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Short: "Performance Piece"

Cherry Poptart covers her naked body in Hershey's chocolate syrup to demonstrate how it can sometimes be misconstrued with fecal matter and cautions the reader to know the difference before they start licking.

Story: "Cherry Gets it in the End (Mom Does, Too)"

Cherry, who has just been dropped off at her house by her male friend Jimmy, offers him to come inside "for a diet soda an' a blowjob", to which he agrees. After giving him the beverage, she says to follow her upstairs. Jimmy questions if Cherry's mother, Pepper Poptart, is home. Cherry confirms this and says that she's currently having sex with the paperboy in the den. Inside her bedroom, Cherry French kisses Jimmy and starts to undo the zipper on his pants so that she can perform fellatio on him. All of the sudden, a male voice yells "CUT!" and the panel pans out to show Cherry and her friend on a set and surrounded by a film crew. The director states that there has been a couple of script changes, much to Cherry's confusion. A man named Ronald Plush then steps in to explain the situation, stating that he has bought out Cherry international, along with all its assets, and now owns the production. Two members of the film crew then hoist Jimmy away and replace him with a large, new male named Tiny. Cherry attempts to pick up where she left off, but is unable due to the small size of Tiny's penis. The director throws the man out and brings in a new replacement, Leroy. He then tells Cherry to remove all of her clothing, to which the girl enthusiastically complies. Cherry once again attempts to perform fellatio, but is unable to fit her mouth around the tip of Leroy's penis. Ronald Plus says just to

move forward to the anal sex, stating that it's all in the contract, to which Cherry requests some Vaseline and Valium. The girl then handpicks several more guys to participate in the scene. It is then that Pepper, dressed in sexy lingerie, shows up and offers to give her daughter a hand. Pepper then fellates a few of the guys while Cherry gets double penetrated. Ronald, unable to control himself, orders Cherry to fellate him as well. Seeing this, Pepper sneakily moves one of the guys over behind Plush so that he is ravished by him. Cherry then questions if this is how things are going to be now that they've been taken over. Pepper French kisses her daughter and quickly reassures her, stating that she had sex with his entire legal staff the night before and that he will be broke within six months.

Short: "Happy Whatever!"

Cherry, completely naked and surrounded by confetti and balloons, jumps out of a giant birthday cake, though she is not exactly sure what the occasion is.

Story: "Blazing Two-Breasted Bambi Action with Sgt. Cherry and Her Squealing Commandos"

Sgt. Cherry Poptart, Corp'ral Patty Melt, Prahvit Lola Palooza and Private Ellie Dee have become soldiers during Operation Desert Storm. Their daily training involves her having group sex with all of their male subordinates until they receive a fax to go to the Pentagon. There, they receive an order from President Dick Shrub to station in Saudi Arabia. There, they pass the time by masturbating until the time comes to infiltrate the hideout of the evil Soddom Buttreim. It is then that they incapacitate his forces, before Cherry equips a strap-on and reams the warmonger.

Story: "The Codex of Good Head and How To, For Men & Women"

Penciler: Mark V. Bode

Author: Mark V. Bode

Inker: Mark V. Bode

A short showcasing the different ways for females to perform fellatio and men to perform cunnilingus.

Story: "Cherry Presents: Flashin' Fashion"

A naked Cherry requests to play "dress up" and shows off her various outfits, which includes a two-piece which helped her win a bikini contest, a "Women Against Pornography - NOT!" tank top, a black bra and panties, her mother's corset, jean shorts which have been almost entirely ripped, sneakers, panty-hose with high heels, a harem-girl costume, a dominatrice girdle complete with leather boots, and a bondage outfit made entirely out of thick rope.

Story: "Slut du Jour"

This marks the first time that the character Patty Melt has been central character in a story. Looking for something to do one afternoon, Patty phones up her buddy, Dick, and asks him if he wants to bring his friend Jack over to her place for a little fun. A bit leery that they might not be enough, she then decides to call a few other guys just in case. She eagerly greets them all at the door and initiates a large, and crowded, group sex session. At the end, Patty's body becomes so slippery from the fluids that she slips away from the mass of guys, jokingly saying that she hopes that they're all having a good time.

Story: "Wine High"

Cherry and Ellie Dee are driving in a convertible through California's wine country when they spot some hot-air balloons rising in the distance. Deciding to check it out, the two girls stumble upon a high-class wine-tasting party held at Chateau Sonapa. The maitre d' stops the two females and asks if they are of legal drinking age. Cherry responds by pulling down her top and flashing her right breast, to which the maitre d' graciously lets them enter. Upon closer inspection of the hot-air balloons, Cherry and Ellie Dee decide to have a race in order to win the affections of the male pilot. Midway through the flight, Ellie's balloon runs out of gas, while Cherry fellates and fornicates the pilot in hers, and ultimately wins the race. The male pilot remarks that "she has a good head for extending flight time" to which Cherry responds by giving a thumbs-up.


Illustrations include Cherry wearing nothing but a corset and panyhose stating that she willfully chooses to be a sex object, Pepper lifting up her business skirt to show that she isn't wearing panites, and a bottomless Ellie Dee using a special vibrator that is hooked up to her personal computer to masturbate.







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