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A different world
A different world

Nearly a hundred years ago a Bostonian man by the name of Waldo Emerson Smith-Jones was swept off a steam ship and ended up on a primitive island. Waldo was a mother's boy and was doomed to die on this island and being determined to end his life quickly rather than a slow death he chases some creature into the forest. He looses the creature that runs away from him and spends the night in the Jungle. The next day he is attacked by a tribe of cave men and he retreats up a side of a cliff where Nadara is hiding.

Out of mutual benefit the two become allies. They soon escape in the cover of night and the two become quite a pair as Nadara falls in love with Waldo and starts calling him Thandar meaning the Brave One. Waldo also develops feelings for Nadara only he does not recognize it at this time. Nadara teaches Waldo many ways to survive in the jungle and believes Waldo to be a superior man and a brave warrior. The truth is Waldo had been pampered all his life and was not brave at all.

Nadara had hoped Waldo would save her village from two cruel chiefs, Flatfoot and Korth. The two of them would murder and rape with impunity. This frightened Waldo and he abandons Nadara in fear. Afterwards, he is ashamed at his actions and begins to train to go back and face the two tyrants. After over six moths he goes back and eventually finds and kills both Flatfoot and Korth. He also rescues Nadara twice. Nadara is not so sure about Waldo, however, after his betrayal, but Waldo pledges his love to her and she forgives him.

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