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Chase Carver and Lara Croft went way back. They first teamed up together in Monaco where they were searching for treasure in an old sunked ship. They were in a realtionship together. One night however Lara was getting tired and decided to go to bed while Chase went out to the casino to gamble. Chase did not appear the next morning at the scheduled time and stole the treasure from the ship. Because as Lara Croft dived down to the ship the secret compartment was empty and all that was left was Chase's calling card.


Chase Carver was created for the Tomb Raider comic book series and first appeared in the third issue. He was created by Dan Jurgens.

Major story arcs

Chase's death
Chase's death

They would later team up again and Chase showed that he was sorry multiple times throughout the series. They both still had feelings for each other but Lara commented that she simply couldn't trust Chase anymore. It wasn't until later in the series that the feelings truly started to blossom again after having gone through multiple adventures together. But it was ultimately too late because Chase died when they were together in Honduras searching for the treasure of Christopher Columbus.

Skills and abilities

Chase was quick to think on his feet but he wasn't as skilled as Lara Croft in any way, shape or form. He could streetfight and fire a gun. He was also an adequate treasure hunter but he lacked the ability to find the big treasures on his own.

Other media

It is generally viewed that Alex West from the Tomb Raider movie was based on Chase Carver because they are so similar in characteristics and personality.

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