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Changralyn is a planet in the Vega system and one of the worlds controlled by the Citadel. Unlike other worlds under their control, the Citadel came to an accord with the pacifistic natives of Changralyn. In exchange for a promise of protection, the Citadel required a percentage of newborn Changralynians. Every mating season, the Citadel sent a squad of Gordanian slavers to collect their tithe. The Changralynians believed that their children were being taken to some cosmic paradise, but in truth, the Gordanians were using them for slave labor. One Changralynian in particular, rejected the teachings of his elders and fought against the Gordanians. This was Charis-Nar. While struggling with a Gordanian slaver, a blaster went off killing Charis-Nar's infant son. To compensate for the shortage of new slaves, the Gordanians took instead his wife. Charis-Nar was exiled from his homeworld and he soon became the Omega Man known as Broot.

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