Any guys here thought the Tyger Tyger version was *wolf whistle*?

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Remember that cool episode of TAS where Selina got literally turned into an actual cat-woman? one of my top 35 fave episodes on number 32. Any guys here though she looked strangely sexy?

I did when i turned 12 19 years ago watching it on Fox after i missed out on that episode the first time when i was on my annual since 89 trip to Las Vegas. I still remembered me and my bigger brother (who was 20 at the time and he loves DC as he use to watch the show with me sometimes) watching that episode and when she crept out of the shadows in the exhibit i was like "what the..." then after commercial break when she did that seductive pose in the exhibit with her licking her arm, i was like "Holy hell she's hot!" as i whistled at her and my jaw was dropped during the entire episode and my brother told me "your nuts John", LOL. that brings back memories.

I adore Selina Kyle/Catwoman for 23 years no matter what she looks like, i mean doesn't matter whether it's Michelle Pfeifer's version, blonde/brunette TAS versions, Julie Newmar version, Lee Meriwether version, comic versions (wth the exception that ugly bald hooker Frank Miller thought up), The Batman version, Brave and The Bold version, Arkham City version and even mutated version. Now Hathaway just stunned me like those versions did.

Who thinks mutated Selina is on par with other sexy felines from the 80s and 90s like Cleo on Heathcliff, Felicia from Darkstalkers, Cheetara and Pumraya from Thundercats, Jenny from Bucky O'Hare, Kit Mambo on Animalympics, Callie Briggs on Swat Kats, Aishia on Outlaw Star, the Puma Twins from Tank Police, M'ress from Star Trek TAS, Mirage from Aladdin and even the same thing just like Selina that happened to April in that one Ninja Turtles episode?

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