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Carth Onasi, also known as Fleet, was one of the Republics best pilots. He was born on the planet Telos IV in 3994 BBY.

After the events of the Mandalorian Wars Carth was a Republic pilot who looked up to Admiral Saul Karath. After Darth Malak became lord of the sith Saul Karath defected over to the sith and ordered the bombing of Telos, Carths home planet. Upon hearing the news Carth went to telos where his wife died in his arms and his son Dustil disappeared which caused Carth to never trust anyone again. Eventually Carth found his way to the Endar spire which carried the jedi Bastilla Shan. When the ship was boarded by Sith soldiers Carth remained behind to help any survivors, however there was only one survivor Revan, the pair took the last escape pod and landed on the planet below. After rescuing Bastilla they started looking for a way to get through the sith blockade. Then after Stealing the local crime lords ship the ''Ebon Hawk'' they went to the Jedi Council which sent them on a mission to find the ancient star maps.

Through they're adventures Carth met an old friend who said his son, Dustil was still alive and training to be a sith on Korriban. After going to Korriban he helped Revan get evidence for Dustil to prove the sith were evil, but they were captured by Darth Malak's flagship the ''Leviathan''.

After escaping the prison, the group ran into Saul Karath and the group fought him. As saul died he told the truth about Revan which made Carth furious, but he eventually forgave him. As on they're way to destroy the Star Forge the ''Ebon Hawk'' was forced down by a disruptor field. While Revan, Juhani and Jolee Bindo set off to destroy the shield. Carth made repairs to the ship. After Revan defeated Darth Malak and the Star forge was destroyed. Carth, Revan and the rest of the group were awarded the Cross of Glory.

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