful burst of Kryptonite radiation. That burst of radiation seeps through Chloe's wounds. Clark arrives too late to save her and he himself falls to the ground due to the Kryptonite radiation. Lionel Luthor's limo passes close to the impact zone and he calls f for an ambulance.

The Doctors pass of Clark's condition as an allergy towards the rock Chloe however has suffered severe burns. She later accepts Clark's apology and tells him she is going to leave Smallville. Clark insists that she stays but her parent's disagree and they move away. Clark says goodbye to her the next day and returns to the farm. He finds that the John's living next door has also left and the Lang's have moved in.

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Are the Smallville books any good? Reading wise?

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