On a character page what publisher should be used?

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On a character page what publisher should be used? I am referring to characters who have been produced by multiple publishers.  Take Blue Beetle for example.  He was originally produced by Fox Comics later by Charlton Comics and lastly DC Comics.  Those are the main three publishers but there were more.  When you look at the Charlton Page you will see Charlton's top characters listed and yet none of Charlton's top heroes are really in the list.  This is because DC Comics bought Charlton's top Heroes and whoever posted the character pages listed the publisher as DC Comics.  This can also be said for publisher's like Red Circle Comics or any of the many publisher's produced by DC Comics.  It is also a problem with public domain characters.  They have been written about in so many different publications that they run the gambit.  I have seen some characters list In the Public Domain as their as their publisher.  i don't think that is helpful at all.
The reason I find this to be a problem is because of the history of comics.  I am fascinated by the history of comics and how they evolved with time.  When I look at publisher like Charlton, Fox, Red Circle and all the other golden aged publisher's I miss how important or unimportant they were to the comic world.  The best solution in my opinion would be to be able to list multiple publishes on the character page.  For now wouldn't it be better to list the original publisher as a general rule?

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I don't really edit pages or anything, but I think it would make more sense to list a character's current publisher, so somebody interested in finding comics for a character will know what company to look for. 

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I've ran into the same problem before with characters like Usagi Yojimbo creator owned that's been published by a few different publishers. I would recommend using the current publisher and indicating in the character wiki page the different other publishers. The reason why to use the current rather than original is that most new content added to the wiki are new stuff and not old stuff, so it would be more helpful to those adding new stuff to find that character.
Just my two cents...

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@Fatal:   Perhaps I am in the minority but I would like it to see the original publisher.  The reason why is most serious comic fans know chraters like Blue Beetle and Question are DC Characters but a lot less know where they came from.  Also with public domain characters you have multiple publishers producing their books at the same time.  There is also confusion.  Many of the Red Circle character are listed two and even three times due to the different publishers.
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I agree.  I would like to see characters either with multiple publishers or at least the original publisher.

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I agree i think we should list the names of the publishers and maybe to make it easier with time like put the date and year they are being published under that publisher.

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There should be a "slot" for current publisher and previous publishers. But maybe it would prove too problematic.

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