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In Strange Tales #179 Apr. 1975, Adam Warlock began his war against his evil future self the Magus and his Universal Church of Truth. Warlock was blasted out of the sky and Autolycus placed him in the brig along with other "non-productives" for execution. The Matriarch contacted Autolycus and subtly ordered him to kill. Autolycus was disgusted by the Matriarch's order, but resolved to follow it nonetheless. However, Warlock and the non-productives broke out of the cell-block, and Warlock single-handedly defeated Autolycus' crew. Warlock and Autolycus faced off, both regretting the need to kill the other. The battle began, and Autolycus got the upper-hand when Warlock hesitated to kill the honorable captain. Autolycus was about to shoot him dead when Warlock's soul gem acted on its own and stole Autolycus' soul, killing him instantly.

Over the years since, Autolycus appears in most stories that take place within soul world, most often as a mere friendly neighbor sort alongside fellow Universal Church of Truth employee, Judge Kray-Torr.  Autolycus is first present as part of the welcoming committee there to greet Adam Warlock when he first arrives after his death. 

Soul World Welcoming committee; Captain Autolcus waving at left, Judge Kray-Tor sitting at right.
Soul World Welcoming committee; Captain Autolcus waving at left, Judge Kray-Tor sitting at right.
The two often joke together.  In Autolycus' most prominent appearance since his physical death, he helps guide the visiting Silver Surfer and Drax the Destroyer up a mountain to see Adam Warlock.

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