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Captain Community is a fictional character owned by Indulgent Entertainment Inc and was created by Gerard Pierce and Nicholas Gross Esq in 1999.

Early Years 1999-2001

Captain Community was part of a featured sketch on a comedy show that aired on Ventura County's Public access Adelphia.

The portrayals of the character were often satiric and humorous such as displaying the Captain in a drunken state half wittingly ready to save the community.

Current years and now 2011-2014

The new Captain Community series began airing with popular syndication in 2011. Season 1 opened and still has a high audience retention on Youtube.

The production crew:

Gerard Pierce "Captain Community" and Director, Editor, writer.

Jarvis Bohannon Lead camera operator.

Nicholas Gross Esq as "Dr. Xanadu" and Producer.

Grace Robelo as "Lady Purr".

James Caston as "Ace"

Christina July Kim as "Ms. White".

Tree as "Terrorist".

Tyrell Martinez as "Cooke".

Thomas Tan "Thug"

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