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Kitrina is the youngest girl in the Carmine Falcone Family. When her uncle Mario Falcone makes a comeback in Gotham City, he brings Kitrina along to do some work for him.


Kitrina was created by Tony S. Daniel for her role in the story line Life after Death and to be re-purposed as a sidekick for Catwoman

Character Evolution


Kitrina's first major appearance is in Batman #692. She is very rebellious in nature and as been apprehended by the law several times, and has utilized a different alias each time. After her attempted murder by her uncle she tries to make it on her own by stealing back some maps that she had marked that contianed strong points, weak points, and tunnels in Devil's Square. She planned to apprehend Black Mask, but was apprehended by Catwoman. Not long afterwards she dons a new costume and takes on the name Catgirl as she becomes Selina's new sidekick. She still retains her rebellious nature.

Her reckless nature often puts her in unneeded danger. Bruce, Dick, and Selina all agree that Kitrina should start living a normal life, but Kitrina takes a strong offense to this. After and encounter with Enigma where she is saved from death by Dick she leaves Gotham to attend a boarding school in Aldrige, but claims that one day she will be back. Since the New 52 Reboot her whereabouts and existence is currently unknown

Major Story Arcs

Life After Death


Kitrina works for her uncle Mario Falcone by making maps that contain markings of strong points and weak points of Devil's Square. After she makes them her uncle tries to have her killed and she attempts to steal them back, but is apprehended by Catwoman. She later becomes Catwoman's new sidekick.

Eye of The Beholder


Kitrina makes a short appearance in this story where she appears alongside Selina as Catgirl. She had been chasing down a crazed Reaper, when Batman and Robin intervene. Her presence causes more trouble than help, and often puts herself in harms way. Bruce and Dick decide that Kitrina needs to give up the Catgirl mantle and live a normal life. Dick approaches Selina about this, and Kitrina overhears. Kitrina later assists Dick by leading him to a location that was frequented by the Reaper in order to help with his investigation into Sensei.


Enigma vs Catgirl
Enigma vs Catgirl

Kitrina is approached by Dick and Selina who are trying to convince her to give up the Catgirl mantle and live a normal life. She takes great offense to this, and runs off with her Catgirl costume. While tracing Mario and Gilda's movements she is spotted by Enigma. During the fight Kitrina is shot and Batman shows up just in time to rescue her. Afterwards she accepts Batman's advice and leaves to enlist in the boarding school he suggested. She leaves a letter behind with Dick telling him that one day she would return.

Powers and Abilities

Escape Artist


Kitrina is known for her abilities as an escape artist, first escaping from a locked box while tied up and thrown in the water by her uncle, Mario Falcone, and escaping from Catwoman while tied in an "inescapable knot."

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