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Once she was a trauma Nurse at Brooklin Hospital and was married with  a police officer who was killed when he was walking home from a parents' night with their son, Timmy, at his school. They were caught in the middle of a drug war. One of the bullets nearly severed Timmy's spine, resulting in years of physical therapy to learn to walk again. As a result of that night, Charlotte became a police officer herself. She and Timmy live with her mother-in-law in a small apartment.
Ex-girlfriend of founding X-Men Warren Worthington III, more commonly known as the high flying Angel. She has maintained a close relationship with the X-men over the years despite their relationship ending. She is also a single mother with a son named Timothy.

Operation: Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance
Zero Tolerance
She saved Iceman and Cecilia Reyes from a fatal Prime Sentinel, which was disguised as Warren´s former lover. Charlotte shot her before it could blast the x-men. Later she led them to police station and left them in interrogation room. She was blackmailed by Zero Tolerance Agents whose assured to have her boy Timothy, so she can´t resist and betrayed the X-Men. Overcome with guilt, she faced Zero Tolerance agents and saved the X-Men again but was wounded in one shoulder in the process. Cecilia treated her injury. Charlotte entrusted them with the mission to rescue her son. At the end Timothy was rescued and he returned with her mother.

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