super_man_23's Chew #32 - Bad Apples, Part 2 of 5 review


CHEW 30 & 31 hit every character in different ways. See how Tony, Caesar, and John are recuperating after the big death and the funeral.

The Good

After the jaw dropping moments of CHEW 30 and the funeral in issue 31, CHEW 32 sees Tony back in action. After being badly injured in the Major League CHEW story arc, writer John Layman has had time to develop other characters (like Toni Chu for example). A round of applause goes to Layman for his work at bringing Tony back at the most mournful time in the series. With the death of a major character, Layman is portraying Tony more serious in his role as a F.D.A. agent and with his special food abilities.

After big events in this series, John Layman usually slows down the pace for another big reveal in the series. As that is a weakness and a strength in this series, Layman's storytelling before the big reveal at the end of an issue is a journey. Long time readers of this series know that it is one of John Layman's habits to do that in this series, however with small bits of action as well as comedic dialogue between characters, gives the readers something to laugh silently to themselves about [a good example is with the dialogue between Tony and Applebee in this issue].

Rob Guillory's artwork on this series is always capturing the action packed and funny moments of this series. Having been artist for all issues up to this point, has really given him great time to develop his skills and convey John Layman's thoughts in art form.

The Bad

I do not like how after a big event like in issues 30-31 John Layman starts to slow things down to eventually pick up a faster pace in the next issue. While he does do a good job at drawing the reader back for more each issue, especially with this issue's revelation, it does get predictable when a big event or revelation takes place then the next issue slows the pace down.

The Verdict

CHEW 31 (2nd and final half of the series) is a perfect jumping on point for new readers. While the slower pace in the beginning of a story arc is a usual thing in the series, new readers will see enough action and story material that will make them (and anyone) want to come back for more. The artwork by Rob Guillory is always on key and never gets old and the events to come [with the big revelation] are what make CHEW one of the best series currently on the market. Overall 3 out of 5.

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