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The Alien and The Amphibian!

Mar-Vell sits in his hotel room and feels torn between his loyalty to The Kree and the fact that he has started developing the human emotion called conscience. In his confusion and anger he smashes a table and the noise is heard by the hotel clerk who knocks on his door. Hal, who is filling in for his hospitalised uncle Jeremy, tells Mar-Vell he had a call from The Cape and they want him over immediately. Mar-Vell inquires about Jeremy Logan and Hal says he’s still in a coma. Mar-Vell is well aware if Logan awakes he may reveal him to be an alien and ruin his mission. Outside the hotel, having changed his uniform, Walter Lawson gets into a cab. The cab driver turns out to be the same man who dropped Mar-Vell off before he fought Super Skrull. At The Cape, Carol Danvers tells General Bridges she’s still suspicious of Lawson as they head towards the secret launch of a new missile.

Elsewhere, in the North Atlantic, Namor swims towards the Baxter Building in New York City to seek the help of Reed Richards in finding the villain Destiny (for events that transpired in Sub-Mariner #4). Namor muses that he may have misunderstood the human race after all. Back at The Cape, Lawson arrives just in time to be briefed about the missile launch. General Bridges tells him the missile is filled with containers holding new types of bacteria that will be released in space to study their reaction to cosmic rays. The rocket takes off successfully but immediately after reaching orbit it suddenly changes course and crashes back on Earth, landing in New York Harbor. It transpires Yon-Rogg had a secret plan, approved by his superiors, to make the rocket crash on Earth to test the humans’ capabilities of defending against germ warfare.

Bridges, Danvers and Lawson head for NYC in a jet and the General explains the rocket will jettison its cargo in 5 hours releasing the deadly bacteria into the atmosphere. The Navy are informed and a destroyer ship is sent to retrieve the vessel. However it cuts across the path of Namor who takes this as an act of aggression thinking the surface dwellers are trying to stop him. Namor is spotted by the crew and a message is sent to him warning him of the danger below. The former Prince of Atlantis wants no harm to come to NYC as he needs the help of The Fantastic Four. Meantime Walter Lawson has changed to Captain Marvel in the hope of enlisting the amphibian’s aid in destroying the bacteria. However he receives a transmission from Yon-Rogg telling him the explosion must go ahead by Orders of the Kree Supreme Intelligence. The alien dives into the water and tells Namor to leave but the mutant ignores Mar-Vell and dives further below, hoping that destroying the bacteria will prove that he wants to make peace with humans. Mar-Vell pursues him and Namor tells him he only wants to help. Nonetheless, ignoring his personal feelings, the Man of Kree follows his orders and attacks Namor.

Mar-Vell is surprised by Namor’s strength and the Atlantean is soon upon him, his blows staggering the Kree like a rag doll and sending him back with force. Mar-Vell lands near the rocket but his life giving helmet allows him to breathe underwater and not speak thus he’s unable to reason with his attacker. Namor rushes into Mar-Vell who has decided what he must do and uses the amphibian’s momentum and his own jet belt to propel both fighters towards the surface. Upon reaching the air Mar-Vell tells Namor the missile will explode shortly releasing germs into the air and killing Namor’s enemies. But Namor says he is no murderer and now wants to make peace with the air breathers. Mar-Vell knows Yon-Rogg is watching and that he must seem like he is following orders, so he heads back down to the rocket at great speed. Namor is amazed at the Kree’s speed but easily races past him and rips the rocket open. Namor finds the germ container but Mar-Vell reaches the rocket and punches him from the exact angle that makes him fall on the detonator switch. The two antiheroes escape the blast but Namor is nowhere to be seen. As he flies away, Mar-Vell thinks it’s ironic that to any observers he would seem the hero and Namor the would-be killer.

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