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Chastity began life as your average young American girl living in Toledo, Ohio but her story of adventure began sometime in the mid-70's. Daughter of a very angry man who owned a hair salon, he despised his daughter and often abused and molested her, considering her worthless and of being the one who brought shame upon the family. Her dreams were of working in drama and joining a prestigious drama school but when she fled her home and went to London she wasn't accepted. However, while in London she came across a group known as The Nobs, and although she thought their music was terrible, she and the lead singer Billy Zone began dating and grew closer together.

One night, while attending a punk concert, Chastity is sent to the van in the alleyway to get drumsticks and runs afoul of a fat, old vampire in a union jack t-shirt. Unable to control his hunger he feasts upon her blood making her a vampire.

The Countess is an elder vampire and the one who takes Chastity in and begins to explain to her what has just happened as well as revealing to the reader that Chastity cannot be sensed by fellow vampires, making her a perfect weapon.

Finally, Chastity begins her trip into darkness when at The Countess' urging, she tears out the throat of Farley (the vampire that turned her) and bathed in his blood she stands as The Countess' new weapon.


Chastity is the brainchild of Brian Pulido: The head of Chaos Comics and principal writer for the company he founded to develop and explore his characters. Visually Chastity was given her form by the talented and sorely missed Steven Hughes, Pulido's long time collaborator, who designed and drew so many of Chaos Comics, now iconic, characters.

Character Evolution

Linsner's Chastity
Linsner's Chastity

As with every Chaos! Comics character Chastity's story intertwines with just about every other character.

Part of the 90's Bad-Girl movement she would be a popular choice for other artists, outside of Chaos, to render. Chaos! produced a number of pin-up and gallery picture-only comics to help make the most of their characters. There volumes were useful source of revenue for the independent company.

Her story starts off in much the classic modern vampire way of being a young rebellious teenager whose death would hardly be noticed. During her time as Evil Ernie's partner in mayhem she had an unrequited love of Ernie but could never live up to his Lady Death, whom she didn't meet until just before the end of the universe and had to agree with Ernie's taste. During this time her character was particularly fun loving and unencumbered by emotion and was something of a thrill seeker.

Major Story Arcs

Chaos Comics Era

One night in Paris, France, the Nobs had a concert but Billy refused to go on until he saw Chastity (which pissed off Miles) and at the last moment she emerged from behind the curtain. Billy makes a comment about how he only sees her after the sun sets and she describes herself as a creature of the night, secretly thinking "if only you knew" and saying nothing else on the subject. She and Billy shared a kiss, but Billy needed to get on stage as the Nobs had just been introduced. Chastity promised Billy that she will be waiting for him there after the set but then vanishes. As the concert began, Miles seems to be the only one that noticed her disappearance.

Thinking to herself that she had an hour until the set was finished, she began dressing up for her next mission, with a slew of new accessories from wigs to clothes, she dressed herself and made her way to the Tazarand Opera House. At said establishment, a show presenting the latest in fetish fashion is taking place, the line headed by Jodoin, Chastity's target and the head of the French vampires. As soon as she arrived on the scene, everyone was immediately attracted by her beauty, including Jodoin who gets the "okay" from his bodyguard as he sensed nothing on her.

Jodoin believes himself to be charming a young woman by the name of "Blanche" whom he plans to feed off of. As such, he takes her with him into his private quarters. Chastity walks out to the balcony and exclaims at the amazing view, her thoughts unknown to the vampire who believes himself to be the predator rather than the prey. Jodoin prepares himself to strike but she spins around spraying cologne in his face. Jodoin is angered but as the two plummet over the balcony ledge he comes to realize that Chastity or "Blanche" is the assassin and a battle between the two begins.

As their fight continues outside the building, Jodoin vocalizes his many questions such as her identity, who sent her, and who would gain from a Blood War, however Chastity does not answer him out loud and rather responds in her mind. She seemed to be under the impression she was doing this simply for the sake of learning to control her vampiric abilities but now she begins to wonder just what exactly the Countess is up to. Chastity finally kicks Jodoin, sending him careening into the arms of a "mother-like" statue whose hands are clasped in prayer, but his body is impaled on these hands.

In great distress with blood and entrails everywhere Jodoin sends out a message to Marcel that "it's a girl," but he is unable to say anything else as Chastity sinks her fangs into his neck, draining him of so much blood that it causes his heart to beat and bring him back to life, a force his body cannot take that leads up to his death in an explosion that disintegrates flesh and bone. Back at the concert, The Nobs are just finishing up when Chaz returns, Miles notices her arrival "just in the nick of time" and assumes she is doped up. Billy is unaware of this and when he exits stage the two have a short and sweet reunion and then go their separate ways to deal with personal stuff, him with the band and her with the Countess.

Now at the Victorian-like abode of the Countess, Chastity attempts to make her stand, saying that she had only been doing this to learn how to be vampire, but she now knew and as such she was finished. The Countess however doesn't even flinch at this declaration and instead tells Chastity that she will be held to her commitment and that her next target will be quite deadly, so she will need training, although fighting for her life is the way Chastity must learn to survive. Chastity retaliates by saying that thanks to her special gift she will simply be able to disappear, as no vampire can seek her out but the Countess disagrees as she shares plenty of personal information about Chastity's past that reveals she knows more about Chas than she originally let on. Finally she says that if Chastity does this for her, the Countess shall than get Ms. Marks into the Shakespeare Academy she dreams of attending.

To take care of the training, Chastity begins working with masters of martial arts, and after time spent with them always gets the same response, that she is simply amazing and there is nothing more they can teach her, so at last it seems she is ready. Meanwhile, she sets a date with Billy to meet her in the night at a street corner and he arrives, continuing to wonder about Chaz and her frequent oddness. Suddenly a gang of boys come out and attack Billy as they notice he's alone but than an incredibly enraged Chastity breaks onto the scene and drives off the group, now left alone with a badly injured boyfriend. She lets him lean on her as they walk to the nearest residence for help and they find it to be none other than Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, whom they proceed to talk with about his work.

This proceeds with everything returning to normal for a time and The Nobs getting signed for a deal that dictates they shall now go on tour in New York City. The band seems ecstatic and Billy asks Chaz to join them, but she says she can't...thinking about her mission. Later that same night she storms into the home of the Countess once more, this time saying she is finished, and not giving the Countess time to respond. One day later, after Billy is kidnapped, Chastity learns of it from Miles and the band and this time when she goes to meet the Countess, she demands her boyfriend but Rudolpho easily manhandles her and the Countess explains that if she wants Billy again, she will do exactly what the Countess asks of her.

So she prepares for her mission, hopefully her final mission, which is once again an assassination, this one The Countess knows will be enough to push the Council over the edge and begin another Blood War, the target...Von Wilhelm, a German vampire. Von Wilhelm already knows of the assassin and so has his werewolf bodyguard Shultz on the lookout. They come to the end of a dock, likely planning on boarding the ship anchored beside it, and so when they do come upon Chastity, who is of course disguised and also holding some alcohol, she is pretending to be drunk, but they seem to know already that she is not actually intoxicated.

Chastity seems to falter but it is merely in preparation for her attack, and with a swiftness she strikes, knocking Von Wilhelm into the water and causing his bodyguard to retaliate, ripping off her disguise and unveiling her as the assassin, though he seems quite surprised that she appears to be merely a "little girl". He proves to be too fast for her as he makes the transformation from man to wolf in but the blink of an eye and sends her flying into the waters. Von Wilhelm has already pulled himself onto the ship by the anchor-chain and Shultz leaps aboard, doing his best to sniff out his prey. Chastity is suddenly heard as a crash from below the ship resounds, as she has propelled herself through the bottom, and created a massive leak which soon fills the lower quarters with water.

Von Wilhelm goes below the deck into the quickly-filling lower quarters and finds no scent, allowing Chastity to very easily come up from behind him, knock him unconscious and disarm him. She than proceeds to worry about the werewolf when suddenly he bursts through the deck floor, in other words, dropping down right on her with claws at the ready and prepared to kill. She realizes fighting him in close quarters will not bring victory and begins to leap about until she escapes the boundaries of the below-deck area and lures him out into the open air where he gets smashed in the chest by an anchor. She than follows him deep into the waters, speeding to ensure she reaches him before he recovers, suffocating him into blackness under the depths.

When the blackness starts to become light, Shultz's eye adjust and he sees standing before him none other than Chastity, as they are in the now flooded room beneath the ship's deck. Shultz is chained to his master, so that their backs are to one another and they ask Chastity why they are not yet dead. She responds with quite the unexpected answer, revealing that it is the Countess behind all this (though they seem to disbelieve her) and she continues to explain her motivation in the matter and asks for an agreement that if she proves what she says to be true that she'll be free of this whole mess...and a deal is struck.

Now, dressed in a completely different look once again Chastity returns to the Countess, this time seemingly have just completed what the Countess has been working so hard to accomplish, thrusting the world into another Blood War. However, to her surprise it seems Chastity was only luring the Countess into saying something that would lead to her own downfall, a confession of her actions and intent. Suddenly, the Council appears on the bridge behind Chastity and the Countess knows its all over. In a last ditch effort (also known as suicide) Rudolpho leaps into the fray with hopes to slay Billy, but Chastity effortlessly disposes of him. Than she delivers the blow that seals the demise of the Countess, leaving the Council to finish her off. Than she gets into the car that had been sitting there, with a drunk Billy in the passenger seat and goes on her way, having perhaps just earned herself a position as the Council's assassin if ever the need arises. Chastity than returns Billy to the Nobs, but not before showing Miles whose boss. However, she does not go with the boys, rather she tells them that there's something she has to do and so they part ways, at least for now.

Returning to the place where it all began in Toledo, Ohio in the Christmastime. She opens her front door to find her father dancing with a woman whom she does not know. Telling the lady to leave, which she does, a confrontation begin between father and daughter as without hesitation Lorenzo begins to yell at her, cuss her out, and eventually swing his fist at her but she takes it all in stride and effortlessly blocked his fist with her own hand. She tells him that the only reason he is the way he is, why he's so abusive, is because deep down he is nothing but a coward. She than throws him across the room into a cabinet which presumably breaks but not before causing a box of scissors to fall to the floor. Chastity walks over to the spilled utensils, taking one of them in hand and approaches her fallen father, rage clearly seen on her face and she shouts, "Now it's your turn!"

Having done what was needed to be done, Chastity goes to the hospital to see her mother and gives her mother some comforts, the two have a little bonding time and Chastity assures her mother that her father won't be a problem anymore, they made their sacrifices and now he's made his...she destroyed his perfect hair. Now, out in New York City, the Nobs are having a concert and the crowd seems to be going berserk with excitement. Backstage, the boys begin to doubt Chaz is coming but as usual she arrives just in the nick of time, shares a kiss with Billy and than enjoys the concert by leaping into the crowd, realizing just what makes her love Billy so much...he makes her feel...FREE!

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