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No Wedding, But Two Funerals

This cover is absolutely brilliant considering the events of the previous issue. For anyone not caught up in the series, this cover isn't a spoiler, it's actually somewhat misleading with a deeper meaning once you see the second image right after the cover. It's beautiful and intense and moving and everything.

As the solicit says, the second half of Chew begins with a funeral. Actually, two funerals. We jump back and forth between the two biggest losses in Tony's entire life. A lot of things are explained by the events of the old funeral, and the direction is set into place with the present day funeral. The entire Chu family is on the same side for once, comedy weaved into their responses to break up the grim tension. This death.... it was probably the saddest death this series could've had, and I'm going to miss Toni so very much.

And right at the moment of highest sorrow, a new beginning. Tony and John are reinstated to the FDA wish a newfound gusto to their job. Tony is determined to take down The Vampire, but he's got a bigger task to tackle first. What begins as a simple mystery, a bit rushed when the page count had to be divvied between the new story and the funeral, takes a surprising sharp turn at then end and creates a big story for this arc, once again tying back through all sorts of moments through the series.

In Conclusion: 5/5

I was afraid this issue would end up giving us a half-assed simply resolved case as filler after the funeral, but at the last minute, John Layman reminded me why he's a genius. This isn't just the funeral and the beginning of Tony's resumed FDA job, this is the beginning of an arc to wrap up a huge loose end, one of the biggest that caused the initial downfall of Tony's career, and 30 issues down the line Chew hasn;t lost a single ounce of it's charm or depth. Here's to 29 more issues!

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