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"We Can Do It!" 0

Recommendation: “YES!”First, I have to say - I am really excited about this series.J. Howard Miller's "We Can Do It!" poster from 1943I love the art! The cover, the interior, all up - I love it. The cover offers a throw-back to J. Howard Miller’s “We Can Do It” poster from 1943 - which is exactly what you get once flip through the pages… an issue full of stylistic art depicting a story that is rooted in the past.Even though the story starts out in the current Earth-616 present, the theme is all ...

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Continues to be awesome. 0

I loved this series first issue and was excited for the next and it didn't disappoint.The GoodThis issue starts off with Carol trying to break Helen Cobb's record and has an interesting conversation with Tracy Burke where she expresses why she Idolises Cobb and what she did and why she has to break her record then we get to the next stage of the Story where (I'm going to say this since the preview pages were put up) she gets sent back in time and is captured by some Japanese soldier and this who...

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The Butterfly Effect 0

Dexter Soy's art really took the forefront in this issue. I love it when Carol's helmet gets "activated," you know that crap is about to go down. The whole "butterfly" thing was hilarious. Great issue.Please check my mini-review of Captain Marvel #2 here: and feedback are always welcome!...

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I went there 0

That's right, I went there, I gave issue 2 five stars. Why, Ping, why five? Because: This book is doing something that it is not getting attention for and it needs to be noticed! If you are a woman, if you are tired of the way women are portrayed in comics, then ladies this is the book you should read. Issue 1 gave us a look into the military mind of Carol, that tough, hardened mind that all military folks get with training and experience. We saw how she is not a soft little girl but a hard woma...

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Captain Marvel The Movie?! 0

Well one day when i was scrolling down on this site on the internet and i saw a picture of the Marvel crew with alot of Marvel posters and one certain poster caught my eye and it was Captain Marvel! So the post said which movie do you want them to put out? So me together with alot of people had the same comment i said captain marvel! So i really hope that they would show it but together with that poster i saw other cool ones like Black Panther and a new hulk so yeah i hope they choose a nice one...

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