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Chakan was the greatest swordsman that ever lived, but because of his immense power death was summoned to slay him. 
However, Death offered Chakan a wager instead, If Chakan could best death in a fight he would be granted immortality, 
 if he were to lose, his soul would be take by Death to do with as he wished, and In his Vanity Chakan Foolishly accepted.
"The battle was joined...and was fought on all levels...the physical, mental, mystic, and psychic. It was fought on this world and in other planes of existence, with sword and spell we clashed toe to toe. The worlds shook and trembled at our powers. I attacked with such fury, such might, that even Death was taken aback. Seizing the sound of my fury, i fell the dark sovereign. I had defeated Death!"

Chakan defeated Death and Demanded he fulfill the wager, but death was cunning, and his reward was not what it seemed. Chakan would be granted immortality but at a price, Chakan would be forever tormented by monsters and the 
pain of their victims, and not until all "beasts of the dark" are slain will be find rest.
"Foolish man, " Death said, "Long before your world and long after, until the last star falls to my touch, I shall be. You cannot slay that which does not live. You are a tactful swordsman, so I will not renege on our wager. I grant you the kiss of eternal life, but," Death smiled, "For your arrogance and pride i will temper my gift with this curse." the reaper laughed.

"Each nightfall, evils will be shown to you, and the pain of their victims will be your pain. You will never know rest as you wander this world searching to slay the horrors that haunt your sleeping world. You will suffer grievous wounds, but you will not die, and as eternity rolls on, you crave my touch. You face will bear my visage, and your eyes will burn with hellfire.

So saying, my face withered and my eyes blazed with infernal fury.

"Let it not be said that I am without mercy, " Death grinned, "There shall be an 
end to your curse, if all the beasts of the dark are slain, then you may find rest."

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