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KSD brings Enemy Within to a great close

Looking back on the first 14 issues of Captain Marvel, it's now possible to see just what Kelly Sue Deconnick has been building up to, and in my opinion I give her great credit for establishing Carol in her new role, showing her to be a truly mighty hero, for assembling a supporting cast with a lot of throwbacks to Carol's early days in Ms Marvel (1977) and for making this whole story so rooted in Carol's own origins. I really like it. Yes, I'm biased because I'm a huge fan of Carol. Yes, Filipe Andrade was a questionable choice of artist when he came on, but he did ok. But I'm really happy with where the character of Captain Marvel is right now.

So here in this issue we wrap up The Enemy Within - a neat little 5 part crossover with solid art from Hepburn, Buffagni and Sandoval. In this issue, Scott Hepburn gets a chance to show us his dramatic, action art skills, but also some strong emotional moments right at the end, and Gerardo Sandoval pops up for a few pages that I really liked - I hope we see more of him. Story-wise, The Enemy Within wasn't the kind of tale full of ups and downs for the heroes. Basically from the word 'go' Carol went directly and boldly at her enemy. And the way she wins in the end really shows just what kind of hero she is. Top notch.

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