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Character Evolution

Carol Ferris

As her normal self (or, in other words, when she wasn't being Star Sapphire), Carol's character has remained fairly constant all the way from her first appearance in 1959 up through to the present day.

She's lived her life, had her ups and downs (both business related and in regards to her personal life), but mostly she's been portrayed fairly constantly throughout.

It is true that, as time has gone on and cultural sensibilities have changed, she's undergone significant changes in how her character was written, but no more so than would be the case with any other character who's had such a long publication history (1959-present). As a comparison, her character has changed in portrayal a fair amount less than, say, Lois Lane's has.

In recent years though, with the advent of the Star Sapphire Corps, and the accompanying ability her new ring granted her to remain herself as Star Sapphire, the major event in her life is that she's started to act as Star Sapphire, as a hero, on a regular basis, spending much of her time out among the stars, while still returning to Earth periodically to keep up with the company she owns.

As Star Sapphire

Femme Fatale (1959-1987)

Unlike her civilian identity, Carol's alter ego, Star Sapphire, on the other hand, has gone through some very significant changes as time has gone on.

Femme Fatale (1959-1987)

Throughout this period, Carol's Star Sapphire persona was more prone to strong emotion, or being controlled or compelled by the Zamarons. She had varying degrees of control over her actions. Her main motivation often had a lot to do with winning Hal Jordan's heart, and/or seeking to be the Zamaron queen.

Villain (1987-1995)

She didn't really act in any way that could be considered truly malicious. And, in fact, would more often help Hal than vex him.

Villain (1987-1995)

During this time, her modus-operandi shifted and she moved towards some seriously dark territory. Slavery, mind control, torture, even murder. Her relationship with her Star Sapphire persona changed towards something more like a split-personality, one that she very much wanted to be rid of.

Hero (2007-present)

Hero (2007-present)

During the War of Light storyline, the Zamarons rethought their strategy in bringing love to the universe. They became less cynical, and acted with more open hearts when they gave up sending out Star Sapphire crystals, and instead forged rings that let the bearer retain most of, or even complete control over themselves (depending on their ability to control and focus their own emotions). They founded the Star Sapphire Corps, and sought out Carol to lead and guide them.

Carol accepted the charge and has sense fought to defend Zamaron from first the Sinestro Corps, then the Black Lanterns. Following that, she fought against the Blackest Night, helped guide The Predator to be a positive force, aided Hawkgirl and Hawkman against Queen Shrike during Brightest Day, fought against Krona in the War of the Green Lanterns, and has since joined Kyle Rayner's New Guardians team to continue her heroics.

Storyline (2006-present)

Secret Origin

Carol Ferris, owner of Ferris Air

(In Green Lantern #29-35 May-Nov 2009)

As a little girl, Carol was brought to watch the plains take off by her father, Carl Ferris (then owner of Ferris Aircraft). A young Hal Jordon was there too, watching his father's test flight. Carol and Hal talked, and found that they both wanted to be pilots when they grew up. Tragedy struck however, and Hal's father' plain crashed.

Years later, a grown woman, Carol's father had retired from running his company and left it to Carol to run. Prior to that, Carol had been fulfilling her dream of being a pilot, but she gave that up to run the company becasue she felt it was her responsibility.

Two years after she assumed control of the company, she went to a meeting at Arden Air. She was making a deal to buy the company from Ken Arden. Hal Jordon, who still blamed Carol's father for his dad's death (Carl Ferris had skied on materials to cut costs on the plane Hal's father had been flying that day), was working there.

There was a test flight flying out of Arden that day, and it went wrong. Hal, in his debut appearance as Earth's Green Lantern, saved the flight. Carol saw the whole thing, and was immediately smitten with him, much to Hector Hammond's consternation. Hammond, one of Carol's employees, had been trying to get Carol to agree to go out with him for some time, though Carol had continually refused him.

A week later, Carol was having trouble keeping her company afloat becasue some of the people who would have given her design contracts didn't respect her the way they had her father (presumably becasue she was a woman and, at that time, there was more than a little gender prejudice going around about things like women running businesses). For the same reason, she was getting a lot of resignations from former Arden employees who didn't like the change in leadership.

At the same time, Hammond was exposed to something and mutated into a highly disfigured telepath. When Hal came into her office to throw in his resignation with the rest (though, in his case, it had more to do with the grudge her still had against her father). Carol let him vent a little about his grudge, but then asked if he wanted to fly again. Hal had just recently crashed a test flight (when he'd gotten his Green Lantern ring) and prior to that, he had a real reputation as a risk-taker and a hot-head. Ken Arden had only kept him on becasue he'd known his dad. No one wanted to hire him either, just like no one seemed to want to fly for her. Hal took the job.

Hal flew his first test flight for Carol the next day, and when he landed the plain, Hammond attacked, intent on his feelings for Carol. Hal saved her though, but disappeared afterward mysteriously.

A couple days later, Hal showed up at Carol's house at night and demanded to see her father. It was then reveled that Carol Ferris was sick, dying really. Carol told Hal that the guilt he had about his father's death had eaten him up inside over the years. Hal and Carol made a real connection that night, Hal telling Carol he was so sorry for what she was going through, and that she wasn't alone.

From there on, Carol ran Ferris Aircraft with just Hal Jordon and Tom Kalmaku as her employees. Hal asked her out on a date, but Carol just smiled and said "Oh Jordan, everyone knows. I don't date employees". She went on to make her company into a success.

Note: This origin story is somewhat different, and more completely told, that the one told in the 1959-1960 Green Lantern books. The difference can be accounted for by the various events that would reshape reality in the DC Universe, such as Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour, and Infinite Crisis.


John Stewart looking for Hal at Ferris Air

(In Justice #6-#7 Aug-Oct 2006)

In the midst of another crisis, where the villains have learned the heroes secret identities, John Stewart comes looking for Hal Jordan at Ferris Aircraft. Later, fearing for Carol's safety, Hal breaks up with her (again). He tells Carol he's just self-centered, and Carol cries hearing it.

The War of Light

(In Green Lantern #18-20, 38, 45, and Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #2 May 2007-Sept 2009)

getting her Star Sapphire Corps ring
speaking the Star Sapphire oath as she charges her new power ring for the first time
leading the new Star Sapphire Corps

Carol's first major story arc after Hal's return, in which the two reconcile some of their emotions for one another. Unbeknownst to Carol at the time the Zamarons were consolidating the power of the Star Sapphire and creating their own intergalactic corps, the Star Sapphire Corps. In doing so they created instead of the Star Sapphire a number of Violet Power Rings.

In preparation for the anticipated events of Blackest Night, Carol was once again confronted by the power of the Zamarons, except it was in the unfamiliar version of the power ring. This allowed Carol to enact a degree of control over the ring which she never had previously, and in which she maintained control of her conscious mind during when she wore the ring. She was thus identified by Queen Aga'Po as the one that could be able to tame the sentient embodiment of love, the Predator.

As the events of the War of Light began to come to a head, she was instructed by the Zamarons that she was to be the leader of the Star Sapphire Corps, and that if she didn't accept, she wouldn't be there to help Hal when he would really need it.

On Zamaron, she helped to build the ranks of the new Star Sapphire Corps, and when Sinestro attacked, intent on freeing the female members of the Sinestro Corps who were imprisoned there in sapphire crystals awaiting a time when those crystals would be able to draw out the love in their hearts and reform them. The process and already worked on Yrra Cyrill (formerly known as Finality), and Yrra joined Carol in defending Zamaron.

Carol and Sinestro fought in a pitched battle in the midst of the conflict, but their fight was interrupted by onset of the Blackest Night.

Blackest Night

(In Green Lantern #45-48, 50-51, Blackest Night #1-8, and Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #3 Sept 2009-May 2010)

fighting the Black Lanterns on Zamaron

When the Blackest Night fell over the universe, Carol was on Zamaron, defending it and her Corps from attack by the Sinestro Corps. Carol was battling Sinestro himself, when the Black Lantern Corps arrived on the scene and attacked both Corps. Carol and Sinestro called a true to fight back against them, then Hal Jordon teleported in with the aide of Indigo-1 and Munk of the Indigo Tribe (note: members of the Indigo have the ability to teleport, and they are the only type of lantern in the spectrum that can do so).

The new additions (minus Munk whom Indigo-1 sent to Oa) joined Carol in her fight, but the battle was effectively lost when two Black Lantern rings entered the Sat Sapphire central power battery and called Khufu and Chay-ara, whose dead bodies (frozen in an eternal embrace) were being used to power the battery.

The battery was destroyed, the Star Sapphires and Zamarons fled Zamaron, The Predator broke free of it's crystal prison, and Carol teleported away with Indigo-1, Hal, and Sinestro. Indigo-1 teleported them to Korugar, Sinestro's planet of origin. Indigo-1 told them that they had to unite all the Corps to battle the Black Lanterns. She'd brought them to Korugar so that Sinestro could retake control of all of his Corps from Mongul. Sinestro won, and then two Black Lanterns arrived there too. Carol helped the others destroy them, and then they (Carol, Indigo-1, Hal, and Sinestro) traveled to Odym, home of the Blue Lantern Corps. Larfleeze the Orange Lantern's constructs were attacking. They were about to aid the Blues when his constructs evaporated becasue Larfleeze was under attack by Black Lanterns.

deputing Wonder Woman as her partner Star Sapphire in the battle against the Blackest Night

Carol's group, now joined by Saint Walker of the Blue Lanterns, teleported to Okaara to aide Larfleeze and, as it turned out, find Atrocitus of the Red Lantern Corps as well. Carol joined the others in destroying the Black Lanterns there.

The leaders of all seven Corps brought together, they traveled to Ryut in Space Sector 666 to meet Ganthet and Sayd to plan their next move. That done, they traveled to Earth, where the final battle would take place, and came to the rescue of a group of Earth heroes, including Wonder Woman.

They destroyed the rouge Guardian of the Universe, Scar, and attacked the Black Lantern central power battery. That was when Nekron (the being behind Blackest Night) turned the Earth heroes into Black Lanterns, even though they were still alive.

They fought and came up with the plan to deputize some of Earth's heroes to help in the fight, one to each Corps leader. Carol chose Wonder Woman as her partner.

That was when The Spectre, who had been turned into a Black Lantern, attacked. Carol and Diana fought along with the others against him, but he was too powerful, even for all of them combined. Hal got the idea of letting Parallax free and letting it possess him again so he'd have enough power to fight and beat Spectre. Hal and Spectre fought, and when it was over, Carol was able to pull back Hal and get him free of Parallax again.

After that, The Entity manifested, there was a huge fight, and the heroes won the day.

In the aftermath, once the deputations were withdrawn, Queen Mera was dying becasue her heart wasn't beating any more thanks to her having been a Red Lantern. Carol used her and Arthur's love to restart her heart and save her life.

The New Guardians

(In Green Lantern #53-58 June-Dec 2010)

trying to lift the White Lantern

Following the events of Blackest Night, Carol and Hal went to get drinks and eat at the bar at Ferris Air in Coast City. They talked a while, but it seemed to Carol they were just talking in circles, not getting to anything real, so she told Hal that they never did have much luck talking with a table between them and suggested they take their conversation airborne. So they both suited up, got in the cockpits, put on their flight helmets (which had their call-signs on them, "Sapphire" and "Highball"), and took off in a couple of planes from the nearby hangers.

Carol asked Hal what he wanted, why he'd come out with her when he was still seeing Cowgirl. Hal was just about to answer when Sinestro came flaying right at them and blew up their planes by flying into them, head-on, at high speed. Luckily, both Carol and Hal had been wearing their power rings and were able to shield themselves and power up to meet the threat.

They battled with him, but he insisted he came in peace. It turned out Sinestro wasn't looking for a fight, he'd basically just been being a jerk when he destroyed their aircraft. He'd actually come to ask for their assistance.

Apparently, after Nekron and his Blackest Night had been beaten back, The Entity left in it's wake a white lantern power battery. So the three of them traveled to where it was, in Silver City, New Mexico. They all took turns trying to lift it, no no avail. Then they tried all lifting it together; it didn't work, but The Entity did tell them "Help Me Live" and showed them a vision of the seven Emotional Embodiment Entities - The Predator, Adara, Proselyte, Ion, The Butcher, Parallax, and Ophidian - telling them that they were in danger and needed to be saved.

It then teleported them to New York City and told them to seek help from Atrocitus. They found him in the subways, calling for a blood prophecy, and Carol had to stop Hal from starting a fight with him. That's when Lobo showed up, ostensibly trying to collect a bounty on Atrocitus. Carol mostly stayed out of the fight, though at one point she did attempt to encase Lobo in a sapphire crystal to bring out whatever love he may have had in his heart. He apparently didn't have much to work with though, becasue it didn't work and he broke free.

contacted by Aga'po as she searches for The Predator

Carol, Hal, Sinestro, and Atrocitus finally manages to drive Lobo away, and Hal reluctantly agrees to work with Atrocitus becasue he wants to stop the seven entities so much. He thinks they're all bad news, mostly becasue of his horrific experience with Parallax. Carol disagrees though, saying what if the entities are like the different Corps, some good and some bad?

From there, the group splits up. Carol goes after the Predator, Hal after Ophidian, and Sinestro and Atrocitus go after The Butcher.

Carol tracks The Predator to Las Vegas, Nevada, where she gets a message through her ring from Queen Aga'po of the Zamarons that she needs to find her quarry soon, becasue the Star Sapphire Corps central battery is losing power. Unbeknownst to Carol, Aga'po has been giving the battery her own power, her own immortal life-force and beauty, to keep it going since the Black Lanterns destroyed the previous power source the battery used. Aga'po is planning to use The Predator as the new power source, but cautions Carol that The Predator is dangerous and violent. Carol, whose been possessed by The Predator in the past when her heart was broken by Hal once upon a time and she had lost faith in love, doubts what Aga'po says about the Predator being violent by nature is true, but none the less continues her mission to find it.

What she finds though, is Larfleeze in a casino making trouble becasue of an all you can eat buffet he's spotted. That's when The Predator makes it's appearance, having possessed a man named Abraham Pointe. Abraham was a shy loner type who had a crush on a kind and pretty woman named Lisa who worked at that casino. He'd been coming to that casino and taking her picture for a long time, but had never believed in himself enough to think that someone as good and amazing as her would return his feelings.

The Predator, attracted to his despair and wanting to heal it, possessed him and brought him to Lisa, but basically charged in like a bull in china shop while doing it. Carol fought the possessed man, trying to get him to stop, believing that The Predator was being driven by the man it had possessed, and not the other way around. The Predator was just too powerful though, but not really interested in fighting her back that much. That's when Hal came on the scene and started to fight The Predator.

becoming Queen of the Star Sapphires

Carol used the detraction to talk to Lisa and discover that she had no idea who Abraham was, that they'd never met. That's when Carol figured out what was going on. She talked to the possessed man, calmed him down, told him that we all want to be loved and that it was okay to feel that way, then she kissed him and The Predator left him.

Having achieved her objective, the Zamarons teleported Carol, The Predator, Hal, Abraham, and Larfleeze to Zamaron.

On Zamaron, Aga'po and the other Zamarons wanted to put The Predator into their central power battery to stop it's power from fading away, and to keep The Predator contained so it wouldn't be a danger to others. Carol argued that The Predator shouldn't be locked away, that it seeks out hosts that don't know what love is in order to heal them. That the damage done is the fault of those hosts who take a rocky path towards discovering their path towards love, and not due to any violent intent on the part of The Predator. After all, a heart that does not believe in love is a lonely one, prone to acting out it's sorrows, frustrations, and pain.

Further, she says that they don't even need The Predator to power their battery, that none of the other Corps use anything save belief to power their batteries (though it's worth noting that, in the case of the Red Lanterns, that is not actually true, becasue they use the blood of the guilty for that purpose). Queen Aga'po takes Carol's words to heart, and pronounces that Control is right. She goes to the central battery and gives it the remainder of her life and her power in an act of faith in the power of love. With her last words, she names Carol as her successor as queen. With Aga'po's gift, the power battery blazes with new life and power and the Star Sapphire Corps are saved. (A statue is later built on Zamaron in Aga'po's honor.)

parting ways on Zamaron

Carol then decides to stay on Zamaron to rebuild the Star Sapphire Corps and carry out her duties as the new queen. Hal argues with her that they need to continue hunting for the remaining entities on Earth, to protect them from the danger the white lantern warned of, saying that she can't seriously want to leave her life on Earth for being the queen of Zamaron. Carol says that, on the contrary, that's exactly what she's going to do. That if The Predator comes under threat, she and the Star Sapphire Corps will be there to defend it from harm.

Hal asks when she's going to return, and Carol says that she'll tell him the same thing he told her so many times "I'll be back when the job is done." At that, they part ways, and Hal goes back to Earth.

Brightest Day

(in Brightest Day #13 and #17-#18 Jan-Mar 2011)

Carol and The Predator come to Hawkgirl and Hawkman's rescue in Brightest Day

On Hawkworld, high above the clouds of Nth City, Hawkgirl's mother, Khea Taramka (a.k.a. Queen Shrike) captured her and Hawkman and used them as part of a portal that would take her to Zamaron. When she arrived with her army of manhawks, Carol and The Predator were there waiting to confront them.

She fought her way through the manhawks to free Hawkgirl and Hawkman. While they had been battling her minions though, Khea had been attempting to make the Star Sapphire's central battery her own. They attacked her to try to stop her, but while Khea and her daughter were fighting, The Predator sensed Khea's black heart and was drawn to her, to bring her it's light and try to heal her. It possessed her, and Khea attacked them with The Predator's power.

Carol told them that the only way to release The Predator from inside Khea would be to get her to feel love. Just after she told them that though, Khea imprisoned her within a sapphire crystal. She was only freed when Hawkgirl and Hawkman killed Khea and freed The Predator that way.

The battle over, Carol told them both that the love they had for one another was what had given them the power to kill Khea. She then teleported them back to Earth.

War of the Green Lanterns

(In Green Lantern #63-64 and 67 May-Aug 2011)

Hal, Indigo-1, Atrocitus, Saint Walker, and Larfleeze were gathered in space to discuss their next move against Krona when Carol was thrown through a teleportation portal into their midst, Krona's voice in her wake telling them that he now had all seven entities.

The New Guardians vs. Lyssa Drak

It's unknown weather Carol was thrown there by Krona for some reason, or if Carol escaped and came to warn them that Krona had captured the Predator and Krona simply used her escape portal to brag of his victory. In either case, the result was the same.

Moments later, Sinestro showed up to round out their team again. The seven of them tracked Krona's energy signature to Ryut, Atrocitus's dead home-world. They followed the trail into some caverns, where they found seven obelisks with seven glowing symbols one them, one for each Corps, ranging from red on one side to violet on the other. In the center of the obelisks was the Book of the Black. The book opened, and dark energy chains came out, striking them all in their eyes, showing them visions.

The chains released them and from the book appeared Lyssa Drak, the story vampire and a former member of the Sinestro Corps. She had changed allegiances to Krona, since Sinestro had abandoned her during Blackest Night, Lyssa attacked them with more chains, and they were all but helpless. All of them, save Hal, whom Sinestro was able to knock free just in time, were drawn into the book.

Inside the book, Carol and the others experienced alternate versions of what their lives might have been. In Carol's case, she lived an illusory life where she and Hal were together and in love.

Hal, with Kyle Rayner's help, eventually was able to free them all, and Carol got her Sapphire ring back. Hal was stripped of his ring by the Guardians of the Universe, and Carol followed him back home to Earth.


(In Flashpoint: Hal Jordan #1-3 Aug-Oct 2011)

Carol and Hal as kids

Trying to torment Barry Allen (The Flash), Professor Zoom (The Reverse Flash) went back in time and changed history so that he never became The Flash in the first place, and this resulted in a changed history for the entire world - the world of Flashpoint.

In this world, Carol still grew up being childhood friends with Hal Jordon, and the both of them still dreamed of being pilots when they grew up. They still both witnessed Hal's father die in a crash. But in this world, Hal never became Green Lantern. Instead, he and Carol grew up together and both followed their dreams to become pilots.

Carol 'Sapphire' Ferris in the pilot's seat defending America's coastline during the war

That dream turned into something of a nightmare though, when the war between Atlantis, the Amazons, and the human race came to America.

Ferris Aircraft was drafted to provide coastal defense, and both Carol and Hal began flying defense patrols along the coast as private contractors for the air force.

They were first attacked by Shark (an agent of Atlantis) and then had to defend against an assault by the Amazons who flew invisible jets and dropped a mythological monster on their base. Together, Carol and Hal successfully repelled both attacks.

Hal soon after volunteered for a mission against the Amazon's capital city in England. He was to fly a nuclear bomb, named the Green Arrow, to their capital and drop it.

Carol joined the mission and flew with him and a squadron of other jets, including one flown by Blackhawk. The Amazons had an energy shield, and they were attacked on many fronts.

after the Amazons' attack on Ferris Air

They received new orders for Hal to bomb the shield. Carol flew in with him to give him cover. Hal's plane was damaged, his electrical system stopped working.

They settled on the plan that they would fly their planes into the shield and bail out together before they hit. Only Hal's ejection system wasn't working, and he didn't tell Carol that, so he died in the explosion while Carol lived. The shield was taken down though.

Back at base, Carol was given Hal's effects, which included a journal where he confessed that he'd always loved her but had been afraid to say so, and a wedding ring he'd been planning to give her.

watching as Hal sacrifices his life for the mission

Barry Allen eventually recovered his memory of the timeline where he was The Flash and was able to rewrite history again, bringing about the world of DC's New 52.

Post-Flashpoint, Carol and Hal's story would remain essentially the same as it was pre-New 52 and pick up where it left off before the Flashpoint event, although many other characters within the DC Universe would undergo quite radical alterations.


(In the New 52's Green Lantern #1, 3, 5-7, and 12 Nov 2011-Oct 2012)

back on Earth

After the events of the War of the Green Lanterns, Hal was grounded on Earth. Carol hung up her own ring for a while too, to unwind from everything that had happened, to help Hal, and to have her life on Earth back.

Hal was going stir crazy though, and getting into trouble. He'd been cut from the air force for going A.W.O.L. for so long, and Carol had to bail him out of jail when he tried to play hero and messed it up. He asked her to get him back in the sky again, with a job at Ferris Air, but she had to turn him down becasue, with his track record, she couldn't insure any plane he was flying. She told him she would hire him, just not as a pilot. He changed the subject and asked her out to dinner.

giving Hal a 10th chance

Carol assumed it was a date, it was a fancy restaurant and everything, but it turns out he asked her to co-sign his car loan. She threw her drink in his face and walked out on him. He chased after her but really said all the wrong things (seriously, if he'd been any more dense, it would have been quite a trick) and she drove off and left him there stranded without a ride home

When she got home, she got a phone call from Tom Kalmaku, who told her turn turn on the TV. The news showed Hal as a Green Lantern again, working with Sinestro, also a Green Lantern (it happened at the end of War of the Green Lanterns). She could barely believe what she was seeing.

Hal left Earth with Sinestro, and didn't come back for more than a day. When he did return, Sinestro dumped him in an alley, again without a ring. He sought out Carol at Ferris Air. She asked him what the hell was going on, him working with Sinestro, and he kissed her and asked for a chance to explain himself.

Sinestro interrupting their romantic morning

He told her he'd been through something bad with Sinestro and the only thing that had got him through was thinking of her. He told he that he knew they'd never work out but that he wanted to try anyway. He asked for a second chance. Carol pointed out that, technically, it would be his tenth, but, none-the-less, she said yes, and they kissed.

A little while later, they went on a date to the Coast City Aeronautical Museum, and it went pretty well. They ended up back in bed at her place, and Hal was being attentive and romantic. It was great. Then a Green Lantern ring flew into the room and Sinestro showed up.

He told Hal he needed his help again - high stakes, fate of the universe in the balance, etc... Hal turned him down flat, twice. Sinestro didn't take no for an answer, and attacked Carol, wrapping her in a green energy construct and holding a green energy construct gun to her head, threatening to kill her if Hal didn't do what he asked. Hal decked him. They fought. The Indigo Tribe showed up and tried to capture both Hal and Sinestro. Carol put on her ring, and went to help Hal, but by the time she got there, the Indigo Tribe had teleported Hal and Sinestro off-world.

Shortly after this, Amanda Waller tried to recruit her for her new Justice League of America team. She turned her down and lied, telling her she didn't have her power ring anymore.

Rise of the Third Army

(In the New 52's Green Lantern: New Guardians #0, 13-16 and annual #1 Dec 2012-Mar 2013)

finding Hal's ring

Carol went to Ferris Air after hours, meaning to check on Hal's power battery to see if he'd come back for it. There, she ran into Tom Kalmaku who was working late. Carol had Tom pick the lock on Hal's locker. Inside, they found his power battery untouched, as well as quite a few pictures of her, both with and without Hal in them, and, lastly, but perhaps most significantly, they found a wedding ring that Hal had been keeping there, which let Carol know he'd been planning to propose to her (or at least he was strongly considering it).

It was at this point that they saw a green figure flying towards them. Carol, naturally, thought it was Hal coming back to her, but it turned out to be Kyle Rayner instead. he'd come looking for Hal, seeking his help after what the other Guardians of the Universe did to Ganthet (his mentor).

Tom called them over to the TV then, and there they saw Hal and Sinestro battle Black Hand in a graveyard. Carol told Kyle to get to the cemetery as fast as he could, that she'd be following along right after him as soon as she could go get her ring.

battling the risen dead

When they got there, they found a bunch of the dead that Black Hand had risen from their graves attacking a contingent of the police. She and Kyle destroyed some and drover the rest back, telling the police that they would go in and handle the situation. They went in and found a crater where Kyle said he could sense that a yellow power battery had blown up there. Carol questioned him on why he could sense that, and he told her that, since he'd worn rings from six different corps at once (during the events of New Guardians #1-12), he'd been able to tap into some of the other colors of the emotional spectrum. Next they were beset bay a huge army of the the risen dead.

Things weren't looking that great when Kyle tapped into hope and will (blue and green) both at once to generate a large light flare that destroyed all their attackers. Carol told him that Hal had always said he was something special. Kyle asked his ring to locate Hal, and his ring told him that Hal was dead.

Carol refused to accept it, even when Kyle told her that Hal's ring had already found his replacement. She told him that she shared a heart tether with him and that it was still in tact, so he couldn't be dead.

standing up to Atrocitus

Kyle was doubtful, Carol used her power to show Kyle a vision of his future drawn from his heart. It showed that he would have to combine the light of the seven corps himself. She said he would have to, if they were going to save the man she loved.

From there, Carol recruited Atrocitus to train Kyle in how to tap the red power of rage. Kyle could tap will (green) of course, and, thanks to his experience during War of the Green lanterns, he could tap hope (blue) reliably too, but not so the others.

Atrocitus took Kyle to Alex Dewitt's grave (his dead girlfriend who'd been murdered), hoping to tap into his rage that way. It wasn't working, Kyle just felt very sad, and Carol had a hard time letting Atrocitus keep beating him. Atrocitus finally confronted Carol, but she told him that of all the lanterns in the universe, she was the one he should be most afraid of becasue love was at the root of his rage. Atrocitus was actually quelled by this, but insisted on taking Kyle elsewhere to complete his training where Carol wouldn't interfere.

speaking out for her mission to the Zamarons

When Kyle came back, he'd learned what he needed from Atrocitus, and Carol had rebuilt Alex's grave from when Atrocitus had demolished it before.

From there, they parted ways for a time. Kyle went for training with Indigo-1, and Carol returned to Zamaron to report to them what she was doing with Kyle. The Zamarons' new queen made a show of discouraging her from helping Kyle at first, ordering her to return to her own space sector as all other Star Sapphire corpswomen were recently ordered by them to do (in actuality, this was a ruse on the part of the Zamarons to gain the Guardians of the Universe's trust so that they would be in a better position to stop their plans to rid the universe of free will through their third army; the Guardians were listening, so they had to put on a show for Carol). Carol defined them, telling them that she was on a mission to save a lost love, and wasn't that what the Star Sapphire Corps was all about? The Zamarons accepted her reasons and let her go on her way (the watching Guardians thought they did so so that they could use Carol to track Kyle).

Carol vs. Larfleeze

Carol caught up with Kyle later, just as he was finishing his training with Arkillo, the last of the fear lanterns. From there, they left to go to Okaara to visit Larfleeze so Kyle could learn to wield avarice (orange). Larfleeze wouldn't help at first, but Carol convinced him, after she read his heart and saw that the thing he wanted most was to be reunited with his family. She promised to use her power to find them, if he helped Kyle, and he actually agreed.

The training was a success, but no sooner was it complete than the Third Army attacked. Sayd (who had promised to serve as Larfleeze's guardian to win his cooperation during Blackest Night) was able to hold them off though while they made their escape.

From there, they returned to Zamaron so that Kyle could learn to wield love too, the last emotional power he had yet to learn (and, for him, the most difficult one). While there, the Zamarons explained their ruse regarding the Guardians of the Universe and why they had acted as they had towards her before. They further assigned Carol the task of contacting Lady Styx, ruler of the Tenebrian Dominion, and seeking her help in the coming battle with the Guardians of the Universe and their Third Army.

returning to Zamaron to join the fray

Carol left on her mission, with Arkillo and Saint Walker as her partners. They managed to get themselves smuggled into the Dominion, but the place was pretty much nuts. Carol did manage to get a fairly brief audience with Lady Styx, but the infamous ruler turned her down and refused to help. She and her teammates were hunted by the local authorities and only just made it out by being very daring.

Carol made it back just in time to join in with Kyle and the Zamarons' battle with Ganthet, who had come to Zamaron to deal with Kyle. Ganthet was being powered by energy he and the other Guardians of the Universe were siphoning off of Volthoom the First Lantern, so he was much more powerful than one of his race usually would be (otherwise he would have stood no chance whatsoever against the forces arrayed against him). Carol and her team joined in the battle against Ganthet, but Ganthet was only finally driven off by Kyle when he finally learned to tap into the sapphire light of love, becoming a while lantern.

Wrath of the First Lantern

(In the New 52's Green Lantern: New Guardians #18-19 and Green Lantern #20-21 Apr-Aug 2013)

flying her fighter jet at the Atlantians

Carol, Kyle, Arkillo, and Saint Walker went to Oa to fight against the 3rd Amy, but instead found Volthoom (the first lantern) free. He trapped them all in alternate versions of their lives that were seemingly positive at first but all designed to end in tragedy so that he could feed on their emotions (his favorite emotion to feed on being despair).

In Carol's alternate life, she never took over her father's business, never gave up her dream to become a pilot. Her father died disappointed in her, Ferris air was bought by a company called Leviathan, and she ended up joining the air force, leading a squadron of fighter planes. Hal Jordan was one of the pilots under her command. It turned out that Leviathan (the company that also designed the defense systems on the aircraft carrier she was on) was a front for Atlantians, and they attacked. The Leviathan systems went off line and they were all but defenseless.

shaking off the hold of Volthoom's altered reality

Carol took her plane up, intending to ram it into the Atlantian command ship to disable their control over the carrier's defense systems. She intended to bail out before it hit, but (notably reminiscent of how Hal died in the world of Flashpoint, Carol's ejection system jammed). However, as she was about to die, she felt love for her unit, for the people she was fighting for, and that let her transcend Volthoom's alternate reality and access her power as a Star Sapphire. She remembered who she really was and began to use her power to fight against the Atlantians. Volthoom saw this, and, his emotional meal spoiled by Carol's triumph, and Carol attacking him with he squadron backing her up, he ended the alternate world he crated.

flying to Kyle's rescue

Carol broke free of Volthoom and sped all out across the ocean to rescue Kyle, who wasn't faring nearly so well against Volthoom's attack on him. He'd sunk into despair. Volthoom was gone by the time she got there, but Kyle was in a bad way. She helped him to his feet and talked to him to snap him out of his despair. She told him he needed to use his ring to contact the other New Guardians to warn them about Volthoom. They couldn't reach anyone except Sinestro, who was now a Green Lantern.

They teleported to where he was, the remains of Korugar, Sinestro's home-world, which Volthoom had destroyed to 'teach him a lesson'. Kyle was caught up in sensing so much death, when Sinestro attacked them, thinking Kyle was in league with Volthoom becasue he wore a white ring. Carol defended Kyle, blocking Sinestro's attack. Sinestro got though, but Carol rallied and they fought until two Green Lanterns, B'dg and Simon Baz, showed up and they finally managed to connive Sinestro that Kyle wasn't in league with their enemy.

protecting Kyle from Sinestro

Sinestro all but begged Kyle to use his power to resurrect Korugar. Kyle tried, but couldn't. Sinestro stole his ring, and Carol saved Kyle from suffocating in space until the ring, rejecting Sinestro, returned to Kyle. Carol, Kyle, Baz, and B'dg faced off against Sinestro, ready for a fight, but he left, intent of finding Volthoom and getting revenge, now that he no longer held out any hope of returning Korugar to life again.

From there, Carol, Kyle, Baz, and Saint Walker gathered and led an army of Star Sapphires, Green Lanterns, and Blue Lanterns against Volthoom. As the battle ranged, Hal came on the scene as a Black Lantern, leading an army of Black Lanterns to fight Volthoom. In the end, Hal summoned Nekron to kill Volthoom, Hal was returned to life, and he and Carol were reunited.

breaking up with Hal

Carol and Hal returned to Earth together, and Hal seemed to want to pick up where they'd left off when Sinestro had come to call at the start of the whole thing, but Carol, as it turned out, Carol just felt like she couldn't go through with it again. That she couldn't try to make it work with him again when it always seemed to go wrong again and again, and hurt her every time. She told him that she wanted to be with him, but felt she couldn't keep loving him unless it was at a distance. They broke up and went their separate ways, Carol deciding she wanted to follow her heart and become a Star Sapphire again. She told him maybe they would meet again out there among the stars.

The Quest Begins

(In the New 52's Green Lantern: New Guardians #21-23)

staying late to take care of her company

On Earth, Hal having left, Carol stayed put for a while to keep up with her duties as the owner of Ferris Air. She also helped Kyle Rayner back up his things and put them into storage in prior to his going off into space with the Guardians of the Universe (the ones who had been guarding Volthoom for so very long). Kyle left, and she went back to her company.

Some days later, the Guardians tapped into her ring and teleported her across the universe becasue Kyle needed her help again. He'd been captured by a new threat called Relic. Relic had placed him in a dream world where he was tricking him into telling him everything her knew about all seven corps. She was able to focus her power through Exeter's energy channeling apparatus and break though Relic's shield, and enter into Kyle's dreamworld. Because of the trust they'd developed between them, she was able to convince Kyle that what he was experiencing was a trick and that he had to snap out of what Relic was doing to him and fight free. It worked, and kyle was able to make his escape.

rescuing Kyle from Relic's dream world

Relic left after that though and did not attempt to recapture Kyle or retaliate against Carol, Exeter, or the Guardians. He left to attack the Blue Lantern's new home-world, Elpis, though, so she, Kyle, and the Guardians followed along behind him to try to stop him. They all tried to stop him. Carol attacked Relic head on in fact, but he was able to withstand it becasue he felt love for everything, all of creation. Carol and the others didn't give up though, and kept pressing their attack.

In the end though, they couldn't stop him. Relic murdered all the Blue Lanterns and destroyed their battery. Kyle teleported them away to Oa, where they assumed Relic would strike next.

Lights Out

(In the New 52's Green Lantern #24, Green Lantern Corps #24, and Green Lantern: New Guardians #24, Red Lanterns #24, Green Lantern Annual #2, and Green Lantern #25 Dec 2013-Jan 2014)

talking Hal down from a suicide mission

Carol and company arrive on Oa. They explain to Hal (who's been made leader of the Green Lantern Corps recently) that Relic is on his way. There's not much time to talk about it though before he shows up. They try to reason with him, but it doesn't work, there's a battle, the Green Lantern central battery is blown up, and then so is Oa itself. They leave before it happens, and Carol tells Hal not to blame himself for what happened.

Hal wants to lead his lanterns in another battle against Relic, but Carol talks him out of it, telling him he can't win and he needs to be responsible becasue his corps is counting on him. Then The Predator, Adara, Proselyte, Ion, Ophidian, and The Entity show up and possess Kyle, who takes off for parts unknown.

sending out the heart tether to find Kyle

Carol and Hal chase after him. Carol tries to reach Kyle the same way she did before when he was trapped in a dream world by Relic, but The Predator stops her, saying that it loves her, but what their doing with Kyle is too important to stop.

They aren't able to stop the possessed Kyle and he gets away from them. From there, they go to Ysmault to recruit the Red Lanterns to their cause. They manage to convince them, but don't know where to look for Kyle or Relic. Carol reluctantly confesses that she can find Kyle. Hal understands the implication of that, that if she can do that, then... she must love him (that's part of the way it works for a Star Sapphire). He accuses her of lying to him before about why she broke up with him, that it wasn't becasue of him, it was becasue she had feelings for someone else - Kyle. Carol avoids the conversation by telling him that now isn't the time, that they have to stop Relic. It's the truth of course, so Hal lets it go for the moment and Carol lets loose a heart tether and takes them all to where Kyle is.

the Star Sapphire Corps will stand their ground

They find him and Relic at The Source Wall. There's a battle, Relic is trapped in the wall, and Kyle apparently is trapped on the other side of the wall, inside The Source itself. Carol tried to save him of course, but this time she couldn't - Relic stopped her. Carol and the others think that means he's died, sacrificed himself.

On Mogo, where the Green Lanterns have regrouped with their new power battery (that Mogo made), Hal tells his people about this plan he's got for the Green Lanterns to start policing the other Corps to get rid of their rings. He doesn't explicitly say Star Sapphires will be targeted too, but he does strongly elude to that being a distinct possibility. Carol confronts him about it and basically tells him he's being an arrogant jerk, that the Green Lanterns have messed up and done way too much harm to take the moral high ground. She tells him she's going to report to the Star Sapphire Corps what he's doing and that love will be ready to stand it's ground against him if he decides to make himself their enemy.

She leaves for Zamaron to make her report.

Yesterday's Gone

(In the New 52's Green Lantern: New Guardians #25-26)

finding out Kyle is alive after all

On Zamaron she told the Zamarons that she didn't really think Hal would follow through on the letter of his threat, at least not yet, but that they needed to be vigilant in case things with the Green Lanterns got out of hand (again). She also advocated reexamining the way the Star Sapphire Corps operated, to see if they could do better. Before she could really discuss that with them though, she got a call from the Guardians of the Universe who'd been traveling around with Kyle before his death. They told her that she needed to come meet them to 'address a matter of concern regarding lantern Rayner'.

She took off into space right away to go meet them, leaving her discussion with the Zamarons for another time. She was expecting it to be a funeral or something. When she got to the meeting place (a planet named Exuras) though, she found Kyle alive and well. She called him a jerk for not contacting her himself to tell her he was alive. They had a few words, but she ended up hugging him and telling him how happy she was he wasn't dead.

saving lives and battling invaders on Exuras

Apparently, she was the only one, besides the Guardians, whom he'd decided to tell he was alive so far. He didn't want it getting back to Hal for some reason (becasue he had 'things to figure out').

After that, she asked why they were on Exuras, and she found out that it was becasue the planet was a paradise that it's people had made into a paradise in only a few years time (before that, they were pretty much an average, not particularity remarkable planet). They even had this amazing technology in the air that protected them from harm and maintained their society. The Guardians wanted to know if this paradise world was a genuine thing, or if there was some dark secret underneath it all. If it was genuine, then they wanted to replicate the success throughout the universe so there would be no need for a Green Lantern Corps.

Carol, Kayle, and a Guardian named Zalla found out that what was going on was that the people of Exuras were manipulating their own timeline, stealing positive outcomes (or 'happy endings') from other timelines. This was obviously not what they were hoping to find - even less so, when one of those other timelines figured out what their 'neighbors' had been doing to them and chose that moment to come through the portal to attack.

confronting Kyle about his edicts to the Exuraians

Carol and Kyle fought to prevent killing, and ended up stopping the threat, but when it was over, Kyle basically threatened the people of Exuras that if they didn't clean up their act, make reparations, and then destroy their timeline manipulation devise, then he would come back and the consequences wouldn't be pleasant.

In space afterwards, Carol confronted him about it, telling him that laying down edicts like that wasn't what she'd come to expect from him. She asked him if he really thought that what he'd said was the right way to have gone about it. He told her that he couldn't think of a better solution, and flew off, ending the conversation.

Powers & Abilities (2006-present)

As Carol Ferris

in the pilot's seat

Pilot: She's wanted to be a pilot since she was a young girl and has been flying planes ever since she could get a license. She grew up around them and is just about as skilled an aviator as anyone can be.

Business Woman: She's run her family's business, Ferris Aircraft, successfully ever since her father fell sick and left the company to her. Prior to that, she helped her father run the business and learned the trade.

Leadership: She learned to be a leader running Ferris Aircraft for many years, and recently she was named queen of the Star Sapphires by a dying queen Aga'po. Since then, she's often acted as the leader of the Star Sapphire Corps.

Aviation Expertise: While not a trained engineer or designer, she grew up in the business and knows a lot about the technical aspects of aircraft design and manufacture.

As a Star Sapphire

the power of sapphire light

Flight and Space Travel: She can surround herself in an energy field and fly within a planet's atmosphere or through outer space. In space, she can generate an interstellar space warp to travel between solar systems at great speed.

Energy Blasts, Shields, and Constructs: She can fire energy beams with destructive power, generate energy shields for defense, and create energy constructs that can take the form of anything she can imagine. The power of these is proportional to her ability to tap into and believe in the love within her heart.

Sapphire Crystals: She can surround others in a prison of sapphire crystal to show them what they love most, as well as bring out the love that may be buried in their hearts.

Heart Tethers: A heart tether can bring her to someone she loves or guide her to where love is threatened out among the stars.

Teleportation: She is able to teleport herself and others on an interstellar scale, provided she can harness enough love to power it. (Example: She once teleported Hawkgirl and Hawkman from Zamaron back to Earth.)

Healing: She can use the power of love to heal even normally fatal wounds (as she did once for Queen Mera). Conceivably, she could also even bring someone back from the dead (as fer fellow Star Sapphire Corpswoman, Miri Riam, did once).

Heart Prophecies: She can use her power to look into someone's heart and show them a vision of their future.

Emotional Control: Carol, having had more experience with the power of the Star Sapphire than almost anyone save, perhaps, for the Zamarons, has a comparatively high ability to harness love's power and not be carried away or overwhelmed by it as some others may be.

Other Star Sapphire Corps Abilities: Other members of the Star Sapphire Corps have demonstrated a few other abilities, or variations on Carol's established abilities, that Carol herself hasn't yet used. In theory however, she should have the ability to do them as well.

Storyline (1959-1987)

The Secret Life of Star Sapphire!

(In Showcase #22-24 and Green Lantern #1-7, 10-13, and 15-16 Sept 1959-Oct 1962)

turning Hal down

Carol's father left her in charge of the family company, Ferris Aircraft, while he and his wife took a two year trip around the world. Prior to that, she'd been dating one of their test pilots, Hal Jordan. After, however, she decided, because she was his boss now, she should keep things professional between them and refused to date him any longer.

Around this time, Green Lantern showed up (who was, of course, secretly Hal), and since Carol wouldn't date him as himself any longer, Hal, as Green Lantern, went to a party Carol would be at and proceeded to ask her to dance. He later took her out to a balcony to be alone, where they were about to kiss, when Hal left to stop a missile.

asking Green Lantern to marry her

What followed was a halting sort of romance between Carol and Green Lantern, all the while Hal, as himself, was still trying to get Carol to like him as him and not Green Lantern. Carol still liked Hal of course, but still wouldn't date him. At one point, Carol had a dream that Hal and Green Lantern were the same person, and she confronted him about it, but he tricked her into thinking it wasn't true.

This fake love triangle went on until Carol decided to ask Green Lantern to marry her. She had a hard time pinning him down, because Carol had confided her plan to Hal (who'd told her it was a terrible idea and that she should merry him instead). When Carol proposed though, Green Lantern basically ran away.

Hal proposes

After that, Carol wasn't so fond of Green Lantern anymore and actually found herself agreeing to date Hal again, even though he was still her employee. Hal often ran off on her, claiming that he had to work (an excuse to go off and be Green Lantern), which Carol, as his boss, couldn't exactly fault, but as his girlfriend grew increasingly annoyed by.

The trouble was, in dating Hal, the positions were sort of reversed. Hal wanted to marry her, but Carol couldn't make herself want to say yes because she still had feelings for Green Lantern. (It should be noted that, though it may seem a bit odd to today's sensibilities, being so singularly focused on marriage in the way Carol and Hal were was more the norm during the late 50s to early 60s than would be usual today.)

One day, when Carol was enjoying herself piloting her airplane, Lady Carol, having been receiving piloting lessons from her boyfriend Hal, her plane was somehow mysteriously forced down to land in the desert. She hit her head in the rough landing, and when she woke moments later, she was confronted by three women in armor and skirts who called her 'your highness' and told her she was their queen. They said they were from the planet Zamaron, which meant the land of lovely women, and that they'd come to Earth to find her.

meeting the Zamarons for the first time

They explained to her that they were from a world that was tremendously scientifically advanced, populated only by women, and that everyone who lived there was immortal - all save one, their queen. They further explained that, by tradition, their queen was always mortal and always had to look the same, and that Carol looked exactly right to be a match and that they'd been looking all over the galaxy to find her.

They told her that they had to leave Earth right away so that she could be crowned Queen Star Sapphire on Zamaron. Carol protested that she couldn't leave Earth, couldn't be their queen, because she was in love with Green Lantern.

The Zamarons told her that even the lowest Zamaron was superior to any man, that men were weaklings, even Green Lantern who was a champion on her world. Carol asked how they could prove something like that, and they said that she would prove it herself. They gave her the Star Sapphire costume that their queen would wear for hunting and exploration, and gave her the Star Sapphire gem to give her some of the powers she would have if she were to become their queen.

the Zamarons' challenge

She could fly through the air, and the Zamarons told her that was just the start of what she could do. They said they'd set things up so that, when Carol went into Coast City, Green Lantern would seek her out and try to imprison her but that she must defy him. That, in that way, she would see what they said was true, that men were inferior and that her destiny lay with them.

Unable to help herself for some reason, she felt compelled to do as they asked and head into the city. When she encountered Hal as Green Lantern, she couldn't help but challenge him to a battle, telling him that she was going to break into the museum of ancient glass if he didn't stop her. She passed him by and went to the museum where she took a mirror, though, unbeknownst to Hal, it was a mirror the Zamarons had teleported into place there, so she wasn't actually even stealing anything, just pretending to.

becoming Star Sapphire for the first time

Hal shoots at her with an energy beam, Carol dodged it and fired back with an energy beam of her own, knocking him into a building and knocking him out cold. In her head though, she was trying to stop herself from doing what she was doing, but she didn't seem to be in control of her actions, it was like she was two people at once.

His ring saved him from the impact and he would later wake up to find his attacker gone. Carol's mission satisfied, she'd headed back to the desert to meet the Zamarons again. Back on their space ship, the Zamarons told her that it proved they were right, that men were inferior. Carol asked them to give Green Lantern one more chance to defeat her though, and reluctantly the Zamarons let her have her way.

Star Sapphire beats Green Lantern

As Carol left, her thoughts were telling her that she had to defeat Green Lantern, no matter what. The Zamarons sent a telepathic signal to him, telling him where she would be, and, having been showed up once, Hal was eager to have a second battle with her. He waited in ambush and trapped her in a green energy cage, but Carol simply teleported herself free. They fought a duel of energy beams and shields. It seemed they were fairly evenly matched, when Hal detected that there was a transmission being sent to her and surrounded her in an energy field that cut off the transmission. Free of the Zamarons' influence, Carols stopped fighting him and passed out.

Hal dropped the force-field, and the Zamarons teleported her back to their ship. They told her that because she lost, she wasn't worthy to be their queen after all. They took away her memory of their encounter and left. Hal found her and took her back home. He also found a Star Sapphire gem in the desert and took it to the police, not knowing what to make of it.

Star Sapphire Unmasks Green Lantern

(In Green Lantern #17, 20-26 Dec 1962-Jan 1964)

telling Hal that her father's given her the company

After her experiences with the Zamarons, Carol went about her life as if it had never happened because the Zamarons had erased her memory of those events. She invited Hal over to her place for dinner, but, after she'd made the dinner for him, he made a very bad excuse and left without eating it (so he could go off and be Green Lantern, of course).

Sometime later, there was a mysterious vanishing epidemic in the Coast City area, where in people would get pale and sick and then, poof, disappear into thin air. People were coming down with it left and right, and Carol volunteered at one of the hospitals to help take care of the sick and fading because there weren't enough healthcare workers to go around.

becoming Star Sapphire again

It turned out to be a plot by aliens, and Carol ended up being kidnapped by them too. Green Lantern, with help from the Flash, saved her and everyone else from them and got them back to Coast City. After that, she started to think that maybe she should give it another try with him, even though he'd run away after she'd proposed to him previously.

It was around this time that her parents came back from their around the world trip, and her father was so impressed by how she'd handled the company in his absence that he decided to retire and turn over ownership of Ferris Aircraft fully to her.

deciding to beat Green Lantern at his own game

She and Green Lantern started dating again - going out to dinner, having a picnic, attending a charity bazaar, etc... She remained friendly with Hal, but had given up on dating him.

At one point though, Carol felt a strong compulsion draw her to seek out the Star Sapphire gem again. She found it, and was once again transformed into Star Sapphire. The Zamarons had left it on Earth because they wanted Carol to have it as a gift, so her life would be better (by their standards, at least). Only if someone called her by her real name, Carol Ferris, would she return to herself.

Star Sapphire captures the crooks

As Star Sapphire, she set out to beat Green Lantern at his own game, catching criminals, and doing it better than he could - thinking that if she beat him, he'd have to admit defeat and marry her (the goal was her own, the way of thinking was Zamaron). There was a group of robbers called the Copter Gang, who used helicopters and subterfuge to rob banks. They'd never been caught before, and the Coast City police had asked Green Lantern for help. Carol used her Star Sapphire powers to distort Green Lantern's perception of time so he wouldn't show up in time and she'd have time to stop the Copter Gang herself before he could get there.

congratulated by Coast City's chief of police

She made short work of them, turning their bullets into snowflakes, one of the helicopters into a magic carpet, and using her mind over matter powers to capture the other two copters using other similarly inventive means. Green Lantern showed up and demanded to know what she was up to, accusing her of only stopping them to steal their loot for her own.

Carol said that wasn't it, and she'd prove it by taking the thieves into the cops with him. He went along, and, even as the chief of police was congratulating and thanking Carol for her help, Green Lantern protested that she was still wanted for the thefts she committed last time she'd appeared in Coast City. The chief explained that, upon investigation, nothing had actually been stolen, so she wasn't wanted for any crimes after all.

going off together to save Ferris Aircraft

They flew off together when news of an attack by alien creatures on Ferris Aircraft came in. Green Lantern boasted that he would take care of it himself, and that she didn't even need to come along. Carol told him that she was coming along alright, and that when he inevitably failed, she would be there to save the day, and then he'd have to marry her.

Green Lantern tried to stop the creatures (which Carol had secretly created herself using her mind over matter power and the background cosmic radiation that was always present on Earth ñ and, since they were attacking a company she herself owned, and since she was controlling them completely and would stop them before they did any harm at all, again, there was no real crime being committed). She made them so they were living a few seconds ahead in the timeline, so Green Lantern's power seemed to just slide off of them. After a few failed attempts, Green Lantern looked like he might be catching on to the ahead of time element and so might be close to figuring out how to stop them, so Carol stepped in before he could and destroyed the creatures herself, telling him that he'd lost and she'd won and he had to marry her now.

she wins her prize

He was close to agreeing, because she'd sapped his will power some, but he resisted one last time, challenging her that if she could remove his mask, only then would he marry her. She agreed, but couldn't do it because he was focusing all of his remaining will power on keeping it in place. Undaunted though, she left, but secretly followed him back to his power battery and took him unawares, unmasking him as Hal Jordan.

Hal, defeated, agreed to marry her. He said though, that it was only fair that he should remove her mask too, if they were going to get married. She let him, he saw that she was Carol, and he spoke her name in surprise, reverting her back to her normal self and causing her to faint and forget what she'd been doing as Star Sapphire.

Hal thought to himself though, that whether it was Hal and Carol, or Green Lantern and Star Sapphire, this meant that they were definitely destined to get married one day.

The Double Life of Star Sapphire

(In Green Lantern #27-29, 32, 34-39, 41, 43, 46, 48-49, and 53 Mar 1964-June 1967)

Carol continued to date Green Lantern after that, Hal Jordan firmly relegated to friend status. She got caught up in a few perilous exploits along the way. Kidnapped by The Shark (along with Tom Kalmaku and his wife Terga), attacked by a giant Green Lantern statue brought to life at a fairground, and she had some of her airplane designs stolen. All three times, Green Lantern saved the day.

battling the new Star Sapphire, Dela Pharon

When next she was drawn to take up the Star Sapphire gem again, she was attacked while a flying platform that her company had invented and she was testing out. The rails of the platform came to life and grabbed her. Green Lantern, who was at the fairgrounds too, came to her rescue. She was knocked unconscious. When she woke later that night, the Star Sapphire part of her recognized that she was under threat and she drove to Ferris Air and found her Star Sapphire Gem, using it to again become Star Sapphire.

She tracked down the enemy who attacked her and found it was a woman named Dela Pharon from the planet Xanador, whom the Zamarons had found and made their Star Sapphire queen after Carol had turned down the position becasue of her love for Hal. She and Dela looked incidental, as the Zamarons only chose women to be their queen who looked like Carol did. She and Dela batted and carol lost.

memories altered to think she's Dela

Dela was jealous of how some of the Zamarons regarded Carol so highly, so she tricked Green Lantern and the Zamarons into thinking she was Carol, sending carol to Xanador and giving her her own memories so Carol would think she was Dela.

Hal saw through the deception and rescued Carol, and got Dela to return Carol's mind to the way it was and promise to leave her alone from then on. He took Carol back to Earth where she again didn't remember anything from her time as Star Sapphire.

Carol received a package from an anonymous source containing proof that Hal was Green Lantern along with detailed information such as names, dates, where his power battery was, how his ring worked, pretty much everything. Her friend, Iris West, also received a similar package regarding her boyfriend Barry Allen and how he was actually The Flash. They both confronted their romantic interests about it and Hal and Barry had to cop to it. Carol and Iris got together to compare notes and they set up a double date with Hal and Berry, where their boyfriends were squirming a little but were also generally good sports about the whole thing. The one behind it was a criminal called Major Disaster who set the whole thing up as a trap. There was a battle, and everyone in the city lost some memory, and Hal and Barry used the opportunity to not restore their girlfriends' memories of their secret identities.

the start of a (very) bad date with Green Lantern

Carol continued to date Green Lantern, though she went to the company dance with Hal (but only as friends). Some time later, Carol went to the premiere of a movie called "The Magnificent Girl In The Flying Machine". Green Lantern was also attending. The movie was about Carol's grandmother, actually, and she was looking forward to spending time with her date, so she was very happy about the whole thing. The woman playing her grandmother's character in the film was named Zu Zu Lamar, and Zu Zu started coming on to Green Lantern, and she wasn't being subtle about it at all. Carol thought that there was no way her date would take the actress up on it, but he started flirting with her back. That was bad enough, but when he asked Zu Zu to dance instead of Carol when Carol was sitting right there with him, that was just too much.

telling Hal about Jason

Carol dumped Green Lantern. It's worth noting that Hal danced with Zu Zu thinking that if he got Carol mad at his alter ego, then she'd want to go out with him as Hal, his regular self, again. Carol didn't go back to Hal though. By that point, she'd had enough of both of them (or rather both of him).

Some time later, she met a handsome man named Jason Belmore, and, after a whirlwind courtship, agreed to marry him. She told Hal about it and said she wanted to remain friends. Hal was clearly floored by the news, but none the less wished her well with Jason.

Hal left his job at Ferris Aircraft though, and left Coast City becasue he couldn't stand to stay. When Carol asked Hal's friend, Tom Kalmaku (one of the mechanics she employs), about it, he told her that Hal was in the northwest and that he'd taken a job as an insurance investigator of all things. Carol was sad, and also a little incredulous at the odd change of jobs. From test pilot to insurance investigator? She told Tom that she hoped he found happiness though.

From Space Ye Came, and To Space Ye Shall Return

(In Green Lantern #69, 73-74 June 1969-Jan 1970)

Since agreeing to marry Jason, Carol had postponed the wedding date twice so far and was slowly coming to the obvious conclusion that maybe her heart was conflicted about it. She realized she wanted to see Green Lantern one more time before she took the plunge, to see if there was anything still there between them, so she traveled to where he'd been operating lately: Evergreen City in Washington State (in his recent wonderings around the country, Hal had lately moved there and taken up a job as a toy salesman, and naturally his Green Lantern persona had followed along).

reunited with Green Lantern in Evergreen City

When she got to Evergreen City, she heard that Green Lantern had just captured some thieves, so she called the police station, hoping to catch him there. She got lucky and was able to reach him. She asked him to meet her, and he named the park across the street from police headquarters as a meeting place. Carol agreed and took a cab over to meet him.

She told him that she'd canceled her wedding to Jason twice, but was going to be married tomorrow morning. She said she just wanted to say goodbye to him, and asked him if there was anything he wanted to say to her. Hal, still hung up over the fact that Carol liked him better as Green Lantern than as Hal Jordan (conveniently forgetting that he had no one to blame for that state of affairs but himself because he'd ruined every chance Carol ever gave him as Hal, mostly so he could go off and be Green Lantern, though Carol, of course, couldn't have known that was why he'd acted like that), told her that he was happy for her, that her husband to be was a lucky man, and that he'd always be utterly devoted to her. Carol told him to stop and ran away back to her waiting cab, Green Lantern not following after her.

being swept off her feet at Santa Clara beach

Carol didn't end up going through with the wedding though, she called it off and broke up with Jason.

A while later, Green Lantern returned to Coast City and Carol crossed paths with him on the beach of Santa Clara where he'd just stopped an oil spill and was being congratulated by the city's new mayor. The mayor, ignorant of the extent of their past together, introduced them. His attention was right on her, he wasn't even paying attention to what the mayor was saying anymore. They shook hands, and he swept her up in his arms and carried her away from the mayor and the crowd that had gathered around him to congratulate him on his success and his return to the city.

trying to figure out what the man in her life is thinking

He carried her off to a secluded part of the beach where they walked together on the sand and talked. She told him that she knew he would return one day, and that she still had feelings for him. That she hadn't gone through with the wedding, and that she'd realized she'd just been using Jason to try to get over him, but that it hadn't worked. He started to say something back, but then they just ended up kissing. He flew off though, without explanation, leaving Carol to wonder yet again what was going on in his head. It seemed to her that they were getting closer but also getting farther apart. She just couldn't seem to figure him out.

She went home from the beach and found her star sapphire gem their waiting for her in a jewelry case. She opened it and picked it up, and, as soon as she did of course, she became Star Sapphire again.

She used her power to first recreate the oil spill, but this time make it nearly impossible for Green Lantern to contain it. He managed it in the end though, just barely. Next she generated a haunting at the hotel where Hal was staying (as Star Sapphire, of course, she knew perfectly well that Hal and Green Lantern were one and the same). When Hal was helpless before the apparitions she'd made, she dissolved them into mist. She was going to do something else to weaken his will next, but he sensed where she was hiding behind a nearby curtain and pulled it back, seeing her.

Star Sapphire never gives up

He was surprised, and tongue-tied. She told him that she'd been doing what she'd been doing to weaken his resistance and force him into becoming her royal consort, but that since he'd discovered her, she'd have to take a more direct approach. She attacked with a power beam, and he defended with a shield.

This time though, instead of trying to battle her directly as he had in the past (battles which Carol would always win), he attacked her mind this time and focused all of his will power on getting her to revert back to her regular self as Carol Ferris. It was working, but, unwilling to lose their contest completely, Carol struck back at him in the same way, transporting him to outer space and robbing him of his memory of ever being Green Lantern (his ring would automatically keep him alive, so it wasn't a death sentence, just a way to prove to him that he couldn't beat her).

She went back to being just Carol again, with no memory of what she'd done as Star Sapphire.

Later that evening, Carol took a walk on the beach to clear her head, when Green Lantern flew down to meet her (having recovered from what she'd done to him before). She ran over to greet him, but, as she did, she found herself transforming into Star Sapphire again, even without having her gem this time.

That's when Sinestro showed up and tossed her her gem so she'd have all her powers. She didn't know what was going on, but decided to take the opportunity to use this new adversary of Hal's to weaken him as she'd planned to do before. She fought him alongside Sinestro and they defeated him. He was helpless and Sinestro was going to kill him, but Carol stopped him and told him that Hal was hers, destined to marry her and become her royal consort.

a duel with Sinestro

Sinestro ignored her warning, and tried to kill Hal yet again. They fought, and it was looking like they were fairly evenly matched. While they battled, Hal crawled away to recharge his ring. They were still battling when he returned. Hal attacked her while she was focused on Sinestro, and Sinestro used the opening to attack her as well. She fell to the beach, transforming back into her regular self again.

Sinestro revealed that he had given Carol her star sapphire gem this time to get her help in defeating Hal. It hadn't worked out like he'd planned though, so he made his escape to plan a different attack on him another day.

In the aftermath, Hal helped Carol to her feet and told her in no uncertain terms that she was Star Sapphire and that she was guilty of trying to hurt him several times (though the part about her hurting him was only partly accurate). She couldn't believe it was true and ran away crying. Green Lantern, again, didn't chase after her.

...And Through Him Save A World...

(In Green Lantern/Green Arrow #83-84 and 89 May 1971-May 1972)

asking for Green Lantern's help

While walking in Coast City one day, a, as it turned out very horrible, man named Grandy bumped into her. He told her to watch where she was going, and when she told him he'd been the one to bump into her and then walked away, Grandy told the little girl he was walking with, Sybil, to do something bad to her. Sybil was powerful in some way (magic or a meta ability of some sort, it was never said which), and she did, crippling her so she couldn't walk.

Hal reveals his secret at last

Following that, Carol stayed with her still fiance, Jason Belmore, at Meadowhill School, a private school for children of which he was the headmaster. Grandy was also the cook there, and Sybil one of the students. Though Carol did not know Sybil and Grandy were the cause of her paralysis. She saw several doctors, and all of them were baffled about the cause of her condition, and had no answers for her on how it might be cured. During that time, however, she did start to notice that Jason was starting to act strangely, as if he were increasingly more frightened of something, though he would not tell her of what.

A month later, Dinah Lance (who was secretly Black Canary), in search of a new direction in her life, applied for a teaching position at Meadowhill School. Hal Jordan and Dinah's boyfriend, Oliver Queen, accompanied her to her interview. On the way in, the three were attacked by a flock of birds and Hal used his power ring to switch himself and Oliver into their Green Lantern and Green Arrow personas.

the hope for a cure

When Carol saw Green Lantern again, she asked for his help, saying she was scared for what was happening with Jason and at the school. He was, of course, shocked and saddened to see her in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down.

They went away to talk and were again attacked. They returned to the school and Green Lantern and Green Arrow went to investigate. They went in and a short time later, the school exploded, was destroyed. Everyone but Sybil and Grandy (who were killed) had gotten out safely though. Sybil had finally had enough and didn't want to hurt people for Grandy anymore and had caused the explosion. That meant though, that, without Sybil, there was no way to reverse Carol's paralysis.

In the aftermath, Carol and Green Lantern talked and he finally broke down and confessed that he was Hal Jordon and that he'd been a fool to be so hung up on being jealous of his own alter ego. He took off his mask and they reconciled, Hal sweeping her up in his arms and kissing her, his mask forgotten on the ground.

with Green Lantern at Ferris Aircraft

For three weeks after that, everything was a blissful and they rekindled their old romance. They went on dates, going horseback riding, swimming, and etc... That is, until one day, Carol got wind of a doctor who had a radical new treatment that might cure her. Hal offered to go with her to the appointment, but Carol wanted to do this on her own.

It turned out that it was only a plot by Black Hand to get at Green Lantern though. She was held prisoner until Green lantern came and they, with help from Oliver, made their escape and turned the tables on Black Hand, capturing him and putting a stop to his plans.

Hal and Carol continued to see each other after that, until one day, she and Hal were at Ferris Aircraft and she was telling him that her company had a lot riding on a new jet fuel they were developing. There were environmental concerns, and Hal asked her about it, but Carol told him that, if it turned out the concerns were warranted, then she would just deal with them when and if they arose. He seemed agreeable, but then there was a sabotage and Hal had to save her and one of her workers lives from the falling infrastructure.

Hal destroys her plane and leaves

Hal pledged to get to the bottom of it, and investigated a man named Isaac who had been making threats. Hal went to confront him, and Isaac was responsible, but his words also got to Hal, and, when Isaac died, he became frustrated and guilty and, with very little in the way of explanation and giving Carol no opportunity to talk it over with him, he lashed out with his ring, destroying one of Carol's aircraft, and costing her nine million dollars. For which he simply told her to bill him (an obviously sarcastic statement, seeing as how he was jobless and all but broke at the time). He then left. Carol was flatly incredulous at what he had done.


Between the events of Green Lantern/Green Arrow #89 and Superman #261, Carol somehow was cured of her paralysis and regained the use of her legs. It was never said how that happened, and it was never mentioned again. One could guess that one of three things happened: she found a medical cure, the effects of what Sybil did to her simply wore off over time, or either her Star Sapphire persona or the Zamarons may have affected a cure.

Slave of the Star Sapphire

(In Superman #261 Feb 1973)

Superman has murdered Green Lantern?

While visiting Metropolis, flying in a helicopter, Carol witnessed a battle at the Green Lantern Bar between Superman and a man in a suicide vest containing nitroglycerine. For some reason, possibly because she was still so troubled over Hal/Green Lantern's having destroyed her airplane, costing her that 9 million dollars, and having stormed off without any explanation (breaking things off between them in truly spectacular fashion), the part of her subconscious mind that held her Star Sapphire persona made the association between the Green Lantern Bar and Green Lantern himself, causing her to hallucinate that the bomber, who looked at least generally like Hal, was Hal, and that Superman had killed him. The Star Sapphire part of her took over and swore vengeance on Superman for murdering the man she loved.

Her Star Sapphire gem, formerly kept in a museum in Coast City, was coincidentally on loan to a museum in Metropolis. And, more coincidentally yet, had accidentally made it's way into the possession of Lois Lane (star reporter of the Daily Planet and Superman's long-time love-interest). Carol/Star Sapphire tracked the gem mentally to the Daily Planet building and, once she was close enough, called it to her mentally. Clark Kent confronted her and she blasted him away, not knowing he was actually Superman in disguise. It turned Clark into a ballistic projectile that snapped an elevator cable. Clark was able to use his powers to save the people in the elevator. Meanwhile, outside, Star Sapphire was making a spectacle of herself, hoping to draw Superman out to face her.

Star Sapphire easily defeats Superman

Superman did indeed show up, and turned out to be no match for her. She knocked him down with her power beams and fastened her star sapphire gem around his neck with a necklace. That done, she was able to use the gem to control his mind and make him bow down before her to kiss her boot. Then, in the first truly amoral and villainous act she'd ever done as Star Sapphire, she commanded Superman to kill a building full of people so that everyone would see him for the monster she saw him to be. [note: This take on Star Sapphire's character is wildly different than anything portrayed about her in the past, though it could be explained away by the recent traumas in her past. She was crippled, put in a wheel chair, made to feel helpless, then the man she loved had a literally explosive bout of temper and left her without any real explanation. She had also, not that long ago, learned the truth about herself even having Star Sapphire as an alter-ego, the effects of that revelation unknown but potentially damaging to her mind if she tried actively to bury, suppress, or fight against that part of herself. The Zamarons, presumably, might not have foreseen or accounted for that when they implanted the Star Sapphire persona within her.]

Green Lantern alive after all

It was only Lois Lane who was able to stop her from making such a terrible mistake. Lois dressed up as Star Sapphire (she'd had the costume on loan from the museum at the time) and confused Superman into flipping over in the air so the necklace would drop off. [note: How Lois was able to do this wasn't explained, nor why Carol/Star Sapphire couldn't simply command the gem to stay where it was mentally when she'd only moments before done something just like that in summoning it to her in the first place. One could, however, presume surprise on the part of Carol and some programming glitch in the gem itself, keyed to the specific physical appearance of it's mistress, as the explanations for why Lois's unlikely ruse actually worked. As for why Lois had the Star Sapphire outfit, the explanation was that she'd been given it by the museum curator for research purposes on a story she was doing about the gem, though, obviously, that explanation is either more than a bit thin or more than a bit kinky.]

With Superman free, Star Sapphire teleported herself away and swore to return and carry out her vengeance another day. Later, however, as her normal self, Carol saw a newspaper headline about Green Lantern, which was undeniable evidence of Green Lantern being alive, so the Star Sapphire part of her felt relief and so abandoned her desire for vengeance against Superman.

Proof of the Peril!

(In The Flash #235 and Green Lantern/Green Arrow #93-94, 96-97, 99, 104-106 Mar 1973-July 1978)

together again

Several months after their last (and most explosive) break-up, Carol and Hal got back together (it was never said how). Hal had left Coast City again, but he and Carol were now dating again and he was considering moving back. At this point she and Iris Allen were kidnapped by Vandal Savage in order to get at Hal and The Flash (Barry Allen). Hal and Barry were able to defeat Savage and free them though.

the dinner party that ended badly

A time later, Carol is seen hosting a dinner party at her mansion, with Dinah Lance, Hal, Itty, Oliver Queen, and Tom Kalmaku as her guests (Tom's wife and children were in Alaska visiting relatives at the time, and so were not in attendance). After dinner, Oliver dressed up in his Green Arrow outfit and put on an archery show for the rest of the guests. It was at this point that armed men barged in and tried to abduct Oliver. Carol and the others tried to stop them, but they flashed badges and said they were from the government. Hal didn't buy it though and tried to rescue his friend. He'd about done it when he fell deathly ill, and the thugs used the opportunity to get away. John Stewart was called to get Hal some help, while Oliver and Dinah, as Green Arrow and Black Canary, left to get to the bottom of the supposed government agents that had crashed the party. Carol and Tom were left to their own devices to worry over their friends.

Later, Hal, Dinah, and Oliver returned from their various ordeals, and Dinah and Oliver were just leaving to give Carol and Hal some time together, when one of Hal's fellow Green Lanterns, Katma Tui of Krugarr, fell injured from the sky onto Carol's lawn, her attacker in pursuit.

nursing Katma Tui back to health

Dinah, Oliver, and Hal repelled the attacker, who turned out to be another Green Lantern actually, and then they heard Katma's warning of danger on Oa.

Dinah and Oliver took Katma into Carol's home and lay her in bed where Carol, Dinah, and Oliver looked after her while Hal and Itty went off into space to find some answers. In time, Katma woke and told them that Hal was flying into a trap, that the Guardians of the Universe and most of her and Hal's fellow Green Lanterns were being controlled by some evil force and that if Hal was going to Oa to meet them, he was in deadly danger.

Carol called a doctor over to examine Katma, and they (Carol, Dinah, Oliver, and the doctor Carol had called, with Dinah and Oliver dressed as Black Canary and Green Arrow) were on their way to take her to a hospital when a band of terrorists attacked, intent on kidnapping Carol in a bid to steal her money to use to fund their terrorist plots. Dinah and Oliver defeated them, but, in the melee, Katma regained consciousness and slipped away.

Dinah gets some 'football' practice

Later, Hal and Itty returned and subsequently left again with Oliver and Katma in tow, leaving Dinah to stay with Carol at her place to wait for their return.

While they waited, Dinah (still dressed as Black Canary) was doing her daily exercises in the driveway, when a trucker named Mac Bilanzo showed up to deliver a big rig to Carol. Mac saw Dinah and blustered up to her, saying he'd heard she was supposed to be as tough as a man but that he didn't believe it. He picked her up in the air by her waist and claimed he could toss her like a football if he wanted. Dinah proceeded to toss him instead. Carol had seen the whole thing and came out to claim the delivery. When Dinah asked her why she'd ordered a big rig truck in the first place, she told her that she'd done it for Hal. Given him enough for a down payment, because he was planning on being a trucker (another in his long line of jobs he'd been trying out).

comforting Hal when Itty dies

Hal, Itty, and Oliver came back, Dinah and Oliver left to go back to their lives, and Hal and Itty left too, to go on the road in his new venture as a big rig driver.

Some time later, Hal came back when his friend Itty was dying. Carol sat with him while it happened and went to the funeral with him. There was another menace for Green Lantern and Green Arrow to fight, and that helped Hal get his spirits back up some. Later, Carol, Dinah, Hal, and Oliver got together at her place to spend the evening together.

Hal left a day or two later to go get back to his trucking job, but no sooner had he gone than a creature made of something that looked like glowing rocks or earth attacked Carol's home, causing a good deal of damage and pinning her legs under the wreckage. Carol used the radio that Hal had given her, mercifully near by, to call him to come and help her. Hal was able to shore up the damage and get Carol out from under the wreckage she'd been trapped under, but the strange creature got away in the process.

Hal took some of the powdered concrete that the creature had left behind and went off to give it to his friend Ray Palmer (The Atom) to analyze so he could hopefully figure out what was going on. While Hal was gone, Oliver called and told her that yet another menace, this time a familiar one from Hal's past, was making trouble, so, as soon as Hal returned, Carol gave him the message and he was off again.

Hal ended up finding out that the creature was, in fact, Itty, who hadn't died, but had just metamorphosed. Carol got a call from Air Wave (a young hero whom Hal and Oliver had been mentoring recently), so when Hal came back, Carol had to send him off once again (it was getting to be a pattern).

The Third Identity of Replikon!

(In Green Lantern/Green Arrow #108-109 Sept-Oct 1978)

Green Lantern saves the probe

Carol and Hal next met when Hal stopped an unmanned space probe that Ferris Aircraft had designed and built for NASA from crashing down to Earth and instead brought it in for a soft landing at the air force base from which it had originated, turning to leave once the task was done. Carol was on hand along with a Mr. Brophy from NASA who promptly accused Carol and her company of providing NASA with defective merchandise.

going on the road with Hal

Carol was quick to point out though that they didn't know what had caused the accident and that it was premature to start passing around blame before they investigated. Brophy left her with a warning that another foul-up by her company would cost them all their future government contracts. Privately Carol thought to herself that, for such an attractive man, Brophy really was a twit.

Carol contracted Hal in his civilian identity to truck the space probe to Star City where there was a facility that she could use to have the probe analyzed to find out what had gone wrong with it. It was all loaded into Hal's truck, and they were just about to get going, when they saw the truck moving like there was something inside of it. To be safe, Hal switched into Green Lantern mode, and no sooner had he done so and charged his ring than a mysterious alien man with bat-like wings came bursting out of the truck.

dinner with Andre

Hal battled him but was beaten easily. Luckily though, the man turned into a cloud of mist and left, leaving Carol unharmed and Hal only dazed. From there, Carol and Hal went on with their original plan, Hal taking the probe to Star City with Carol riding along with him.

In Star City, the alien man appeared to Dinah and Oliver (dressed as Black Canary and Green Arrow) and identified himself as Replikon, then proceeded to attack them without explanation. Hal showed up and the three of them together managed to drive Replikon, who never spoke another word beyond identifying himself, off, though just barely. He seriously put them through the ringer in the process though. Later, Hal, feeling down it the dumps over his failures against Replikon, went to meat Carol at her hotel.

a pleasant day about town

Carol, meanwhile, had met a man named Andre who had the room across from hers. He'd invited her to have dinner with him and Carol, charmed by him, had accepted. They were having a great time when Hal came, initially putting on a show of being cheerful. Carol invited Hal to join them, but Hal, immediately jealous, turned glum, and turned around and said he had to go.

Carol didn't go after him though, because she and Hal's on-again, off-again relationship was in an off-again stage, meaning they'd broken up again. When and why that happened was never said, though they had obviously remained friends and, as Hal seemed to be jealous and wanting to be back together with her, one could assume that the break-up this time had either been mutual or it had been Carol's decision (one could guess the reason for it could have been that Hal was just not around much anymore, going off to be a trucker in addition to how much of his time his Green Lantern 'job' took up). In any case, Carol was more and more finding Andre to be charming and foreign and mysterious. She stayed and finished her dinner with him. She only ended the night with a handshake though.

the bitter truth revealed

She did agree to meet him for a date the next day however. They met up at the local library and played at tourist together. They ran into Hal, and Carol was surprised he was still in town, but again invited him to come along with them. Hal explained that his truck had transmission trouble and was in for repairs, but again turned down her invitation out of jealousy.

At their hotel hours later, Carol invited Andre to join her for a late dinner, but he declined the invitation, saying that he had business he had to attend to. That business was at a nearby industrial site where they were storing a number of chemicals, and Carol would soon come to find that out when Hal, as Green Lantern, came to her and told her that Andre was, in fact, Replikon, and that he, Oliver, and Dinah needed her to help lead him into a trap because he hadn't yet been able to beat him in battle any other way.

the trap is set

Carol defended Andre, saying he was gentle and sweet, and, she would admit, she was also finding herself very attracted to him. Hal argued with her, again still jealous, and told her that Replikon was a menace and he needed to be stopped. Carol reluctantly agreed, though she wasn't very happy about it, or happy about how Hal was acting towards her.

So Carol did as she was asked and led Andre to an abandoned area of town where Hal, Dinah, and Oliver were waiting in ambush. As Andre went off to fall into the trap though, Carol couldn't help but crying a few tears at what she had to do.

a troubled parting of ways

It turned out that Andre, Replikon, or, actually his true name turned out to be Xum, had been attempting to change Earth's atmosphere so he could revive his dead civilization on Earth. It would have killed every human being on the planet if he'd succeeded, and Hal told her that in the end, but Carol felt he was too heartless to her in the telling. He had just been using her, that was apparent, but that didn't mean that her feelings for him hadn't been real, or that what she'd had to do and how it had turned out hadn't hurt her. She told Hal that he was a hero, and a good one, but that she was just an ordinary woman and she needed an ordinary life. She agreed that he was being rational, but told him that she despised him for it. She also told him goodbye and left.

Note #1: What had caused the probe to 'malfunction' in the first place was Replikon getting inside it and directing it back to Earth. Presumably Carol would have found that out at some point during or after this whole ordeal, though it was never mentioned when/if she did.

Note #2: In Green Lantern/Green Arrow #110, when Hal and Oliver were commiserating over his and Carol's breakup and Dinah overheard what Oliver said about Carol, Dinah took Carol's side and it actually caused Dinah to break up with Oliver over it too... Though, truthfully, Dinah and Oliver breaking up isn't exactly an uncommon thing.

The Fantastic Fall of Green Lantern

(In DC Comics Presents #6 Feb 1979)

a rematch with Superman

Carol's Star Sapphire persona manifested again, and again she challenged and defeated Hal in a battle. Hal managed to get away though, dazed and hurting. Carol used her power to construct a flying platform with a throne in the center and waited over Coast City for him to return.

It wasn't Hal that returned though, but Superman with Hal's ring (Hal having gone to him for help when he'd fled). They battled and Carol won out over Superman also, much as she had the last time they'd fought. Carol took Hal's ring from him and used it to track Hal, teleporting herself to where he was, and leaving Superman in her dust.

Finding Hal still groggy and out of it, she easily kidnapped him away in a spaceship she used her mind-over-matter powers to make. While, as Carol, she was on the outs with Hal at this point, as Star Sapphire, Carol still loved him and was still intent on making him her royal consort and going back to Zamaron with him to claim her place as queen.

kidnapping Hal in her spaceship

Superman, however, had somehow found a way to track her and he intercepted Carol's ship not long after it had left Earth. Carol exited the ship to battle Superman again, saying that he had been a fool to try to stop her and that, once she'd beaten him again, she'd give him to one of her Zamaron handmaidens as a slave.

She formed a giant comet of energy and solid matter and sent it barreling at Superman, but, it turned out, she was a little too over-confident this time from her last two easy wins over him, and Superman surprised her, smashing the comet into pieces and throwing those peaces back at her at super-speeds. Her energy shield protected her from mortal harm, but all those impacts overwhelmed her and she was knocked out.

waking up back on Earth

She woke up back on Earth. Superman tried to take her sapphire gem away then, but she blasted him with it before he could and knocked him out. Hal came to by this point, and battled her, but she was clearly winning again. Hal used his ring to wake up Superman though, and he used super-breath to blast her with wind, distracting her enough for Hal's power-beam to get through her defenses.

They took her gem away then, she reverted back to her regular self, and Hal took her back home to Coast City.

The Attack of the Star Sapphire

(In Green Lantern #121, 124-126, 128-134, 136, 138-141, 143-151, 157 Oct 1979-Oct 1982)

Old Friends, New Foes

(In Green Lantern #172-180 Jan-Sept 1984)

Take This Job And Shove It

(In Green Lantern #181-190 Oct 1984-July 1985)

First Star I See Tonight

(In Green Lantern #191-193, 199-201 Aug 1985-June 1986)

Powers & Abilities (1959-1987)

As Carol Ferris

piloting her airplane

Business Woman: She was first the acting head of Ferris Aircraft, then later it's outright owner. She ran the business so expertly, that her father was very confident in her abilities. Even though he'd at first been disappointed that she wasn't a son, he came to realize that she was every bit as capable of running the business as the son he'd imagined having.

Aviation Expertise: While she is not a trained engineer, she has long participated in and has a keen understanding of the design and construction of aircraft.

Pilot: She was trained as a pilot by her boyfriend, test pilot Hal Jordon. She has a plane that she owns privately for her own use, it's named Lady Carol.

Administrative Work: Growing up, she helped her father with his administrative duties at Ferris s Aircraft, taking on more and more responsibility as the years went by.

Event Coordination: She's organized a number of community events, many of them for charity.

Surfing: She knows how and does so recreationally from time to time.

As Star Sapphire

using teleportation

Mind Over Matter: With this ability, she can transform one thing into another, create life forms, and compel inanimate objects to act as she directs.

Time Manipulation: She can slow down or speed up objects and people in time. Make a person experience time at a slower or faster rate, or make a person or object exist seconds ahead of time while appearing to an observer to be in the here and now (thus making that person or object impervious to many forms of attack).

Flight: She can fly.

Energy Beams and Shields: She can generate powerful blasts of white energy, strong enough to knock even Green Lantern out of the sky.

Teleportation: She can teleport herself and objects. The range of this ability is unknown.

Energy Manipulation: She was able to influence Green lantern's power battery to do her bidding.

Mind Manipulation: She is able to influence subconscious thought to a degree. And, if someone else has possession of her star sapphire gem at the time, she can use it to take complete control of their mind.

Strategic Thinking: The Star Sapphire gem the Zamarons gave her let her maintain her own basic motivations in many respects, while changing her thought process to be more Zamaron in nature. Making her more of a tactical thinker, and more forceful and driven to achieve her goals.

Storyline (1987-2005)

Emerald Dawn

(in Emerald Dawn #1-2, 4, 6 and Emerald Dawn II #1, 6 Oct 1989-Spet 1991)

A post-Crisis on Infinite Earths revamping of Carol and Hal's origin story.

Carol dealing with troubled test-pilot Hal Jordan

Traitor's Revenge

(In Legends of the DC Universe #28-#29 May-June 2000)

The Meaning of Fear

(in Action Comics #601-606 May-June 1988)

Star Sapphire vs. Green lantern

Eclipso: The Darkness Within

(In Green Lantern Annual #1, Adventures of Superman Annual #4, and Eclipso: The Darkness Within #2 Jan 1992)

Lover's Reunion

(In Green Lantern #21-24 Feb-May 1992)

Predators and Prey

(In Green Lantern #26-45 June 1992-Sept 1993)

Hal's family wants kids, on top of everything else...

Reign of the Supermen

(in Green Lantern #46-47 Oct-Nov 1993)

Carol returns home to find Coast City destroyed

Underworld Unleashed

(in Extreme Justice #10-11 Nov-Dec 1995)

Final Night

(in Parallax: Emerald Night and Green Lantern #81 Nov-Dec 1996)

Carol talking with Hal as Final Night falls over Earth

When the Final Night falls, and Earth's son almost gone, having been nearly completely consumed by the Sun Eater, Kyle Rayner seeks out Hal Jordan/Parallax for help, believing his power might just be the only thing that can save Earth. Hal returns with him to Earth, but is fearful that he can't do what's asked of him.

He goes to see Carol and tells her his fears, offering to take her away from Earth, save her life if no one else's, so that they could be together like she always wanted. Carol flatly turns him down. Saying that it's never been about that with them. It's always been about what's right, about helping people. She tells him that, no matter what he's done as Parallax, she still believes in him. Still believes he's a good person at heart.

They kiss one last time and Hal goes off, successfully reigniting the son, and giving his life in the process.

In the aftermath, she attends his funeral and gives a eulogy. Saying that their relationship had had it's ups and downs, and they'd broken up several times, but that in the end, she felt that Hal was true to her. That in the end, Hal had been true to everyone. She said hat she'd always love him, and that it it was up to those he'd left behind to pick up the peaces and carry on without him.

Emerald Knights

(In Green Lantern #102 Aug 1998)

The Hal Jordan from years ago, back when he'd just gotten his ring, time travels to the present. Carol and Tom are working on a new aircraft design. Hal shows up for a reunion. Kalibak attacks.

getting the band back together

Spectre of the Past

(in Green Lantern #119 Dec 1999)

Hal, having become the Spectre after his death, comes to visit Carol at Ferris Aircraft, the company she owns. Her prospects of keeping her business afloat aren't looking too great. The company is still recovering from it's losses when Coast City was destroyed, and the new prototype aircraft she has in development that she's pinning her hopes on isn't performing as well as she'd hoped it would.

Hal appears to her, and tells her he's here to help, but that she won't remember him ever having been here. He draws out a Star Sapphire gem from her heard, and tells Carol that she's been blaming herself for what she's done as Star Sapphire in the past, but that she shouldn't anymore. That she needs to let go of her past, and let go of him, to move forward.

When he leaves, and she forgets he was there, she feels better and says to herself "You know, I think I'm going to be okay."

Redeeming The Demon

(In Legends of the DC Universe #33 and The Spectre #1-5 Oct 2000-July 2001)

saying 'hello' again

The Last Will and Testament of Hall Jordon

(In Green Lantern: Legacy #1 Jan 2002)

meeting Marty Jordan

The Resurrection of Sinestro

(In The Spectre #21-23 Nov 2002-Jan 2003)

Carol and Hal - reunited?

Green Lantern: Rebirth

(In Green Lantern: Rebirth #1-2, 4, and 6 Dec 2004-May 2005)

Carol and Hal reunited at Ferris Air after all that time

Powers & Abilities (1987-2005)

As Carol Ferris

Business Woman


As Star Sapphire

Flight and Space Travel


Energy Blasts


Carol and John in Green Lantern annual #3

Ring of Evil (1994)

In this story, the world is plagued by Nazis, including Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner. In this world, John Stewart is the Green Lantern and Carol is his lover. Hal gets a yellow fear ring, but John wins in the end, the Nazi's are toppled, and he and Carol get their happily ever after ending.

Star Sapphire, Black Orchid, and Power Girl as a team in Justice League: Another Nail

Justice League: The Nail (1998)

Carol made an appearance in JLA: The Nail. On her way to visit Zamaron, she encountered a seemingly impenetrable energy barrier surrounding Earth. She sent out a phoney distress call to attract Hal Jordon's attention and when he answered it, she let him know about the energy barrier. He described her as a petty criminal, which would probably mean thief. Carol subsequently left to go to the south of France to wait out the crisis.

Green Lantern: Evil's Might (2002)

In turn of the century New York City, Carol is part of the movement to give women the vote.

Justice League: Another Nail (2004)

as Star Sapphire in Ame-Comi Girls

In Another Nail, Carol, along with Black Orchid and Power Girl, who seem to have had a past history of working together as a team, first kidnapped The Chief from the Doom Patrol, then stole an inanimate Amazo from The Metal Men. While the group had the reputation for being criminals of some sort (the specifics of that were never explained), in this case they were working with Black Canary to save a dying Oliver Queen's life by getting the Chief to implant his brain into Amazo. By the end of the Story, Carol, Orchid, and Power Girl all ended up joining the Justice League.

DC: The New Frontier (2004)

(in issues #2-6)

Ame-Comi Girls (2012)

(in Ame-Comi Girls #8-10 Oct-Nov 2012 "The Chosen" parts 2-4)

Other Media


Green Lantern: the Animated Series (2011-2013)

Carol Ferris as Star Sapphire in Green Lantern: The Animated Series (voiced by Jennifer Hale)

Carol makes a brief appearance in the pilot episode. She eventually plays a major role in "Love and War," where she is kidnapped and forcibly transformed into a Star Sapphire by the Zamarons. Delirious as a result of her teleportation from Earth, Carol goes berserk and battles Hal before being calmed down. After wishing Hal luck on his mission to stop the Red Lanterns, she is returned to her home. She reappears in the season finale, where she helps Hal regain his memories after he begins suffering from a similar form of amnesia to the one she experienced while under the thrall of the Star Sapphires. At the close of the episode, the two celebrate Hal's victory by going out for dinner.

Young Justice: Invasion (2012-2013)

Young Justice

Carol appears in "Depths," where she orchestrates the launch of a satellite meant to make contact with Mars. She gives a press conference with M'gann (disguised as her uncle J'onn) and has to deal with G. Gordon Godfrey's antagonistic questions. Kaldur'ahm leads an assault on the satellite, but is repelled by Nightwing and Artemis. Unfortunately, Black Manta destroys the satellite shortly after takeoff anyway with an explosive devise he'd had planed aboard previously. She was voiced by Kari Wahlgren.

Carol also makes an appearance in the comic book based on the series. In Young Justice #11 she is again launching a rocket, this time towards the ozone layer and again it's sabotaged, this time by Talia and her father Ra's al Ghul.

Justice League: Doom (2012)

Justice League: Doom

Star Sapphire appears as one of the lead villains of the film and a member of Vandal Savage's Legion of Doom. She is once again voiced by Olivia d'Abo, though she does not use the English accent from the Justice League animated series.

Green Lantern: First Flight (2009)

Carol in the First Flight movie

Carol plays a minor role in the film. Olivia d'Abo reprises her role from the Justice League animated series.

Justice League: The New Frontier (2008)

Justice League: The New Frontier

Carol appears as a supporting character in the film. In the closing montage scene, she is shown as Star Sapphire. She was voiced by Brooke Shields.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2008)

Carol as the queen of the Star Sapphires in Batman: The Brave and The Bold

Carol appears as the primary antagonist in the episode "Scorn of the Star Sapphires!" In the episode, a brief flashback to her origin is given, showing that she was abducted by the Zamarons and forcibly made to serve as the vessel for their queen. She is shown to have no control of her body when the Star Sapphire entity emerges, and is unaware of her transformations. Star Sapphire terrorizes Hal Jordan and Batman, and subsequently kidnaps and frames an English reporter named Georgette Taylor for her crimes in order to divert suspicion from herself.

After Batman and Hal rescue Georgette, Star Sapphire attempts to open a portal to Zamaron that will allow the planet's military to arrive on Earth in order to conquer it. While Batman battles the Zamaron soldiers, Hal pleads with Carol and eventually convinces her to return to her senses. After she does so, she expels the Star Sapphire from her body and loses all of her memories from her time as the entity's vessel. Carol was voiced by Rachel Quaintance while Star Sapphire was voiced by Vicki Lewis.

Justice League / Justice League Unlimited (2001-2006)

Carol as Star Sapphire in Justice League Unlimited

Although never specifically identified as such the character of Star Sapphire appears in numerous episodes of the animated series Justice League Unlimited, and often as the member of the Injustice League. She was voiced by Olivia d'Abo.

In the Justice League episode "Fury", she teamed up with Aresia and Tsukuri to try to kill every man on the planet with a mystical disease. She agreed becasue she seemed resentful of men; one man in particular (presumably, Hal Jordon, though it was never so stated). The plan was eventually stopped by Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl, though it went far enough that all the planet's men, including those on the Justice League, were incapacitated.

DC Super Hero Girls

Star Sapphire in DC Super Hero Girls

Amanda Waller appears in DC Super Hero Girls, which will be adapted to animation, toys and graphic novels. She is voiced by Jessica DiCicco.

Live Action Films

Man of Steel (2013)

Christina Gren plays Carol Ferris in Man of Steel

Carol Ferris is played by Christina Gren in the film, and is seen as secondary military officer throughout the pic’s military-focused scenes. She has a notable line towards the end of the film wherein she calls Henry Cavill’s Superman “kind of hot,” If you look closely at the picture below you can see the words Ferris on the left of her top.

Green Lantern (2011)

Blake Lively is Carol Ferris in Green Lantern movie

In the 2011 live-action film, Carol Ferris is played by Blake Lively. This film details the early adventures of Hal Jordan so much so that staple villains such as Hector Hammond and Sinestro are regarded as friends and allies (though Hammond is later corrupted by the power of Parallax.) As such Carol is portrayed in her pre-Star Sapphire persona. She serves as both the romantic interest for Hal as well as his moral compass, as she helps him to deal with his long standing fear over the death of his father.


Infinite Crisis (2014)

Star Sapphire from Infinite Crisis (promo art)

Universe of Origin: Prime

Alignment: Hero

Quote: “For hearts long lost and full of fright. For those alone in blackest night. Accept our ring and join our fight. Love conquers all--with violet light!” –Star Sapphire Oath

Origin Story: As President of Ferris Aircraft, Carol Ferris was a busy woman in a competitive industry. She hired Hal Jordan for his skill as an ace pilot, and though she vowed to never date employees a romance soon blossomed between them. When she learned Hal was actually Green Lantern, their relationship became even more complicated.

That complexity reached its apex when Zamarons, a tribe of immortal aliens, chose Carol as their new Star Sapphire. While love shines as one of the strongest lights, it is not without drawbacks. Each light in the emotional spectrum had manifested an entity, and for love it was the parasitic Predator.

Carol and The Predator are partners

This entity, which resided within love’s light, warped Carol's feelings for Hal into a murderous jealousy. As Green Lantern and Star Sapphire, their fights were many.

A time came when Carol fought and overcame the Predator’s influence, acquiring such control that she now acts as “keeper” for the powerful and sentient manifestation of love.

Champion Costume: Classic Star Sapphire (promo art)

Gotham Heights: Star Sapphire lacks escape skills and needs Manifest to be fully effective. Try taking her down bottom to solo farm and gain a few levels. In a solo lane she can play very aggressively with Crystal Bomb and using Violet Harvest to clear drones. When she hits level six and unlocks Manifest she becomes an invaluable asset in team fights. Using her ultimate to root multiple people, Star Sapphire can secure kills and besiege capture points.

Coast City: Star Sapphire excels in top lane. She has great lane presence with the range on her Crystal Bomb ability and high burst when combined with her Violet Harvest skill. If any enemy does get to close to Star Sapphire, use your Bonds of Love to keep them at a distance, or use your ultimate to root them in place and blast them with Crystal Bomb.

battling to defend Coast City

Star Sapphire’s range enables her to harass enemies attempting to capture Power Relays. With the Predator Manifested she’s also great at checking bushes and investigating the Doomsday Device.

Gotham Divided: Star Sapphire shines in solo mid-lane, able to easily clear drone waves without missing too many last-hits. While farming Credit and experience, harass your opponent by throwing out Crystal Bomb and leaving it behind your enemy’s drones. Try to maintain a safe distance from your enemy while doing this and you’re less likely to burn through your Will.

the power of Star Sapphire

Put cameras in both stealth pads to help you survive the early levels. If you’re jumped by the enemy while in your lane, Violet Harvest will reattach the Predator, giving you bonus move speed and helping you escape.

If hit with a surprise attack from the jungle, you can use Crystal Bomb the nearest attacking champion. Immediately follow with Bonds of Love, binding the enemy to the Predator giving you an opportunity to pull them away.

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

LEGO Batman 3

Star Sapphire is a playable character in the game, voiced by Olivia d'Abo.

Other Recognition

Carol Ferris was ranked 36th in Comics Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics list.

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