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923947 pikahyper Character Overview 04/02/16 01:12AM 1 Approved
859666 VickBat Character Overview 12/31/15 10:39AM 2 Approved
829976 NoOneDies Character Overview I added in her latest Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile appearance under the video game sections. I also updated her Scribblenauts picture with a clear screenshot, as the previous one was blurry(looks like it was a picture that was taken by a phone). Added in a picture for the Solo issue by Damian Scott, changed her picture in the disambiguation section to an out-of-cowl one and wrote the entry for her appearance in Tiny Titans. 11/04/15 10:40PM 175 Denied
825457 NoOneDies Character Overview I streamlined Cassandra's disambiguation and origins(which were mostly centered on her parents and how they met, rather than on Cassandra's actual childhood and origins). 10/29/15 04:16AM 30 Approved
821083 NoOneDies Character Overview Scott Peterson did an interview that shows that Cass wasn't created "as a rival for Tim Drake". She was created because Mike Carlin wanted a new Batgirl and got one. Here's the link: 10/22/15 08:45AM 22 Approved
815519 KryptonianUltor Character Overview Reworded the into so it reads better. 10/13/15 06:41PM 15 Approved
786611 Bat_Girl_CC Character Overview I add new info that i think, needs to be add 08/30/15 03:22AM 16 Denied
692946 SodamYat Character Overview 04/14/15 07:08PM 22 Approved
671266 trayc27 Character Overview 03/19/15 08:58PM 52 Approved
645592 Bat_Girl_CC Character Overview I just saw some incorrect information, on the part of the wiki, where it says: "Reading Body-Language:" and so, i made some changes on the text, plus, where it says Multiversity/Convergence, i only put Convergence, and added Tim drake's name, because there was only Steph's. what do you think? can i save it? 02/17/15 10:19AM 1 Approved
612843 trayc27 Character Overview 01/18/15 11:32AM 1 Approved
612842 trayc27 Character Overview 01/18/15 11:31AM 1 Approved
612841 trayc27 Character Overview 01/18/15 11:30AM 1 Approved
612838 trayc27 Character Overview 01/18/15 11:28AM 1 Approved
612836 trayc27 Character Overview 01/18/15 11:28AM 0 Approved
612395 trayc27 Character Overview 01/17/15 10:02PM 1 Approved
612394 trayc27 Character Overview 01/17/15 10:01PM 0 Approved
612352 trayc27 Character Overview 01/17/15 05:24PM 182 Approved
612333 trayc27 Character Overview 01/17/15 04:14PM 65 Approved
612332 trayc27 Character Overview 01/17/15 04:12PM 69 Approved
612331 trayc27 Character Overview 01/17/15 04:05PM 1 Approved
612327 trayc27 Character Overview 01/17/15 03:57PM 52 Approved
612326 trayc27 Character Overview 01/17/15 03:57PM 1 Approved
612325 trayc27 Character Overview 01/17/15 03:53PM 3 Approved
612324 trayc27 Character Overview 01/17/15 03:44PM 1 Approved
612323 trayc27 Character Overview 01/17/15 03:42PM 16 Approved
612321 trayc27 Character Overview 01/17/15 03:39PM 86 Approved
612315 trayc27 Character Overview 01/17/15 03:33PM 1 Approved
612314 trayc27 Character Overview 01/17/15 03:31PM 2 Approved
612313 trayc27 Character Overview 01/17/15 03:31PM 0 Approved
612312 trayc27 Character Overview 01/17/15 03:29PM 9 Approved
612310 trayc27 Character Overview 01/17/15 03:29PM 30 Approved
612303 trayc27 Character Overview 01/17/15 03:18PM 14 Approved
598412 oceanmaster21 Character Overview 12/31/14 07:58PM 15 Approved
557352 Cromus Character Overview 10/30/14 03:49PM 2 Approved
530801 N00beditor3 Character Overview 09/16/14 08:27PM 50 Approved
303055 SiddyVicious Character Guide 12/15/13 09:41AM 78 Approved
254657 pikahyper Character Overview 10/21/13 07:13PM 2 Approved
253710 BallPointHero Character Overview Added some of her extra appearances. And some picture to keep things lively. 10/21/13 05:05AM 52 Denied
253693 BallPointHero Character Overview 10/21/13 04:43AM 6 Approved
253665 BallPointHero Character Overview Scott Peterson was an editor at DC when he came up for the concept for Cassandra. His concept was “Hey, new Batgirl. Young—late teens, I think—and Asian. And cheerful and chipper and always up and good natured and she has a complete and total death wish.” Here's a link to his interview: 10/21/13 04:31AM 5 Approved
189263 batmannflash Character Overview 08/20/13 10:48PM 30 Approved
186167 xkoenig Character Overview 08/17/13 05:39AM 1 Approved
122356 DonFelipe Character Overview 06/24/13 04:02AM 1 Approved
122347 DonFelipe Character Overview 06/24/13 03:48AM 18 Approved
47193 NeffLoveSong Character Overview 05/03/13 11:54AM 2 Approved
39200 ragdollpurps Character Overview 04/27/13 04:25AM 15 Approved
39198 ragdollpurps Character Overview 04/27/13 04:25AM 15 Approved
21258 Mucklefluga Character Overview 04/14/13 02:04AM 13 Approved

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