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Chisel McSue is an enemy of Scrooge McDuck. He first appeared in "The Horseradish Story" (September, 1953).  In his first appearance Chisel used an old legal claim left to him by his ancestor Swindle McSue in order to claim the entire McDuck estate. All over a case of horseradish that sunk at sea in 1753. He followed Scrooge and tried to prevent him from recovering the sunken case and delivering it to Jamaica, an act that would satisfy the terms of the original 18th century contraxt and negating his own claims to the McDuck fortune. In the course of this naval adventure, Chisel almost drowned at sea. He was rescued by Scrooge. This did not prevent him from trying todoublecross Scrooge less than an hour later. He failed as the Ducks had anticipated the move and taken precautions.

Carl Barks never reused the character. However he was restored to prominence in
"Canute The Brute's Battle Axe"  (December, 1980). by Jorgen Fogedby, Lars Bergstrom and Tom Anderson. There he was established as a prominent member of Duckburg's Society of Scots. He had been trying to replace Scrooge as its cashier, using a variety of legal claims. Everything from trying to disprove Scrooge's Scottish heritage to declaring Scrooge legaly nonexistent. His main cause was having access to the Society's finances and being free to embezzle funds. He tried to prevent Scrooge from reclaiming a family heirloom that proved his descent from a McDuck clan leader that had succesfully faced Canute the Great in battle. He failed again but has since made several appearances.

Like his ancestor Swindle, Chisel sets up elaborate schemes that give him legal pretexts to act against his rivals of choice. He seems reasonably affluent though not on the level of Scrooge and his main financial antagonists. He is a reasonably skilled fighter but relies on surprise attacks to achieve victory. He has considerably less success against alert opponents. His 1980s reintroduction added a talent for acting and disguise.

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