Uscripted: Ms. Marvel #50

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At least it made it to 50, that's always a respectable amount of issues

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THANK YOU G-MAN!! For reviewing Ms Marvel 50! She's my second favourite super heroine after Psylocke( of course) and iam reall really sad to see this series go. I've enjoyed many arcs like Ms Marvel vs Skrulls and Moonstone.. but this last issue left me with an "Isn't it missing something?" feeling. I didn't feel with Psylocke mini which i absolutely loved!
I LOVE Ms Marvel and i really hope she's coming back as a member of any of these new Avengers, New Avengers or Secret Avengers comics.
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@G-Man: lol the Ultimate Colossus screw up should lower the score to a 2'
Great review! bad issue, Ms. Marvel deserved a better ending the this....
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I don't know much about Ms. Marvel and never read any of her series, though now I want to pick up a trade at some point.  
But wished you talked more about the Protector feature.  Now I want to atleast thumb through it at the shop to see what he's up to after the Dark Avengers Annual.

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#6 Posted by sora_thekey (8810 posts) - - Show Bio

I love the art on the series....! 
That Ultimate Collosus screw up is horrible! 
Can't believe it!
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ohh so death is now with Ms. Marvel?
she should call deadpool so now they could make a trio ;P

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@Theansweris42: It just felt so brief.
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This is the only issue of the book i have read. I wish i would have picked it up ... I enjoyed 50.
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That protector character reminds me of laughing octopus from Metal Gear Solid 4

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I REALLY liked this issue, though I agree with all of your complaints. Just curious, would this issue have gotten a higher score if it wasn't the final issue?

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@TheHood: Mm...maybe a half star. It just didn't feel like much. Mystique going after Ms. Marvel. But then I guess if she did 'die,' that'd be something. Not sure if anyone's spoiled whether she lives or dies here.
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Horrible cover for a horrible issue....Ok it wasn't horrible. 
But i'm tired of them trolling us cap mar-vell fans. >:|
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The issue as a whole was pretty bland. I did like the cover, the homeage to The Death of Captain Mar-Vell was nice. But all in all the content left me wanting more, but knowing we won't get it. At least not right away.
The second half with Noh-Var was also lackluster. They should have spent more time on the story with Carol.

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I enjoyed the issue, but I agree that there should have been more for this to be the last issue, I still think it's funny that right when I was going to buy the series, it gets the boot -___- 
Still I have one question, is Noh-Varr's new name "The Protector" or was that just the name of the story, I was digging the whole "new Captain Marvel" thing he had going, be pretty dumb to change it.

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#16 Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon (2265 posts) - - Show Bio

first off, i highly doubt ms marvel's gonna die im betting they will kill sentry instead.
but it would be a cool twist if that shadow (who could just as easily be carol instead of bob) turns out to be ms. marvel.  then the secret avenger in control of their life would actually be sentry.  it wont happen, but it would be pretty cool if it did. 

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#17 Posted by AmazingSpiderMike (148 posts) - - Show Bio
@G-Man: Not to be picky, But in your video you said that non of the characters on the cover were in the issue. But I do recall a certain wall-crawler having lunch with Ms.Marvel in this ish.
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wasnt too happy with this issue, but the quality of Ms.Marvels series
has felt to me to be on a decline since prior to Dark Reign. this
being the final issue i was hoping for it to go out in style. didnt
feel alot happening here. i could really care less about " gone
Sentry-crazy " Skrull Captain Marvel, a character who really hasnt
been that important in Carols world, nor the bulk of the series.
Mystique is cool, but she already gets enough face time, not sure
if she needed to be taking up half of Carols spotlight in her own
final issue. the Spider-Man thing lasted way too long, and i felt like
not alot happened here. I did like Noh-Varr's story, but it wasnt
the ms.marvel issue to me, and it almost felt like they used a comic
that was going to be a digital or perhaps FCBD one to fill in the
space they didnt get to plotting for a final issue. just didnt live
up to the standards for an issue 50, nor the series itself. and
the cover...

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#19 Posted by SLF (7 posts) - - Show Bio

   So nobodys picked that the cover is a tribute to the Death of Captain Marvel OGN cover?

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#20 Posted by Gothic Storm (892 posts) - - Show Bio

Marvel should keep Ms. Marvel in the spotlight. What other female character do they have that can stand alone... Alright, besides She-Hulk that is. Elektra? I think we already went down that road a few years ago.

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#21 Posted by haydenclaireheroes (11340 posts) - - Show Bio

I am not a bif Ms. Marvel fan but I did read a couple of her issues and I read the last one and I thought that it was not good ending for her series I felt that it needed more of a closure.
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#22 Posted by vance_astro (89999 posts) - - Show Bio

Ms.Marvel hasn't been good since Dark Reign started.Brian Reed went from one of my favorite writers to just some dude.That entire Moonstone run was garbage and Ms.Marvel never shaped up after that..It just kept getting cornier.War of the Marvel's was stupid.Carol having any trouble with Norman or Moonstone is an absolute joke.I must say i'm not sad to see Ms.Marvel's comic end at this point.The comic got ruined and no effort was made to fix it.

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#23 Edited by vance_astro (89999 posts) - - Show Bio
@Gothic Storm said:

" Marvel should keep Ms. Marvel in the spotlight. What other female character do they have that can stand alone... Alright, besides She-Hulk that is. Elektra? I think we already went down that road a few years ago. "

I made a blog about this actually...there is going to be a crapload of female heroine oriented comics coming up.Elektra's comic was good but I think the problem here with She-Hulk,Ms.Marvel,and all other female characters who have had their own books is there is too much emphasis on being a sex symbol and just being a woman.Why can't they just be heroes for a change? This is why I liked the most recent of She-Hulk's comics because she for once wasn't just some big green chick doing a bunch of goofy things and whoring herself out to male heroes.She was actually a credible hero for once.She had epic fights.That's what people want from a Hulk style character.I don't read Hulk for the story.I want to see him break things and beat people up.I expect no less from She-Hulk.Ms.Marvel went down hill with first losing the spotlight in her own comics,a fake death,and then a pointless story arc in which she was split into 3 different energy forms and there were two other Ms.Marvel's.Stuff like that is ridiculous.How about a good old fashioned "I'm the hero,fighting the villain" story arc?
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@G-Man: I found it at my comic book store.  Kinda disappointed, was most definitely a filler that may not go anywhere.  Hope he gets his own series soon.  Or at least is a regular character in the Avengers or some other team.
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#25 Posted by E.I.S.A.M. (365 posts) - - Show Bio

The cover was an homage to the final issue of Captain Marvel. But wait...... did Ms. Marvel die!?!?!

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#26 Posted by sora_thekey (8810 posts) - - Show Bio
@SLF said:
"    So nobodys picked that the cover is a tribute to the Death of Captain Marvel OGN cover? "
Yeah but in the original cover none of the characters appeared o the background!
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 I don't know if this is the original cover or not but this is the one i meant. I most of the time perfer covers that make great pin-ups (like the Spider-woman covers etc) rather than the covers that try to tell you what your about to read inside the book. Plus the was another cover out there for people who hated this one so much.  Anyway I love Sana Takeda art so what ever she dose i'll support it. Can't wait to see the next book she works on.
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#28 Posted by FoxxFireArt (3641 posts) - - Show Bio

Is the Skrull thing what Mystique wanted from Norman? I know they had some secret deal.
It will be silly if they kill her off again right after she was brought back from the dead. That cover is confusing.

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#29 Posted by Yung ANcient One (5274 posts) - - Show Bio

Does Ms MArvel Really have so many haters that U have to mention them G-Man... 
*Not HAtin seriously asking*
i mean i would understand
and Sentry... they got a gang of Haters
Even Storm has a huge amount of haters
but ms MArvel Really...
besides that question... i must say
That is the Reason why I hate... Mystique... i wish she jus DIE... and stay dead for a long time... and not have any stories about her... 
WHy is she doin this.... because shes bored and shes Mystique aka a B!@#$ with no manners... and i hate the Crap... "Oh im really a nice peron... i do bad things so i can survive"...

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#30 Posted by Blindside002 (227 posts) - - Show Bio

Really sad that my favorite superhero, Ms. Marvel, and my second favorite, She-hulk, have both recently been canceled. I've been kinda disappointed with Marvel recently, and this is not helping at all, with the cancelling of the Avenger Titles I don't know where I'm going to be getting any more story about Ms Marvel at this point, I'm kinda leaning towards just reading DC and looking for issues with Ms Marvel or She-hulk in them. I do agree that the series went down after the Dark Reign part and her fake death, but I would still like to see it picked up by a new writer with a new scope on her. I liked Ms Marvel and She-hulk because it wasn't just beat up the bad guy all the time and they actually had depth to their character and in their stories. I never thought that I would actually enjoy female superheroine more than the superheroes I remember on Television as a kid. I just hope she doesn't go under the radar again for years, I want to see more of her and She-hulk. Also I agree with everything you said in the review G-man, it needed more.
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i like Ms. Marvel, i would say she's my favorite marvel heroine

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#32 Posted by WW-Fan (2873 posts) - - Show Bio

damn :/
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The cover doesn't need all the other characters, however it still looks nice on its own.

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#34 Posted by DH69 (4324 posts) - - Show Bio

dissapointed, i was loving the series and sad to see it end

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#35 Posted by Baumerjet (1 posts) - - Show Bio

Does no one get that the cover of Issue 50 is a rehashing of the graphic novel "The Death of Captain Marvel" cover?

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