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Between Hammer and Anvil!

An Aakon crew have tracked Captain Marvel to a forest in Florida where they seek revenge for The Kree’s recent attack on their scout ship. Mar-Vell blames Colonel Yon-Rogg for attempting to boost his own career by ambushing The Aakons who attack relentlessly on their flying discs. Soon Mar-Vell’s superior skills give him the upper hand but he wants to finish the fight before they are spotted so as not to jeopardise his mission on Earth. However a police car has been alerted by the noise and Mar-Vell throws a smoke grenade to make his exit as well as shield his foes from the authorities. Elsewhere at Walter Lawson’s hotel, Carol Danvers bribes clerk Jeremy Logan to get access to the doctor’s room. Danvers searches for clues to the scientist’s secrets when Cyberex, Walter Lawson’s deadly creation, breaks through the wall and takes her hostage!

Sometime later Mar-Vell, disguised as Lawson, arrives at his hotel to find detectives waiting in his now destroyed room. The detectives say Logan reported a giant metal robot broke through the wall and kidnapped a blonde woman. They ask “Lawson” what the robot was after and he jokes the clerk must have been drunk as no such creature exists. Lawson then pretends to leave for The Cape but the suspicious detectives take him in for questioning. Hours later Lawson is finally released and feels responsible for Carol Danvers’ kidnapping so flies into action as Captain Marvel. While up in the orbiting Kree starship Helion, Yon-Rogg goads Una about Mar-Vell’s affection for the Earth woman. Meanwhile in the real Walter Lawson’s lab, Cyberex tells Danvers that she is bait to lure Walter Lawson to his assassination and Carol is surprised as she assumed the android was Lawson’s own creation. Cyberex states he is unaware of his creator’s identity while Danvers hopes Captain Marvel will come to her rescue. Not far away, the Aakon crew are spotted by Yon-Rogg who purposefully gives away Mar-Vell’s location using his radio transmitter. The Aakon pick up the signal and are able to pinpoint the Captain’s whereabouts. Back at Lawson’s lab, Carol Danvers’ prayers are answered as Captain Marvel appears.

The Man of Kree rages battle against his mechanical foe who retaliates with a miniature rocket. The downed Captain Marvel tells Carol Danvers to save herself while he distracts Cyberex but she refuses to leave him to die. Mar-Vell is strangely touched by Carol’s loyalty and provokes his opponent into following him outside where he is greeted by The Aakon. Deciding he has a better chance against the robot, Mar-Vell flies towards Cyberex who ignores him and assaults the yellow skinned aliens instead. The Aakons assume Cyberex must be a weapon of the Kree and strike back, eventually overwhelming the giant. Meantime Captain Marvel hides Carol Danvers in a nearby cave and rejoins the fight. The Aakon attempt to overpower Mar-Vell with sheer numbers but he holds them off with his Uni-Beam until one of them blasts him from behind. Captain Marvel falls to the ground and the victorious Aakon are overjoyed. Their celebrations are short lived however as Cyberex has self repaired and attacks them with renewed aggression. The android destroys the already depleted crew but is then himself the victim of Captain Marvel’s U-Beam. The U-Beam is met in mid air by Cyberex’s own force blast but the superior power of the Kree weapon wins out and the metal giant explodes. The robot again begins to repair itself but this time Captain Marvel destroys its self repair units and Cyberex is completely destroyed. Carol Danvers reappears and affectionately shows her gratitude to Mar-Vell while an observing Una weeps.

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