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Chance is a test pilot for the U.S. Navy. One day, while investigating a fast bright light underneath the ocean, he fired a torpedo at it, but unfortunately, the Blue that he was chasing dissolved and the torpedo hit a top secret facility called DMD (Deep Marine Discovery). Aspen was apart of the DMD team and nearly drowned due to his mistake. Chance was horrified when he saw all the dead bodies that he caused and eventually found Aspen Matthews, with her newly activated powers. Chance later meets up with Aspen at her San Diego home to explain to her about what he saw. Aspen allowed him to stay with her for a while, but after his brother arrived the next day to retrieve Chance for the Navy, he became angry and started drinking. Later that night, he meets up with Cannon, while still under the influence, and would later help Cannon save Aspen. During the confrontation against Killian, Chance used Cannon's ship to help distract the majority of Killian's army. After he aided Aspen and Cannon during the Blue Sun, he went into hiding because he was U.A. (Unauthorized Absence). Eventually, Admiral Maylander would call him back without any questions to train new pilots. Aspen meets up with Chance again after she escapes from the Blacks. He helps Aspen look for her father, Captain Matthews. Aspen eventually begins to grow feelings for each other, and they have their first kiss right before she went off to help the Blues fight the humans When Aspen went to help the Blues defend against the humans, Chance and Captain Matthews went to Mexico to wait until Aspen returned.

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