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At a young age, Charlie Philips discovered that he had a gift for creating electronic devices, it was during junior high that he came up with the idea to create a magnetic harness. Over the next decade while working at a local hardware store, he finally perfected the device. His plan was to become a super hero and set off to buy a costume from a local shop. However, the costume came in around $138.56, which Charlie didn't have and in an outburst, destroyed the store with his harness. He was eventually tracked down by Spider-Girl and after a brief fight, she convinced him to give up to the police and pay for the damages he caused.

A few months passed and Charlie was able to increase the power of his harness even more and decided to try to be a super hero again, but with a twist. He created a makeshift costume of Magneto and decided to rob a set of banks to get the money he needed to not only create his super hero costume, but also come back later and defeat a mock up of Magneto and return the money he didn't use to cement his good nature and eventually pay back the rest with his super heroics. His crimes caught the attention of both A-next and the X-people, but his crimes didn't make sense to both Spider-Girl and X-people member, Push. The two broke away from their teams and followed set of robberies and caught up with Charlie and revealed his true identity.

Push then used her powers at full strength to keep Charlie at bay while Spider-Girl destroyed his magnetic harness. He was then turned over to the police.

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